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Tickle Your Funny Bone - II


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Having sex with more partners!


Hi anjali,

I am married for more thn 8 yrs and my hubby is abroad.
In the last few months I have been involved in extra marital affairs.
The guy actually I fell in love used me like sex object and unfortunately involved me in relations with his friends too.
Now he left from my life and I had got sum addiction getting physical with more guys.
I want to know that what I am doing is right when its hidden from my husband?
I am not able to use my brain now and I can't control my desires and am not able to think right or wrong.

Please suggest me that can I get rid of this addiction.


Answer Given By Our AA Team Moderator 'Sexysalma' - 


Seema, you've got yourself in a right royal muddle here. OTHER PEOPLE THINKING ABOUT EMAs PLEASE NOTE!!!!!!!!

You were lonely and vulnerable, so you were easy prey for any man who flattered you into thinking he loved you; but the consequences have become a serious problem. I think the effect of this guy using you has destroyed your confidence and self esteem, and you are trying to compensate for a lack of love and affection with physical pleasures to which you now find it impossible to live without.

In the first instance, I blame guys for this when they go abroad to work, leaving a wife at home, lonely and neglected. The all consuming pursuit of money has consequences for relationships, and what good is it if you have material goods but are empty of what really matters?

Seema, I think you have to make a life for yourself without this man who loves money so much, but cares so little for you. There are good men that you will find if you take the time to know them as people rather than sex buddies. Your life needs to be more than a lonely existence full of self doubt and self loathing, punctuated by orgasmic interludes at the hands of men who have no feeling for you as a person. Someone who loves you and will be loved by you is all you really need, and oce found, this need for vicarious sexual thrills will fade away.

Please learn to love yourself, and then others will see the inner beauty of your personality and love you as you deserve.


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Tickle Your Funny Bone


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Husband insisting on swapping/swinging.


My husband has been lately fantasising about wife swapping. During one of our sex sessions he brought this up. I did not know that such things exist in real life. We have a large circle of friends and we attend parties very often. I have noticed couples talking to each other’s wives in a very intimate way.  My husband tells me that swapping is very common and most of them are into it.

We have a very attractive couple as our friends and many times I felt attracted to this man. I asked my husband if they are also into it and he confirmed it.

My husband says so far he could not participate as he did not have the courage to ask me and unless I participated this was not possible. I have been putting this off but this subject keeps coming up, every time we make love.

Frankly, I am very much very confused about the whole matter. I do not know which way to act and how to handle this situation.  Anjali aunty please advice me.


Answer Given By Our AA Team Moderator 'Longhands1' - 




Swapping is a lifestyle that once started is difficult to stop. You will need to think about the consequences very seriously. If you think it is a one off thing, it is not. You will keep experimenting and your husband will keep demanding that you experiment.

There are some dangerous pitfalls in this lifestyle. Jealousy is one of them. At some point, if you are all together, you may feel that your husband is paying more attention to his partner than to you. Or he may feel that you are moaning louder with his friend. This may create a rift when you are both having an arguement and one of you brings up this topic.

There is often a tendency to cheat. Swapping may lead to one of you meeting your swap without the knowledge of your partner. 

Sex can be great between you and your husband, if you allow him to fantasize aloud when making love to you. Let him imagine that he is with the woamn he is dreaming about. Pretend that you are that other woman. This way his fantasy will be fulfilled and you  will reap the benefits of great sex.

Swapping does exist. One of the ways it is done is at a house party, all the car keys are dropped into a hat and then picked by the woman. The car key she draws, she spends the night with that partner. It is not true that swapping is very common. It does happen but only in aa close knit group.

Whatever you decide, do not do it out of compulsion or to please your husband. And always insist on using a condom.

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Dedication For Wrong Reasons


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How to have sex for the first time.


Hello mam.

Am here to ask about what to do for having the sex first time.

how to insert, how to arouse, will it pain since am still a virgin. And i really want to have sex.

How will it feel ?


Answer Given By Our AA Team Editor 'Invincible' - 


Sex isn’t something that is planned or enacted before being done. It is a spontaneous act. Its not like the girl will come inside the room, I should go to her left side and kiss her neck then I should take her left hand and kiss, while I come forward and remover her dress, Period. It isn’t meant to be like that. I’m sure you know what sex is, if not you wouldn’t ask this question.

For starters sex should be consenting, but hold on, what is your age? As mentioned in one of the replies, sex is different to different men. It needn’t be the same for everyone. Better come up and clear us the air about your question, by providing us some details.

If both of you are virgins, it is going to get messy. Sex is not ready, aim, fire business; you will have to be slow, very slow. Make sure your partner is enjoying the act. Don’t be selfish in your act, don’t force things on the other is she/he doesn’t like it. Make sure your partner orgasms in the act. Arousal begins much earlier to having sex. It might just come in a second or it might start very earlier to the act. The way you deal with your partner decides the level of their arousal.

Where to insert? Women have 3 orifices, mouth, vagina (pussy), anus (anal entrance). Decide on your interest and insert in anyone of the above.

Make sure you have a condom, always have protected sex.

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Tender & Sensuous Lips


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How to convince my wife to be active in sex and do threesome and oral?


We are a newly married couple. My wife is conservative but I am active. She never does or enjoys sex. She has never done oral sex. So I want to convince her to be active in sex, in oral sex and do threesome.










Answer Given By Our AA User - I'm not surprised if she's not active in sex. You're only married for five minutes and already wanting three somes? If you begin your relationship in this manner, and as you say, she's from a conservative background, I imagine she's shocked and hurt to discover that she's not enough for you. And you wonder why she doesn't enjoy sex?

When you say you want oral, I assume you mean you want her to suck your cock; but are you giving oral to her? This thing is a two way street, don't expect to get but not give.

You better get a bit realistic about your marriage, and god knows what damage you've done to her confidence and self esteem in the short time you've been with her. She's not some unfeeling sex toy for your manipulation, so try to treat her like someone you actually care about, rather than a piece of meat.


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Naughty Cartoons



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Wife does not allow sex due to religious reasons.


Hi all people out there.

I married 2 months back. My wife is so beautiful but she does not allow me to have sex, as she says she had asked for BLESSING that if she gets married to some well known family and a wll to do boy, she would refrain from sex life for 6 months.

This time is too much for me, I do not want to indulge in an extra marital affair or a sex worker. So, I wanted to know whether there are such moves or medicines that can turn her on. I need some medicines badly, as everyday I need to masturbate. Please Please help..

Answer Given By Our Team Editor - longhands1


You are asking for a cure that is worse than the disease. What medicines are you talking about? Do you wnat to drug her? It seems you do not know the Law. Even if you are married, you cannot force your wife to have sex with you. Funny though this may seem. If you use force, this can be used against you in a court of Law.

You may need to involve your family elders to find out the reason for denying you sex after marriage. But look at it from her point of view. She has taken religious oath and for your long life. Six months is not a long time. 

You talk about having an afffair or visiting a prostitute. Both are not good ideas. You will repent your rash acts in future. In the mean time, gain your wife's confidence. Talk, talk and communicate with her. Avoid upsetting her my trying to get physical. Taking her to a Doctor is not going to help. Religious beliefs are difficult to cure, even for a Doctor. Six months is not a long time. If however this continues after that , then write to us again, we will have fresh advice for you.

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