Fucking Hard My Elder Sister

Hello friends, this is my first story on this site. So forgive my mistakes. This incident was taken place when I was fifteen years old. At first I want to introduce myself and my family. I have a small family consists only four members. Mommy, Papa, my big sister and me. My name is Rinku, My sister name is Shalu. She is 7 year older than me. My father is govt. employee.

My mother is housewife. We are living in a flat which has only two rooms. My mother and father sleeping in one room and I and my sister share a single room. When I was in class ten. Shalu passed the college. She is very shy person. She had no boyfriend. I have many friends who talks many sex related talks. I started masturbation when I was in class 9th. I have never a bad thought about my sister.

But one at night when I was sleeping my hand goes on my sister boobs. It was so soft I press it I feel good then this was my daily routine to press her boobs in night. My sister sleeps very hard at night. One day I tried to touch my sister boobs bare. I put my hands her shirt. My sister does not wear bra. She wears thin cotton inner. My hands touch her bare boobs my dick arose.

Then I started masturbation. I cum within 10 minutes. Then I slept that night. Next day my mother & father gone to visit my maternal uncle's place. I and Shalu alone at home. Shalu went to sleep in afternoon. Today I can see her in day light. She was white in color like milk. After half an hour I opened her T shirt I saw her boobs which looking like oranges. I touched and make a kiss on it. No any movement from Shalu so I decided to see her pussy in daylight.

I lift her skirt and see her novel and touched her pussy from top to bottom on panty. It was hairy. Now I decided to fuck my sister today at any cost. My dick was already hard. I put my mouth on her nipples and started chewing and drinking like baby drinks milk. She whispered in sleep ahh….. I don't stop. Because I decided to fuck her. Once again I kissed on her other nipples.

Now I want to kiss her on her lips. But before I want to touch her pussy. I slowly opened her panty. I touched her pussy it was so soft. Then I put my tongue on her pussy. Lick it and smell her pussy. I started licking like dog. Now she again whispers in sleep. I increased my speed. Then suddenly she awoke and asked Rinku what are you doing I am your older sister? Why you opened my clothes?

I frightened and started crying. She dressed herself and said don't worry I won't tell to anybody. Only answer me why you are doing this with me. I said sister I want to know about girls organs. When saw your pussy and smell it I found good smell so I was licking it. Then she asked what do you want? I said I just want to see you naked and kiss your boobs and pussy. She tried to convince me that it will harm herself. I was not wanted to stop.

So I started pleading. She agreed. Then I opened her T shirt and skirt. Then she opened her panty herself. She said open your cloths also I also want to see boy's organs. I opened my shirt, pant and underwear. Now both are naked. I put her on bed and sit on the floor and started licking her pussy. She now whispering with more noise that before. Then she said lick my boobs also.

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