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Fun Corner: Women's Football - Part1

I know many of our Readers love Sports and Football is one of them. But I bring you something different. Women's Football. Did you notice something different!! Let me have your comments.


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Fun Corner: Pictures do not need words Part2

Continuing Part2. Some more pictures that speak louder than words. Have a great weekend.


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Fun Corner: Pictures do not need Words- Part1

There are some Pictures that do not need an explanation in words. The picture says it all. Hope you enjoy them. Do post your comments and tell us how you enjoyed them.

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Having problem in First time sex.

Question Asked By 'gkbie' -

I had tried to have sex with my girlfriend twice but couldn't succeed as I wasn't able to find exactly where to put my penis. I just want to know that, how can I take her virginity, I had tried 2 times but wasn't able to did so.

Please answer me.

Answer Given By AA User 'Manoj4u' -

Dear gkbie, i think when you are trying to peneterate you are in rush. Dear be Calm and Relax, just watch then you would know where is the Destiny Place. If your partner is Virgin then be Calm, Cool and also be Patient, As many men think at puberty that Vagina will O shaped but actually it is I shaped. If anyone look at its then one can easily found that where to peneterate. BEST OF LUCK.

Answer Given By AA User 'Sudeep Mohan' -


Hi gkbie,
What are you more worried about not able to have sex or not able her take virginity??????
Well now coming to your question, the best option is making your girlfriend guide you to the correct place, & how to get her do it? the answer is pretty simple but getting it done is a bit difficult. To begin with you will have to make your girlfriend comfortable, ensure that she is fully aroused by indulging in lavish amount of foreplay, but since you seem to be more interested in taking her virginity & not making love to her, this is going to be a herculean task for you!!!!!!!
Try to make love to your partner & not bang-bang sex.
If still you want to try another option then you may try fingering her for sometime this has two benefits one is you'll be able to make her wet & also ensure that her vaginal hole expands a bit(unless she already masturbates using her fingers or any other objects), the second benefit (& more important for you) is that you'll get the correct place to put your penis.....

Please ensure that you are using a good quality condom from a reputed manufacturer!!!!!!!!
Already longhands has already given you a very clear picture which is highly useful........

Answer Given By AA User 'longhands1' -




If I read your question correctly, you should not be attempting intercourse. You first need to know your partner better. Sexual intercourse happens when you BOTH are sexually excited. And for this to happen, you need to have foreplay. This involves cuddling, kissing, caressing and other sexual activities.

When you both begin foreplay, her vagina will become moist and you will get an erection. Now you will be able to insert your penis into her vagina. If you are unable to do so, your partner will guide your penis where it should go. If your girlfriend is not well lubricated, she will experience pain when you try to insert your penis. This may be the reason that she is not helping you. You can also use your hand to guide the penis into the vagina.

Is she also a virgin? In that case her hymen would be intact. You will need lots of foreplay and then use your fingers gently to break the hymen. Is your friend also willing for the same? Or is it only your wish to do so?

There are different positions one can have sex. The common one is missionary position. The girl lies on her back with her legs spread and you will lie on top of her. I will tell you the other positions after you get through this lesson.

Oh, by the way, always use a condom. Best sex is safe sex.

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Fun Corner: Carnival Time - Part1

Today I bring you pictures of "Carnival" - held in many places of the World, but the one in Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil is the most famous. It is a wild celebration before the Christian festival of Easter. 

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Fun Corner: Cameras have eyes!! Part 2

Continuation of the Series. Part 2. Some of our Readers have enquired about posting pictures with a local flavour. While I do have a collection, since these pictures are taken without the permission of the participants, and may invoke local laws, am refraining from posting.

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Fun Corner: Cameras have eyes!! Part 1

Did you think thre was no one to watch your love making. There are prying eyes everywhere. Dont believe me? See for yourself. 

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Fun Corner: Pictures that speak

We are back to entertain you with our Weekly Fun Corner. This week's Corner is about Pictures that speak.


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Urge to have sex with a lady in my colony. How to handle?

Question Asked By 'DIPU001' -


I am a 22 year old male. Since 10 std I've had this wild urge to have sex with mature women of ages 30 to 50.There is a lady in our colony who might be in her late 30's or early 40's.

This lady is a mother of three and has got some prominent body features. She used to talk to me until I approcahed her . Once while coming from college I met her on market road, and I asked her out saying "Can I say something aunty " to which she said " yes beta tell me ".

I said " I like you aunty, your behaviour, dressing (saree) ,walking style, I like everything "to which she said " I am like your mother ". I said "please do not go in colony and complain this to anybody " and after that she avoided eye contact but her face turned red.

After this day she never maintained eye contact with me and never spoke to me. She never complained to anyone either. Should I take this as a small yes or a stern no or is she afraid of the after effects of our relationship?

Should I just go to her and apologise or apply some more pressure on her to get her in bed or just leave it to her. Nowdays I have also started to neglect her just the way she has been doing.

Please Anjali aunty give me a good piece of advice .


Answer Given By AA User 'prashant69' -


Dear I can fully understand the lust you have for such fully blossomed women in general and towards this woman in particular! As long as such attarction remains passive and untold it does not do any harm to anyone ! ?But as you have taken the risk of expressing your attraction to her you have gone a step ahead among the guys who happens to have such a fatal attraction ! Yes i am saying this being a fatal attraction because it could be very dangerous for both of your lives! But i know that it willnot be of any use to give you any prudent advice as you have been taken fully by her beauty or body! 

