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Navratri And My Mom

Hello..this is a work of fiction.We live in a posh area of the city. I am the only child of my parents. We are a upper class family and quite rich but I won’t boast on that. My dad is a rich person and holds business while mom is a home maker. She used to be a part of a dance troop in her earlier days.

Even after she was married to my father she continued it till she had me. Speaking about my mom, she is not any ordinary girl. In our locality men flock around our house just to have a glimpse of her and her sexy body.

Such is her looks that once she even got a proposal on the doormat when she got up to take newspaper(old story)! She used to maintain her body well with gym. Her face was beautiful My mom is just 40 this year but even then u would be surprised looking at her saying that she was just married.

Any men would get erection it they saw her in clothes may it be salwar kameez, saree or jeans or gym trousers. She was just awesome. Her figure was 34c-33-37 which I came to know from her jeans size and bra size. But the thing that troubles me is that even my friends lust for her.

They have never spoken to me about it directly but I have heard them talk behind my back saying hot and erotic things about her like” who to randi se bhi mast hai ” “uski gori badan ka kya jawani hai saali chikni” “ek bar bahoon main aa jayee ,bas choos choos kar meri raani bana dunga” and stuffs like that.

Sometimes it makes my blood boil when I hear things like this . They speak about my mom in such a rude way like she is just a sexy piece of hot jawani, but then I didn’t want to quarrel with them as some of them are very bad boys like mawali type and gangster types.

Apart from this all I loved my mom too sexually after I came to know of the word incest in internet. It was then that I realized that those friends of mine were indeed true.

She was sexier that the young girls in my school. She had dark brown hair like Priyanka Chopra, smooth white skin like navneet kaur, thunder thighs and sexy waist like Deepika Padukone and superb delicious back.

Men at the malls would stare at her when she wore jeans and at parties when she wore deep neck blouse exposing her back and chest, even my dick gets turned on man! It was then when I recall the erotic things that my friends talked about her , that I started masturbating thinking about her. She became my fantasy.

I had a very good friend called Arun. Another called Mohan was also in my class but I rarely talked to him. He wasn’t a good boy, but Arun and Mohan were friends too. They used to frequent my house very often. But I knew Mohan’s intention was to stare at my mom ‘s beauty and jack off at night thinking about her.

So I used to ignore him at home but even then he didn’t mind and always looked at mom rather than me and used to give smiles to my mom .I used to get angry at this but never said anything.

It was navaratri time in Gujarat. One day Mohan and and some unknown friend of his came to my home. Mohan introduced him to me as Ranveer. I had heard his name from some of my friends. Ranveer used to be in their batch in tuition and had a bad image for being the most notorious and foul mouthed boy of some other school.

I was disgusted in having him in my home but didn’t say anything against him because I knew how he and his gang will handle me if I was rude to them. I allowed them in after greeting them.

We chatted for a while in the living room and Mohan told me that as his bike had broken down, Ranveer agreed to drop him. So they were on the way when he thought to give me a visit. But even then I doubted their intentions. My mom came into the living room from kitchen and saw them.

Mohan greeted my mom saying “Hello aunty” (which he never did before) and my mom smiled and said hi. That day my mom was wearing a black tight top and a white Capri showing her smooth creamy white legs.

The top was so tight that it thoroughly showed off her beautiful figure and nice round and firm breasts. The thin silver necklace on her creamy neck looked so seductive that anyone would have wanted to give a bite there. She asked me who the other one is.

I was about to reply when Ranveer himself said his name and said that he was another friend of mine. How dare he? I just saw him today for the first time and he says that he is a friend of mine?

I wanted to slap him , such was my patience tested. He got up and offered to shake hand with my mom. My mom was about to walk away into the kitchen but then she shook hands with him and I could clearly see the lust in his eyes.

He held my mom’s palm very tightly and while loosening the grip he did as if savoring her skin on her palm and took away his palm slowly. It all happened in front of me though my mom did not take it seriously. She went into the kitchen to prepare squash for them to drink.

When she came back and served, Ranveer purposely acted as if adjusting himself in the seat and tried to look into her top to catch a glimpse of her boobs when she bent with the tray. She then kept the tray on the table and again went to the kitchen .

While doing this they both were staring at my mom’s tight ass as she walked like a model. I was jealous of mom seducing them innocently. After a while they left. Similar incident happened the next 2 days too.

The third day mom was getting ready for garba and so was I. And even my mom used to go for garba. Not to mention though boys and teens staring with watery mouth to kiss on every possible place on her body. Mom was to leave separately in her car, while I in my bike with Arun.

Mohan was also coming to my house so that we could go together. Arun, Mohan and to my shock that Ranveer also arrived when my mom was just about to leave. They were in the living room and my mom soon appeared. They were flabbergasted!

They stared at my mom with wide eyes, from top to bottom. Open silky straightened hair, pink lip gloss, backless chaniya choli with just three strings behind to hold her top. The strings were tied like a shoelace and tempting for anyone to open them and lick her bare smooth and sexy back.

She had the perfect of the waist anyone had seen. You would have liked to pinch her. Even her top was sleeve less type showing off her sexy white shapely arms. By the way the top was short that her tummy could be seen and her navel too.

Standing along with my friends there in the living room who were staring at her, made me feel proud of my beautiful sexy and hot mom. It seemed as if all wanted to kiss her and bite her everywhere.

She gave me the keys saying “goodbye honey, see you ” smiled and left in her Santro. Ranveer and mohan didn’t take off their eyes from her waist and back while she was walking away. Those naughty perverts!!! We too left for united ways after a while.

After reaching there we had a fun time with some of my old friends who had left school and then we started our dance. After a long time I saw mom. She asked me where others were and said that her friends are about to go early so she was left alone and had no option but to go back alone. I told ok but my other friends insisted that we could keep her company, initially she denied but then agreed after many of us urged her to stay back.

Of course who would want a sex hot woman as a partner to dance with them. But she was only one and we were five including me. We accommodated ourselves in the line in between the ground. After a while when they declared a break, my mom said she would go have some water from the stall outside.

The moment she left Ranveer too gave an excuse and went after her . But I felt something fishy as she left alone and Ranveer went after her. I decided to follow them. She went to the parking area where she had parked the car.

I slowly followed without them knowing. I hardly had any idea where she had parked the car. She went on walking. I first thought why is she going so far? My heart beat began to rise when thoughts of her meeting another man came to my mind. But then I saw our car parked outside the entrance to a new society which was undergoing construction.

Suddenly she turned around and saw Ranveer . “what happened do you need something? Beta?” I thought in my mind that even though she called him as beta, he would be taking some other assumptions and I was sure about it. He asked her aunty are you going home early? Do you feel lonely?

“Oh no beta I need to go home its urgent.”
“Urgent at 11:30 at night? May I help?”

“Its its .. so sweet of you.. ”

“Mujhe malum hai aap ko kyun acha nahi lagta. Hum sab hai na, come on aunty, we will keep you company. Or else you can be my partner. ”

My mom was about to put her car keys in the lock when suddenly he snatched the mobile in her hand and said, “Aapko aana hi padega or else mobile nahi dunga” in a childish tone.

