Ask Anjali - I rub another guys cock. Am I gay?

Ashiq says:

hai aunty i am a frequent visitor of this site mainly to read your answers you are doing a wonderful job aunty. thank you very much for that

Now coming to my question, i am 20 years old and i have a male friend who is also 20 years old whenever both of us are together watching a movie in a less crowded theatre or home, i will rub his cock through his pants and stops when he is about to cum he does the same to me also. We will continue this till the film ends mostly for 3 hours, but v will not cum until then, this gives us lot of pleasure. I never wants to be a gay so i am afraid is this a gay relationship. But v r only rubbing each others cock through our pants, and have never gone beyond that. v r doing this for almost 1 year. Will this be a problem for us in the future. Please reply aunty. Thanks in advance

Aunty Anjali says:

Hello Ashiq.

Certainly sounds like you two are having some fun where no one will notice. The question of if you are gay or not is not that relevant. I should tell my readers that I see nothing wrong with being gay or lesbian. We live in the year 2009 and men and women should love who they want without judgement.

Most guys and girls will experiment with partners of the same sex at some point. This is just part of life. Does that make you gay? No it does not. For most it is just a phase that lasts a short time as you learn about sexuality and what turns you on.

Could it mean that you are gay? It could but I highly doubt it. You are just enjoying having your cock rubbed by someone else other than your own hand. Its not like you two are kissing or anything.

It could mean that you are bi-sexual in that you can enjoy sex with a man or a woman. To me it sounds like you just like having your cock rubbed and would rather be with women in the future. I guess at some point you will stop your movie experiences and just be with one woman at a time.

The only bad thing that could happen here is that if someone catches the two of you it could be embarrassing and you could be teased. That is about it. If you are careful enjoy your cock rubs while it lasts and you look for a new girl friend.

Good Luck.


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