       As she had kept mum about your adventure with her I think you can do two things 

   1) Just ignore her as she has been ignoring you and see carefully weather she gives you any look or not!

   2) then after somedays again try to approach her on the pretex of thanking herfor keeping her mum about your misbehaviour and who knows you could enter in her good books and even events could take favourable turns from your point of view ! But please do not impose yourself on her ever as she being a married woman and mother It could destroy her life as well as yours with the reputation of your family! Act thinking ahead all the consequenses of your any action Best of luck


Answer Given By AA User 'longhands1' -



There are two things she said that are an indication. She called you beta and said, she is like your mother. Do you need any more signs?

You will complicate matters if you persue further. There is a huge possibility that she may slap you in public or confront your parents with your odd behaviour. I am sure you will not like both the actions. There is presently nothing that you can or should do. Just be patient and let her make the first move. By ignoring her, you will be getting no where. Be normal and wish her or smile at her when you pass by. Stop staring. Are you a road side romeo with no class?  

To bed a woman, treat her like a friend. There is no reason for this mature woman to risk her reputation by going to bed with you.

Answer Given By AA User 'Invincible' -

Picture this; how would you react to know that your mom has been proposed in this similar manner by another guy like you? Young men usually get attracted to mature women for one common reason, i.e. they look good, pleasing, full, ripe and mature. There is also a notion that says they are deprived of sex with their husband’s lack of interest in them and hence they can easily be involved with someone young who can take care of their needs, but that isn’t true.

What more will you expect from a woman who sees you as her child? If you go a step ahead in quest of your desire to bed that woman, I would call you a sick pervert who is blinded by his desires. We all get attracted to women, especially mature women, but that doesn’t mean we should make a move. Learn to control your desires.

Thank your stars that she din’t mention this to anyone, but if you pester her again, she would surely strip you off your modesty, so don’t make that foolish step by approaching her again, not even for apologizing. Leave this issue here and move on with your life. Getting attracted to some thing doesn’t mean we should have that in our laps, sometimes things are good that resemble the forbidden fruits.

Don’t mistake her silence or her face turning red for a small yes, she probably was astonished and was raging with anger to see an inconsiderate prick approaching her for sex, so don’t try to put yourself in front of her ever again. And if you can’t understand any of this, see the picture I’m attaching here, that would explain your situation better than anything.

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Online dating, cam-to-cam communication- an experience.


Online dating, cam-to-cam interactions with unknown people in the virtual world is such a craze for the people, men and women included, nowadays; but it goes without saying that these interactions often come at pretty high prices and involve so many risks. The prime reason for getting online is to quench one’s sexual desires by sex chats, cam-to-cam nudity, and exchange of the pictures to shag around and most of all, do this by not revealing your exact self to your partner.

But this aspect of anonymity, this is where it goes wrong; I’m basing my article upon a person I know, he has shared his experience of the cyber sex; an experience which had gone terribly wrong and he had undergone a horrid time and wished for people to not travel that way to save themselves from all the farce.

Falseness- 1st things 1st, online dating isn’t free as advertised; one would need to pay the membership fee to be able to chat with people; the next thing is you can never know who the person is on the other side; there are so many imposters and even if one feels good when his/her partner provides their picture, one shouldn’t believe it because there are numerous pictures of unknown people over the web and you can never know the truth.

Emotionally involved- In the quest to merely kill time, some might get emotionally attached to the person with whom he/she chats up. This goes so far that they would plan on meeting them in person and propose them etc......but since when did meeting people this fashion has worked well? No one can find true love over the web. If you’ve already be prepared to be surprised because you can never know the true nature of the person just by the way he chats with you.

Identity- Once you meet a person after regularly chatting with him/her, you would be forced to reveal yourself to the other because you would be in a compromising position to give your details out to know more about them. This is because when you encounter a woman online, she wouldn’t be pleased to chat with you unless you’re ready to provide her with your personal details; when you try to dodge her by not providing her the details she would go on to say you’re fake and see her as a sex toy etc.....  My friend says, some people would go out of the line and start saying dirty things about your mom, sister, sister-in-law or any women who is in your reach. The conversations turn so nasty that it involves child pornography as well.

The cyber police are keeping a vigil over these things and are trying to track down people who engage in cyber sex. The guy had come across a woman while chatting and was forced to reveal himself to her to continue chatting and after a certain time, the woman revealed herself to be a member from the cyber police and was on to people who send lewd messages to harass women and went on to tracking him with the IP address he used. One should understand that a person’s identity can be tracked by his/her IP address.

He was then asked to visit his city’s cyber cell and after a counselling session that explained him the wrongs he had done, he was asked to pay a certain sum of money to not register a case against him.

This is to explain that a second of desperation would lead to unknown places and unknown people.  This guy had to visit a police station alone, but there are some people who were robbed of their entire cash and belongings after setting up a meet with the virtual friends. Try to make a judgement call before going to those spaces.  No one would die single, so waiting for meeting the right girl/boy would happen after all.

However if one is so desperate to have sex, there is always an option of having an escort service by shelling out some money; here the only thing that one needs to care about is taking the protection to stay away from STD’s/STI’s, so this is safer than the virtual sex.

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