I was shocked at this gesture! How dare he? I saw all this from hiding behind a car .

Hey give it back ,, Ran ran whatever your name is ” but he didn’t listen , She came behind him and tried to snatch the mobile herself , but in self defense, he held her sleeve in his hand and tore pulled it ( I knew he did it purposefully) and her bare shoulder and a lot of cleavage could be seen.My mom got shocked at this.

She looked at her cleavage and tried to cover herself.He started at mom’s flesh but didn’t say a word. How could she when her sexy view was in front of his eyes. “oops sorry ” he said and started running.

Aaye Tu idhar aa… what sorry” , and she too started going after him.. I didn’t move from behind the car. He headed off into a house still being constructed (not having any front door or back door). My mom on reaching the entrance looked around here and there to make sure no one was watching her..

I knew that she was scared as the place was deserted. Then she entered inside. After making sure she had completely gone inside, I moved and crossed the pathway and reached the entrance.

I stayed still to hear of any noise. But nothing. Just silence. Why wasn’t my mom moving? Did anything bad happened? My heartbeats were raising!! I stayed there for some time so that my eyes got accustomed to the darkness.

Even during those time no sound was made!! I was getting scared and at the same time I waited there. Then I moved in. My mom was nowhere to be seen. I went inside the first room no one. I then removed my sandals at a corner so that I don’t make any noise. I peeped into the kitchen no one. Then into the bathroom.

Still no one. I then looked up the staircase no hands or legs. I started taking steps. Just then I heard series of hurried sounds of footwear on the unpolished marble. And then some muffled noises. What happened? I got down the stairs, not to get caught and hid inside the room. But those sounds still could be heard, not increasing nor decreasing.

I slightly looked inside towards the staircase. No one! What was happening up there ? Why weren’t there voices? Why aren’t they coming down? I hurried up taking as many steps that I could take at a time and saw what was shocking to me that ever in my life!

Ranveer had caught my mom from behind, his one hand on her lips to avoid her making any noise and the other on her front side on her bare tummy! My mom was struggling to get free but couldn’t! His tongue was making circles on her flawless neck and sometimes on her bare back. He removed one of the laces of her back less blouse with his teeth and bit her. My mom wanted to shout but she couldn’t.

One thing I need to say here is that I used to see such scenes only in TV and porn and used to get instant hard on seeing it! Here too in this situation I couldn’t control myself. My rod got erect seeing a beauty being ravaged by a beast. He was pinching my mom’s tummy and then feeling her skin by moving his palm. Meanwhile he licked and bit her earlobes.

I think mom liked this because her resistance decreased and she arched her head backward. I didn’t want all this to happen but still I was eager to give more to my lusty eyes. Then he locked her legs with his and dig his fingers into her silky hair moved his fingers as if giving her a massage. He was such a pervert!

My mom was wriggling in his grip but very slowly. Was she giving up? Was she crying. Cause I could her some sobs. It was like seeing a lusty dog make her his bitch.

He slowly slid his fingers into her ghaghra from her tummy. My heart beat faster as I saw his fingers and then his palm disappear behind the cloth in front of her pelvic region. Suddenly my mom gasped heaving her chest up and down as if panting for breath.

I could make out the circular motion he made on my mom’s vagina. He then started moving behind and was doing something on her vagina which I couldn’t make out.

He started dragging her along with him to the balcony and I saw my mom’s light pink satin lingerie slid out beneath her feet onto the floor!! oh my god! He made her naked underneath and he still held her mouth shut with his palm. Now he spit some saliva onto his fingers and inserted it again inside the ghaghra and my mom again moaned ”Aahh” !! This was the first time in my life

I had heard my mom moan, it felt so erotic that my legs started trembling as thoughts started pouring into my mind. Thoughts of my mom in ecstasy. Moaning and moaning. Her moans echoing in my ear!! My dick was hard .Completely.

My mom had her eyes closed. He started fingering mom. She for once opened her eyes wide and then closed it with other sensual moan. After sometime he removed his hands from inside her clothes and started pressing her boobs one by one. Then he licked his fingers and then again inserted his fingers into the blouse from beneath and started pressing her nipples and pinching them. Mom’s moans grew louder.

He turned mom towards him. He held her waist with his left hand and with his right hand her mouth. He inserted his left palm inside her ghaghra again onto her ass crack and then to her butt pinching her and then he let go of his right hand freeing her to moan freely.

He then lip locked her and kissed her started kissing her like a beast. She again started to struggle but to no use. He held her tight and both her hands with his other hand. She had to give it to him. He lifted her and lay her on the floor of the balcony. She opened her eyes and look at him.

Tears welled up in her eyes and she nodded her head at him “please no”.. He wiped her tears with his tongue and gave her a smiled and lip locked her again. He started massaging both her boobs, the removed the remaining laces behind her back and removed the blouse. To his delight her round perfect hard boobs sprung out out before his eyes! My mouth went dry when he licked her pink nipples for the first time his saliva shone in the moonlight.

The garba songs could be heard at a distant. He then started biting and massaged her boobs so hard that her moans grew louder again and I was afraid that if anyone passing by heard it then what would happen??

He inserted his middle finger into her mouth and with his other hand started pinching her waist and he kept licking her chest and shoulder. He then moved down and started lifting her ghaghra on the way kissing her smooth soft legs. He slid his palm into her cloth onto her inside thighs exposing her milky white thighs .he moved it till her waist.

Her pussy before his eyes made his tongue hang out and with a single lick he licked it from her ass crack to her vulva and kept moving his tongue inside it. My mom grabbed his head in her hands and groaned and breathed heavily…

I sat there unzipped my pants and took my hot cock into my hands and began playing with it. I whispered to myself “I love you mom ”. She was so beautiful!! Like a princess! He meanwhile also licked and bit her inner thighs.“ooohhhhhh …. aaahhmmm, baabby” my mom couldn’t stop herself.

Me buried his face into her pussy.. Flung open her ghaghra and threw it in my direction..He again bent and buried his face onto her pussy and encircled both her thighs with his hands..My mom was moaning louder and louder “ahhhmmmmm uffff beta noooo…..” but she enjoyed what he did…She bit her lips!!!!!!

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Reema – The Sassy Lady – Part I

Hi All, This is my first ever experience of writing on this site and I would genuinely wait for your responses. About me, well I am Aayush 25 years old, 6.1 ft tall, well built cute guy. I am working in a top America based MNC in Pune. Even though I lost my virginity at the age of 18, I always wanted to do it with the some married and matured lady and this dream came true almost a year ago.

I was quite new to Pune at that time, didn’t have many friends to hang out with and was feeling lonely kinda. The frustration of being lonely in the city was taking the better off me and I started loosing my interest in office work. It was then that I decided that I should hang out all alone and decided to hit a disc that night.

It was a Thursday night and I knew that it does gonna be ladies night tonight in that disc (entry and booze free for girls). I entered disc around 8 P.M and was amazed to see the crowd over there. College going (early 20s) girls were shaking there body on the dance floor, showing off their sexy cleavage and tight ass. They were getting drunk as if there was no tomorrow and were dancing like anything.

For me it was like Shakira dancing on waka waka right in front of me, I took a seat near the bar, from where I could watch the sexy girls dancing on the floor and ordered a large peg of whiskey on the rocks.

I was enjoying myself, tapping my feet on the awesome songs DJ was playing and suddenly I saw a group of 3 ladies (must be in their late 20 or early 30) entered the disc. They took a seat at the couch and ordered some vodka I guess. Of three of them, one was looking classy like anything, I mean the way she was carrying herself was amazing.

The versace bag, those boots n everything was just accentuating her beauty. The more I drank after that, the more she started looking beautiful to me. From the corner of her eyes, she knew that I was eyeing her but I guess she was enjoying the attention. After 3-4 pegs the ladies decided to hit the dance floor and I approached her saying “can I join the b’ful lady on the floor”? Being 4 pegs down, she didn’t mind and we hit the dance floor.

All of us were dancing in a group and in the mean time we introduced ourselves to each other and got to know that the name of the classy sassy lady is Reema. We danced like anything and around 12 we decided to leave. While coming out of the disc I thanked her for the b’ful company and asked her that what is she doing tomorrow? She said she is free and we decided to go to one of the most popular disc on Friday.

On Friday evening after leaving the office I called her up asking by what time she will reach, and she said she is getting ready and will be there by 9, so I got myself ready accordingly and reached there around 8:45. I waited for few minutes and there she came in her black camry, and Oh boy! The moment she put her legs out of the car I could not believe what a beauty she was. She was wearing black colored one piece dress which had tightly cuddled her body and was perfect for her curvy body.

I met and hugged her and we went inside the disc. It was an open air kinda disc and we sat on a corner seat and started ordering drinks. After 5-6 pegs we started loosening up and I asked her for dance and today as we were not in a group so we behaved like normal couple and started dancing.

The way she was moving that sexy ass was making me horny, but I controlled myself and after 3-4 hours of dancing and drinking we decided to leave.

I came back to my home and soon slept and woke up around 12 in the noon.I checked my phone and found Reema’s message “Hey Aayush, the sleepy head get up. I messaged her back that I am awake and what is she doing? She replied that she has just taken bath and is now watching T.V.I messgaed back “what are you doing tonight”? She said “as of now she has no plans” and I immediately replied back

We should meet” and she said”Sure you can come over to my place”.I called her up took her address and said that we will meet in the evening then. I shaved and got ready and reached her house around 5 PM. She was rich like hell all the household things were classy like herself. She made me comfortable and asked the maid to prepare drinks for us.

We were discussing about each other and I got to know that she is basically from Delhi and belongs to a very rich family there and her husband Mr.Vikas is a senior-exec in some top notch firm and I’m out of station for a week. It was getting dark and she asked maid to prepare dinner.

We had our dinner around 8 and went on the roof for chatting and all. She asked me about my family and gf, and I said that being new to the city I am single as of now. She replied “What a waste man!!” and I asked “What waste”? she said” a cute and handsome guy like you is single, it’s nothing but a waste and I replied back” that applies to you as well, that a sassy and classy lady like you has to live away from your hubby for so many days” and we started flirting, we knew where it was heading and then she asked me” are you virgin aayush”? I said “yes kind of”. She asked”what do you mean by kind of”? I said “though I lost my virginity when I was 18 but still I am not satisfied”.She said “What do you mean by not satisfied, what will satisfy you”? I sensing her interest immediately replied

I always wanted to have sex with some married and matured lady and have not got lucky so far. She asked”Any married Lady would work”? I replied” No I would prefer a classy bombshell like you”. For a second there was silence in the air and the next moment it was heaven, we were kissing each other on the roof under the moon’s glory and she said lets go the bed room and make your wildest fantasy come true tonight.

I could not believe what she said, pinched myself to check it was not a dream and followed her to her bedroom.She said she will be back in a moment and man she came back wearing a see through thigh length nighty. I was sitting at the bed’s edge and she was standing right in front of me, I grabbed her fluffy ass and started kissing her over her nighty, and after 5-10 minutes asked her to come and lie down on bed.

Now she was lying beside me and I started kissing her passionatley, with my hands exploring her ass and boobs. I was getting wild with my kisses and started squeezing those ‘C-Cup’ boobs like anything. She asked me to remove my clothes, and after removing mine I removed hers and she was lying in black bra and g-string.I came over her and started sucking the boobs over the bra itself and moved myself lower on her body, kissing her navel.

I wanted to tease her, so instead of kissing her pussy, I went on to kiss her legs and then slowly came up kissing her knees and thighs. Her long fair legs were enjoying the treatment they were getting, but her pussy was waiting for my attention. I kept on kissing and massaging her thighs , and could feel that she was getting wet down there. I wanted to tease her more and started kissing her pussy over the g-string,

She was feeling immense pleasure and asked me “aayush, baby please remove it and eat me down there”. Though I wanted to tease her more but didn’t want to spoil her mood and removed her g-string, and Oh boy!! I saw clean shaved pink wet pussy. I spreaded her legs and parted her pussy with my fingers and started sucking it, I started fucking her with my tongue and all she could do was to push my face deep in her pussy and to moan aaaaaah oh yeah!

Aayush, yeah don’t stop baby please do it more, I myself was getting more and more excited and while my mouth was busy exploring her pussy my hands found their way to her boobs and started squeezing them. She asked me to wait for a minute and she removed her bra, now i was sucking her cunt and was pinching her nipples.

She was flowing with it and I kept on drinking her love juices. After some time she asked me to get nude, which I obediently did and asked me to come in 69 position. Now my 7 inch long penis was in between those pink juicy lips and I was eating her juicy cunt. The more hard I was sucking, the faster she started giving me blow job. I was almost on the virge of ejaculating and asked her to stop.

We remained in that position for few minutes and then I asked her to come and lay beside me. Now i started kissing her again and my hands started searching her G-Spot, I started finger fucking her, and in no time she has her first orgasm. She squirted like anything and said that this is the first time in her life that she has experienced the orgasm as her hubby don’t like doing foreplay and just do sex.

A feeling of immense satisfaction could be seen on her face. We remained like that for few minutes and now I started searching her O-Spot and started tickling her there. She got excited pretty soon and said “aayush, please don’t wait now and give me the fuck of my life”. I as alwaz being obedient stood up and put a pillow below her ass. She asked what I am doing. I said by putting pillow under your ass I would be able to go more deep inside your pussy.

She said”Aayush, you definitely know the traits of sex ;) I said”It’s just the starting Reema, I have read whole of the Kamasutra and will open new horizon of sex for you” and I came over her and positioned myself between her thighs. Rubbed my dick over her cunt for few seconds and gave a strong push and in it was into the awesome tight wet pussy.

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My Wife Experience

Hi All readers, this story is about the ‘Experience’ my wife had few months back. I am Dinesh Kumar and I am an employee of a Cooperative bank In Hyderabad and my wife Anita works for an advertisement agency and we are a happy family, married and having two kids for last 8 years. I work for a bank and the timings are fixed but for my wife, she leaves home by 8 am and comes back by 11 pm and sometimes it becomes 12 am as well, due to new advertisement releases and meetings with marketing team, clients or even a client dinner party.

Our kids are studying in 4th and 5th standard and mostly stay in our inlaws house during the weekends. In fact, we husband and wife, have a good relation from the time of marriage and we are both horny and need deep sexual satisfaction. Off late, I started feeling that I am unable to penetrate my wife’s pussy properly and it kind of makes sexually dissatisfied for my wife. I tried some medicines but feel that my dick is not very hard as it used to be before marriage.

My wife also started feeling the same and tried more of foreplay and caressing, she does not suck my penis and wants me to smell her pussy, suck her vagina lips and taste her pussy fluid and she does this with lot of female domination. Later, I happen to meet one of my old friends and had a chat with him, just to understand and get a solution to overcome my ‘Hard on’ problem. After carefully listening to me

He suggested that why dont we couple imagine a threesome or even actually try with a male to satisfy my wife’s lust and this thought stuck in my mind so strongly, and as I left the place, the thought got deeper and deeper into my mind and I gathered courage and decided to discuss this with my wife. Since we have the habit of going out for dinner and having drinks together, I thought this point can be discussed with my wife after she has a couple of shots.

Fortunately, it was a Friday evening and I called my wife for a Dinner at one of the best restaurants in Hyderabad and she happily agreed to join in at an earlier time. My wife came in punctually and she had worn a sleeveless black blouse with a black saree and her extra pound of flesh from her waist and breast were evidently peeking out in that black see thorugh saree. I am sure men sitting around us had definitely noticed her fair bulge and averaged size butt.

As usual, my wife ordered few Non-veg snacks like Kalmee and fried mutton and ordered Vodka for both of us. I was feeling happy within and was waiting for the right moment to strike the point. Though she had come directly from her office, she was not tired but all active and had already gulped 2 large vodka and was pouring for the third one. And I suggested that she have her 4th large of vodka at home, while caressing each other, which we usually do often to create more fire before a rousy round of pussy pumping.

Once we were done with dinner, we left immediately and reached home and took off our basic clothes and locked ourselves int he bedroom away from the noise and distraction. Once she got freshened up and joined me on the bed, she looked fabulous in her lacy black panties and thin film 34 size bra. As usual, she removed my underwear and took care of manhood which was still in the average hard on and started rubbing it vigorously.

I removed her lacy panties carefully and the bra as well and threw them to the corner of the room and switched on the TV, inserted the couple sex video for some steamy start. Later, my wife went in and picked up two glasses filled with large Vodka and both of us took a sip. I decided to drop the bomb and casually told her that these days, i am not getting enough hard on to penetrate her pussy like a horse and it took longer time for the complete sexual act.

Her hands begin to caress me more rigorously and in fact she sat on my penis and rubbed it to her hair pussy lips which were wet with the syrup like fluid oozing out and she was fully ready to be spreadeagled and fucked hard. I managed to sleep on her and went inside her pussy with her guidance.

During this time, she started to moan and begged for more length to be pumped in, I pushed my best and started to pump in and squeeze her breasts while sucking her lips and biting her neck once, we reached the climax and slowed down I asked her that if she has any kind of fantasy for threesome and she smiled at me saying why did I get that idea? I felt, that it was the right time to share all details related to ‘threesome’ and decide off to get a partner.

Though she was high with 4 large vodka, she still managed to ask me questions on how would I feel, if she slept with another man, right in front of her and how would that encourage a hard on for me etc.

Finally, we decided to invite Swaroop, her ex-colleague who lives in Chennai. He is 6 ft tall and has a muscular body with light paunch and is 34 years old, horny guy who already had tried dating my wife long back. I called him and invited him to be come over the next day, which was a Saturday and our kids were also at in laws place.

Our friend joined us at the right time and we all sat for a round of drinks and chatted on old days and in fact, I pulled his leg saying that Swaroop had asked for a dating with my wife and we all laughed over the discussion. Vodka started its effect on Swaroop and my wife and i was watching them come close to each other and laugh at some old memories and she even invited him to help her in the kitchen.

I carefully planned and set up the bedroom and also placed a video camera to record the complete activity and came out to join or the dinner.

Post our dinner, I casually asked Swaroop that how much does he like Anita and he said he cannot mention that in words, and my wife looked from the corner of the eye and felt happy for selecting the right partner for our threesome.

Swaroop, was a bit high and took my wife’s hand in his hand and kissed on it and looked at me, I smiled at him and said, why dont you make her more comfortable by taking her into our bedroom and in acceptance, he pulled he hand hard and pinch on her waist. Anita was wearing a pajama and a sleeveless pullover, which still showed her curves and the size of her assets.

Everything went well as per our plan and Anita encouraged Swaroop further and he pushed my wife on the bed and looked back at me and asked if I mind with their love game. I felt that I was like a cuckold and wanted to see my wife ‘Experience’ sex with another male, whose penis is bigger, thicker, darker, and above all, has the strength to get in my wife’s hairy pussy lips

And penetrate deep inside and ejaculate the entire load of sperms. I readily agreed and smiled at them and said, I am willing to extend support, as long as I am allowed to be a spectator! Swaroop, dint waste much time and pulled out the pullover and the pajama and appreciated the size and firmness of my wife’s breast and the the curves around her waist, hip and the thick hairy vagina. He held her breasts ad squeezed them and bit the nipples hard and my wife moaned

And looked into my eyes and I gave a ‘go ahead’ signal and she opened her mouth to swallow his thick and darker 8 inches penis which was already wet. He thrusted his masculine finger into her juicy wet pussy and showed me the wetness. I was amazed at the sight of my wife swallowing the entire length of penis which she had never done with her husband. This aroused I more and my penis begin to get hard on and i suggested swaroop to start fuck my wife.

He made her lay on her back and asked her to spread her wet pussy and guide him deep inside, which she agreed like a obedient wife. As soon as he placed the purple colored thick cock at the entrance of my wife’s pussy, my heart was beating high I wanted to see this moment, specially when my wife felt happy and her lust was taken care of by another male. Swaroop thrusted his guided cock deep inside the wet vagina and anitha let out a huge sigh and moaned loudly like she had two cocks inside her!

She looked into my eyes and said, that swaroop is fucking really hard and it is paining very much, her pussy lips are getting pulled and she felt like her uterus is being rubbed. She held Swaroop’s arms and bums and pleaded to be fucked like a horse and mentioned that she never got this kind of satisfaction, while his penis was deep inside my wife’s pussy, i could hear the slurpy sound due to cunt wetness and my wife struggling to get more of his penis inside and looked revengefully at me.

I looked at swaroop and he told me that he needs the entire night to fuck my wife in different position and will only let me touch her in the morning. I felt satisfied deep inside and was happy to see my wife being pumped like an animal. It is strange but every husband likes his wife to be touched, groped, fingered, fucked at least once and if not in reality, it will be a fantasy. I waited till 4 am and was watching TV and at the same time, saw my wife giving swaroop a different angle and suck him and kiss him in various positions.

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Fucking Sensous Sneha At Her House

Hello guys and beautiful girls. This is my first story on ISS and I hope this story makes the guys jerk off on and make the girls’ pussy wet. My name is Shalin and my girlfriend’s name is Sneha. This is a real story which happened just 3 months back. Both of us are students in a reputed engineering college in Surat. Now, let me describe her. My girlfriend Sneha is a beautiful Gujarati girl with curves like a typical Gujarati girl.

She has a figure of 36-34-36 and looks absolutely stunning. The best part of her body is 34 C boobs which are natural, round and full of flesh. She has an awesome ass, too. Me and Sneha studied in the same class and have been together since the first day of engineering.

This incident happened after we finished the final exams of our 6th Semester of Engineering. Since, the college was over, it was tough for us to meet since

Sneha’s mom wanted her to stay at home during holidays and prepare for her CAT exams. But, we could not live without each other and used to be in contact regularly by phone and internet. One fine day, Sneha’s parents had to urgently leave for Ahmedabad since one of their relatives was seriously ill.

They left in the morning and were not to return till late night. Sensing a golden opportunity, Sneha called me to come to her home so that we can spend some quality time together.

I readily agreed. Although me and Sneha were in a relationship since two years, we had not had sex. We had got some private moments at some parties, but that allowed us to only kiss each other.

The privacy was not enough to have sex. So, when Sneha called me at her home and informed me that we would be alone, I was really looking forward to have a steamy session with her, but I doubted whether she will agree to it or not.

I reached her home at around 12 noon. We had decided to meet after taking lunch so that we can spend all our time with each other. When I reached there, she welcomed me with a smile. I was surprised to see her in a black shorts and a tight white Top.

Her white legs were visible up to the lower portion of her thighs. The legs were clean shaved and I was feeling lucky to have such a beauty as my girl. Her boobs were pushing themselves through her top. I could see her cleavage and also her black bra through her Top.

She closed the door behind me and then gave me a tight hug. I could feel her big boobs pressing against my chest and I loved it. She whispered “I love you” in my ears and hugged me more tightly.

I took her face in my hands, looked in to her eyes, and put my lips on hers. As if she wanted a kiss, she also took my lips in her mouse and started kissing me passionately. Slowly, both of us were enjoying the kiss and we started putting our tongue in each other’s mouth and sucking and licking it.

It was wonderful feeling. She was enjoying it too and was ok with it, since this was something which we had done before. Then I said her let us go to the bed and sit and talk. She didn’t know what I had in mind and readily agreed. Once on bed, she again hugged me and started kissing me. This time, more passionately. I didn’t waste this opportunity and pushed her on the bed.

Now, she was lying on the bed with my lips sucking her lips, her boobs pressing against my chest and my hands surrounding her back. Now, I started moving my hands on her body. I was going slowly, since I didn’t want her to say no for having sex. I removed my lips and started kissing her on the neck, then slowly moved up on her cheeks and then bit her on her ears. She seemed to like it and responded by tightening her grip around me. Then I continued kissing her on her neck.

Meanwhile, my hands were exploring her body. I put my hands on her lovely ass and squeezed the lovely flesh of d ass. For sometime, I continued doing so over the shorts which she was wearing. The suddenly, I took my hand little down and inserted my hand inside her shorts and touched her ass over her panties. She was wearing a tight black panty. She immediately retreated and caught my hand to stop it.

But, I was not ready to listen. She told me that we should not cross our limits. I told her that I will not cross our limits and took her lips in my mouth so that she can not speak anything and say no for going ahead further. I kissed her so passionately that it aroused her and she started kissing me more passionately. This time, I didn’t lose the opportunity and inserted my hand directly inside her panty thereby caressing the soft flesh ass.

I held her more tightly, kissed her more passionately so that she doesn’t retreat from the passion.
When I was sure that she was Ok with my hand inside her panty, I again started kissing on her neck. Then slowly, I moved towards her cleavage. I planted kisses on the top part of her both boobs which was easily visible. At the same time, my hand continued its business on her ass. Now it was time for my other hand to get to work.

Kissing on her neck, I moved upwards, bit her lips and again started kissing her on lips. But, this time I used my other hand to press her right boob. She instantly protested by trying to break away from the kiss. But, I pinched her nipple from over her top and kissed her deeply. This aroused her. I took my other hand from her ass and now my both hands were squeezing and pressing her lovely boobs. She seemed to be enjoying this.

Now, I was losing my patience. I had a strong erection and my dick was seeking attention. But, I knew it had to wait. I broke our kiss and got behind Sneha. I started kissing on her neck from behind and then slowly went up to her lips. She readily responded by turning her face towards me. Once she became engrossed in the kiss, and was enjoying it, I inserted my both hands inside the front part of her top from behind and slowly moved upward.

Now, I could not wait. I kissed her passionately and started squeezing and pressing her sexy boobs from over her bra. She seemed to enjoy it too and responded by moving her hand on her boobs. Meanwhile she felt my hard dick sticking into her ass. She soon realized my situation and said, Shalin, how can I satisfy your dick without crossing our limits. I told her that let me get in a position where my dick touches your pussy but both of us are wearing our clothes.

Then we kiss and press and I will rub my dick against your pussy with our clothes on. This will satisfy my dick and also we will not cross our limits. She said that she didn’t know how to do it. I said her I will teach her. I asked her to lie down on bed and spread her legs. She readily did so. There she was, my girlfriend Sneha, inviting me to fuck her. I got between her legs and position myself in such a way that she could fees my dick touching her pussy over my jeans and

I could fees her pussy against my dick over her shorts. The moment my dick touch her pussy, she shivered and held me tight. I responding by tightening the hug and took her lips in my mouth. She gripped her legs around me thereby making us touch each other in a better way. Then, I lifted her top a little and started pressing her boobs over her bra. Meanwhile, she started moving her body so that I could feel her pussy rubbing against my dick.

I reciprocated by moving my dick front and back and she held me tightly. She held me until I cam inside my jeans. I still wanted her and was ready for 2nd round. But, this time I wanted her pussy. So, I started arousing her by rubbing her pussy with my fingers. At the same time, my other hand kept working on her boobs. She was so excited that she took off my shirt. I told her in her ears,

Sneha, you sexy girl, Can I fuck you? To my surprise, she replied, “Fuck me, Fuck me honey, and tear my pussy. I don’t care if we cross the limits. I need you inside me badly.” I asked her if she had condoms. She said she doesn’t have it and said that she don’t mind if I fuck her without a condom. I was excited. I was going to get to fuck a beautiful girl without condom. Without wasting time, I got into action. I started kissing her and pressing her boobs over her top.

Then I moved my hand down and while kissing her, I started rubbing vigorously on her pussy. She felt the sensation and responded by kissing more deeply and passionately. Now it was my turn to undress the most beautiful lady of my life. I lifted her top and pulled it out. She cooperated by lifting her hands. I could see those beautiful boobs inside her black bra. She felt a little shy but after a while, she was Ok with it.

Then I kissed on her boobs and went down and kissed on her naval. Slowly, I removed her shorts and God, I could not believe myself. My girlfriend was in front of me in just her bra and panties for the first time and she was looking devastatingly sexy and beautiful. I took of my jeans along with my underwear. On seeing my hard rock dick, she was surprised and at the same time, she was delighted. She told me,

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My Wife Called Her Boss In House

If you like the story mail me on [email protected] and [email protected] or [email protected]

Hello readers my name is Sudhir. My wife Rajshree works in a MNC at Delhi. I will tell the story how my wife got banged by her boss for job promotion. The story starts the month after I lost my job due to recession and Rajshree had to work hard to make our expenses meet. I used to stay at home and she used to go to work. Recently I got a new job so asked her to quit her job and stay at home but she rejected saying her job is also necessary for her.

On that fateful day she told me she urgently needed to impress some one called Mr. Sultanali a big business honcho whom she called home for dinner. Rajshree left for work the next day and told me she would be getting off from work a couple hours early so she could get ready for her dinner date with Mr. Sultan. So I decided to leave early from work myself so I could be here for moral support for my wife because I knew she would be a little nervous tonight.

I got home just in time to see Rajshree pull into the driveway. Rajshree gave me a kiss on the way in and told me she had to hurry and take a shower and get herself dressed because she only had a couple hours before she was to meet Mr. Sultan. I decided to straighten things up around here while she got ready. I had to admit that I had butterflies in my stomach thinking about this evening myself.

I walked into the bedroom just in time to see Rajshree walking in from her shower. She looked stunning as always. Her hair had been neatly combed and dried and I could see she must have shaved her pussy. If things go well tonight with Mr. Sultanali, I’m sure Rajshree is planning a hot night in bed with me to celebrate.

Rajshree always picked out sexy things to wear no matter what the occasion and tonight was no exception. I noticed tonight she had a red panty with nude stocks and matching red brassier picked out and laying on the bed. Over on the chair was a black skirt and matching black top that had buttons down the front. By the bed setting on the floor I could see black spike heels with a thin buckle.

I walked back out into the kitchen to finish cleaning while Rajshree dressed for the evening. Twenty minutes later my lovely wife walked thought the doorway. Rajshree walked in turning in a half circle asking me what I thought. She looked absolutely gorgeous as I reached out to hold her. I could smell Rajshree’s perfume as I hugged my wife. Glancing downward half of her breasts were exposed in this top. I wanted to kiss her but didn’t want to smear her lipstick.

Rajshree told me she had to leave in a minute, and wanted me to go out and buy some wine for this evening when she brought Mr. Sultanali by the house after dinner. Rajshree told me she should be back here around eight tonight and not to be nervous and made sure I remembered that I was her better half and not her house husband.

I will be glad this night is over, at least until Mr. Sultanali gets the contract signed and leaves. I can’t wait to get Rajshree in my arms tonight. I know she has to be as horny as I’m tonight. Everything will be just perfect with the girls being gone. Tonight I have plans to make love to my wife all night long.

As Rajshree walked out the door she told me to wish her luck and said she loved me. I know this guy Mr. Sultanali will be getting an eyeful of my wife tonight. I hope we can get rid of him early to top off the night with a celebration of our own.

Later that evening I sat down and tried to read the paper but couldn’t concentrate on what I was reading. I had gone out and picked up a couple bottles of good wine. I had remembered Rajshree mentioning she was meeting Mr. Sultanali at her office and she would leave her car parked there overnight. It was now a quarter after eight, and Rajshree should be here any minute now. Let me hope that she got him to sign the contract tonight over dinner. I know Rajshree will still have to bring him here for a little icing on the cake but it will soon be over.

I wonder if this is how I will feel when my daughters start dating. Wondering if they will be all right and their dates treating them with respect. This is my wife I was waiting to return home from a date with a guy knowing fully well that she was a married woman. I want to think Rajshree’s date acts like a gentleman and don’t try to touch her or even steal a kiss. After all these years of being married to this wonderful woman we have always had the deepest trust for each another.

Right at that moment the doorbell rang. I must have locked the door when I returned from the store. Walking over to the door and opening it slowly, there stood my wife and standing next to her was a muscular looking black gentleman who looked like south indian in a grey suite. Rajshree walked in first as Mr. Sultanali following close behind her. I noticed his hand was around the back of my wife’s waist as they walked through the door.

Rajshree introduced her guest as a Mr. Sultanali a business client she is working with right now on a big project. Rajshree introduced me as her husband Sudhir. At least she remembered the little plan we had worked out. When I shook hands with Mr. Sultanali, I couldn’t help noticing how large his hands were and he had a firm grip. He looked around 6’2? tall and looked like a line backer.

Mr. Sultanali followed my wife into the great room and Rajshree motioned for him to set down which he did on the sofa. Rajshree than motioned for me to follow her into the kitchen to fetch some wine. As she prepared the drinks for her and her guest, she had told me that everything was fine and she wanted me to make up an excuse to leave the room so she could speak to him alone. Rajshree said she needs to iron a few things out and wanted to make Mr. Sultanali and thought I’d make her nervous setting in the same room.

We made our way back into the room and as Rajshree was handing a drink to Mr. Sultanali I mentioned to them that I was going to my room to read a book so they could chat and take care of business. Mr. Sultanali said it was nice meeting me and that I had a very lovely wife and suggested that if I had anywhere to go tonight that things would be fine here.

As I made my way to our bedroom, I thought about what Mr. Sultanali had just said to me. In a very polite manner, he was asking me to get lost. I almost walked back to say something but I decided not to. I didn’t want to ruin anything for Rajshree’s business deal. It would only be a matter of time before he was gone and hopefully she has the contract signed and sealed. Let him have his little drink. Take a good look at those nice breasts being pushed out for you to see tonight because that’s as close as you’ll ever get I thought to myself.

We have a setting area in our room with sliding doors that lead out into the screened area around the pool. From there we have sliding doors that lead off from the great room. It had been almost an hour now. I was thinking of walking out and around and take a peak and see if everything was all right. I decided to do just that and got up and opened the door and made my way over to the doorway off the great room where my wife and Mr. Sultanali were situated was dark now and the lights were off back here so I wouldn’t be noticed.

As I gazed in the room, I could still see them seated on the sofa. Rajshree was laughing at something Mr. Sultanali was saying. I could see two bottles of wine sitting on the table next to the sofa. They must have gone through the first bottle already. Mr. Howard had his right arm on the back of the sofa behind my wife, but didn’t seem to be touching her.

He was holding his glass of wine in the other hand when I saw him set it down on the table and put his hand on his knee. Rajshree seemed to be listening to whatever it was he was saying when I than notice his hand slowly work its way over to my wife’s knee until it was gently in place just below the hem of her skirt.

By this time my heart seemed to be pumping at a faster rate. Rajshree was looking straight into his eyes now and I wish I could hear what he was saying to Rajshree. I could see his thumb start to move against the hem of her dress as kept talking to my wife. Than Rajshree glanced down toward his hand on her knee and gently pushed it away. That’s my girl I thought to myself. I knew Rajshree was trying very hard to be nice to this man but wouldn’t let things go any further than having the pleasure of talking or getting a good look at her lovely charms on display.

I decided to make my way back to the bedroom and read because I felt Rajshree had everything under control after I saw Rajshree move his hand off her knee. It would only be a matter of time before he was gone and she made her way in here to celebrate her new contract.

I guess I feel asleep for a few minutes. I looked over at the alarm clock on the dresser and it was after eleven. I jumped up pretty fast wondering what was going on out in the great room. I worked my way out the door wall around the corner and looked inside. My heart sank. I didn’t see anyone. Could, Mr. Sultanali had gone home and Rajshree was in the kitchen or something? I could see into the kitchen and the light was off. I could see a light through the window in one of the girls rooms over to the right so I waked over to that window.

I could see a shadow on the wall so I knew someone was in there, maybe Mr. Sultanali had left and Rajshree was just checking the girl’s rooms for something. As I looked around the corner, my heart sank even further. They were on the edge of the bed. I could see my wife and Mr. Sultanali. He had his head tilted down and appeared to be kissing her neck area. His right hand was around her shoulder with his left hand on her breasts through the brassier. Her top was completely unbuttoned. I felt like I was going to panic as my heart began to race.

He was moving his head now and his lips met hers as I could see Rajshree tilt her head up to kiss him back. I could barely make out what was going on but I could see his tongue as it made its way inside Rajshree’s mouth. She was sucking on his tongue. Rajshree had reached around and put her arm around him as they continued to kiss. Mr. Sultanali had dropped his hand down to her inner thigh and was working his way under her skirt toward her pussy.

I didn’t remember seeing any panty’s tonight when my wife had all her clothes laid out in the bedroom. This would mean that he was about to touch Rajshree’s bare pussy. He would soon feel how soft and smooth her pussy mound was. Something was about to happen to my wife that should only be meant for me. Should I go in and stop this. My mine kept going in different directions. Instead of running in there and pulling him away from my wife I just stood there like I was frozen to the ground and watched what was taking place in that room.

As I kept watching what was taking place, Mr. Sultanali reached around and pulled Rajshrees top off and was reaching around to unclasp Rajshrees brassier. Rajshree’s firm breasts broke free of their confinement. Mr. Sultanali tilted his head down and started sucking on one than the other running tongue in circular motions as my wife held the back of his head to push him in tight against her breasts.

Rajshree seemed to be accepting everything that was going on. I wasn’t sure what I should do. As I kept watching, Rajshree stood up and it looked like she was helping Mr. Sultanali with her skirt. That’s when I saw the skirt fall to the floor. I was right, Rajshree had no panty’s on and her pussy was now on full display to Mr. Sultanali. All that remained was Rajshree’s garter belt, stockings and her heels.

Rajshree sat herself back down on the bed when I saw Mr. Sultanali reach around my wife’s small waist and pull her as close as possible toward him. Rajshree now had her one hand in his lap and seemed to be stroking him through his pants. His suit jacket was already off and Rajshree reached up with her right hand and started working on his tie and getting it off. Rajshree sort of got up and moved herself onto his lap and worked on his tie with both hands.

I saw the tie being tossed over on the floor as they started kissing again. Mr. Sultanali had reached all the way around my wife and was cupping her right breast in his large black hand. The contrast of their body’s made myself very hard as I continued to watch.

Rajshree was looking at Mr. Sultanali and he seemed to be saying something to her. She was shaking her head as if to say no to something. Rajshree was just reaching over to start unbuckling his pants when he pulled her hands away and got up. He was walking toward the door. He was leaving the room. I hurried back to the master bedroom. Once inside there was a knock on the door.

I’m trying to figure out what this guy was doing or what he wanted from me. Was he coming to ask permission to screw my wife? I opened the door, Mr. Sultanali was embarrassed but asked, “Do you have any condoms.” I stood there stunned for a moment when he told me everything was fine with my wife but she had mentioned not being on the pill. He said he felt embarrassed about asking me but my wife was a stunner and it was just fine if he fucked my wife.

I went over to the drawer and got him a couple and handed them over to Mr. Sultanali. My hand was shaking as he grabbed them from me. He told me thanks and told me I was a life saver. As he hurried himself away from the door he looked back and said he would see me in the morning. Did I just hear him say he would see me in the morning? I just handed a man some condoms so he could screw my wife without her getting knocked up and than he tells me this!

I waited for a couple minutes and decided I wanted to keep an eye on this but didn’t want to go back outside. Instead, I decided to go through the third bedroom and there was a joining bathroom in between the two rooms where I could see but had to be careful. I walked through the great room and down the hall into the adjoining bedroom and slowly made my way toward the bathroom. Good, I thought to myself the other door is open just enough to look inside that room. They had dimmed the light but I was still able to see what was going on.

I slowly moved toward the door and looked inside. The bed was straight ahead on an angle so I was able to see everything where I stood. When I looked inside, I could see Mr. Sultanali laying on his back. My wife was on her side just above his legs. She was licking his shaft. Rajshree had her left hand massaging his testicles while she held his shaft with her right hand. I focused on her action when I finally realized how big and thick this man was. He had to be at least 9? or 10? long and the girth was like a small log. Rajshree could never take this man inside her. She may have told him so and decided to giving him head. Even if he could get this thing in my wife she would be stretched to the limits.

Besides, the condoms I gave him would never fit his shaft. They fit snug on my cock but a guy his size would never fit. Rajshree kept lovingly sucking and licking his entire shaft. I watch as she tried to push as much of it inside her mouth. It looked like she could only get the head to fit as she continued to lick the sides. Every once in a while she would go down and suck his large testicles in her mouth only to hear him groan and tell her how good her mouth felt.

Rajshree still had on her garter belt, stockings and heels and it looked very erotic watching my wife make love to this large black man. Mr. Sultanali told Rajshree to move herself over his face and he wasted no time getting his face between her legs. I could hear the slurping sounds he was making as Rajshree was grinding herself down onto his mouth. She had both of her hands wrapped around his shaft as she continued to suck his massive pole.

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Complex Relationships - The Indian Context - The Discovery

Synopsis: This story is set in the Indian context, where jokingly the wife’s younger sister is said to be ‘Almost Half Wife’. Although like a joke, many Indian men fantasize about their wife’s younger sister. However for the lucky some, this becomes a reality. This story is a narration by one such lucky man.

Disclaimer: The story is purely a fantasy, but put in this situation would love to do the same.

I am 28 years old and run a 5 star class boutique Hotel in Delhi, I got married 2 years back. The hotel belongs to my wife’s family. Her parents died in a car accident about a year back. Wife is not interested in the affairs of running the hotel, however her younger sister works In the hotel and she manages all the sales and I look at the overall the operations.

When I my marriage was being fixed, at that time itself I was attracted to her younger sister Ria. She is very energetic, fun loving has a nice figure unlike my wife who is a little on the plump side. Ria has got a nice figure at 34D – 28 – 38, nice wide hips I must say and the way I like it.

The hotel is doing fairly well thanks to her sales skills. However I was surprised at her success rate of getting customers. We used to get a lot of businessmen checking in.

She would manage them to visit our Hotel, show them around. We had 2 Rooms on the top floor that were reserved only for emergency bookings and served as sample for showing people for getting bookings. Almost 80% of the guests that she would bring in and show the sample rooms would confirm their bookings. I used to ask her and she would always just smile and say that it’s pure luck.

She would always dress in a saree while at work, and wear very sexy blouses. But this has to change. If she is around me for even a minute, I would have a hard on looking at her figure.

One day I decided to install camera in the sample rooms to find out how she managed to get the clients interested in booking and started recording their trips to the sample rooms. What I saw was eye popping, she was using sexual means to get the client’s bookings. Most of the time it was about giving them good view of her body by letting the end of saree slip over, or spilling a little water on her boobs accidently while drinking water. She would use many such tactics.

I made a copy of all those videos and kept it at a safe place. One day, I called her to the sample room and played the video on the TV and she was stunned.

I told her that I could use it to ruin her and she almost burst into tears. I told her that if she cooperated then I would not do her any harm.

She agreed. I put on a slow song, which I knew she liked very much. I then asked her to strip very slowly, so slowly that she would be only be completely nude by the last line of the song. And along with the last line of the song she should be lowering and removing her panty. I also told her that if she hesitates at any step, I will make her dress again and I would play the song again and she will have to start stripping again.

So she started by dropping the end of the saree from her shoulder. Then she slowly turned and pulled out the saree that was tucked into her underskirt. By the end of first stanza of the song her entire saree was on the ground.

With the second stanza, she started untying the knot of her blouse at the back, and started slowly pulling the blouse over her shoulder and then hands. I asked her to sway and move a bit to the song’s rhythm while stripping. She complied and started moving her chest in rhythm.

Along with the third stanza she was removing her underskirt. I noticed that her underskirt was more fitting and tight than what other women normally wear. I assumed that probable she like the clothes on her body to be tight. She slowly swaying her hips to the song slowly lowered her underskirt till it is lying around her legs on the floor. This she does so slowly that it lasts throughout the third stanza of the song.

As the fourth stanza starts, she said with a pleading voice “Jiju please, please do not make me do this further”. (In India Jiju is what they call sister’s husband, for others you can consider it just a as name). I point towards the TV still showing her videos and she reaches her hand to her back to unhook the bra, I indicate her to stop and to pick up the scissor that’s on a table onto her right, she looked at me with a question mark on her face.

I smile and indicate to her that she has to cut away her bra, first on the sides and then the straps. She reluctantly takes the scissor and slowly snips the sides of the bra slowly. Since she wear such thin lacy bra it’s just easy, and then she cuts the straps one by one, holding on to the bra material on her breast as the back part of the bra fall down. I indicate to her to move away her hands. Then she slowly lowers her hand and the front pieces of bra falls to the floor.

I now point towards her panty, and she looks at me with a hope in her eyes that I would not ask her to go further, but I indicate that she has to. I indicate that she has to cut the part of the panty that’s between her legs. Once she cuts the middle part I indicate her to keep the scissor back on the table.

And indicate her to lower the panty by putting her thumbs through the elastic of the panty on sides. She complies but so reluctantly, and as the last line of the music ends she is standing there bent at the waist, her hands holding the panty at her ankles. It was such a sight the panty stretching further as it passes the fullest part of her hips. Just as she is about to stand straight, I indicate to her to stay just like that and not to move.

I was doing all this standing away from her. I indicated her to turn around in that pose itself slowly. While turning, when she has her ass towards me, I get a good view of her ass, ass hole and the pussy. And to my surprise, I can see that she was a little wet there. I think the slut in her enjoyed it a bit. If she did, I was sure that she would be a good exhibitionist. I will find that out soon.

Once she completes the turn, I indicate to her to stand straight and turn once again. Today is the first time I get to see her complete nude body, and I take my time enjoying the view. I let her complete 4 turns before I ask her to stop.

I made her do this on her most favourite song that she listens a lot so that whenever she listens to it again, she will be reminded of this entire stripping scene.

What she did not realize was that she was in the same room where I had recorded her activity with our clients. SO? … Well so this activity was also entirely recorded, but with me completely out of the view of the camera showing only her actions and I had stopped the recording while she completed turning the second turn standing. If one would see the video of this event, it would just look like that she was enticing a client. And this would be further proven by the other videos where the clients are also visible. When this video is viewed along with the rest it would be proven that this one was also done for a client and she can’t prove that she was forced to do this.

Now I walked to her and gave her a paper which contained a set of rules for her that she has to obey from now on. Any deviation from those rules and I would distribute these videos to any one I wish, starting with her sister – my wife. She read through the rules and retorted to me saying that she would not be doing all this and a stern look from me made her say “Jiju, please do not do this to me, I did not harm u in any way, please spare me”. She had such a pleading look in her eyes that anyone would have spared her, but not me. I had plans for her.

So I just gently reminded her about the fact that I just recorded her entire stripping session and that along with the other videos would it prove to be very big problem for her.

Now she broke into tears, small drops rolling down her cheeks, a few falling onto her white breasts. I told her that as long as she followed my rules she will not have any problem.
Rules were simple:
I would decide what she wears from now
I would decide where she goes and whom she meets
I would decide on whatever she does.
She has to transfer all her money into my account and close all accounts and credit cards
She would not carry any mobile unless I decide
She would have one mark on her body which clearly tells her that I own her body, mind and soul. This would be tattooed on the upper part of her left breast so that she can see it every day whenever she looks down on her breast or in the mirror. The tattoo would be that of a snake in the beak of an eagle and only she and I would know the significance of that tattoo that she is the snake and I am the eagle who now owns her
In my presence she would not speak unless permitted by me.
I can make a new rule or modify any rule any time I want and she has to follow.

So she reluctantly agrees to all the rules.

So I tell her that she can get dressed, it’s already late in the night and we have to reach home. She just realised that she has no bra and panty to wear, so she picks up her underskirt and wears it, and then picks up her blouse and wear it. The blouse is white and is of thin material such that I can see her dark nipples and areola against her fair skin through its thin soft material.

By the time she wears her blouse; I pick up her saree and stuff it into her hand bag. She looks at me surprised, and I say “Rule 1? and smile at her. She is petrified. So now she has to come out of the room only in her underskirt and blouse which is almost semi-transparent. I told her that its ok because as it is night time an no one will notice and we will use the fire exit to go out. Little did she know that she might soon be walking in and out of the Hotel in attire that may look sluttier.

I drive into the drive way of our home; the security guard did not notice anything strange. I drive right into the garage, and she opens the door to get out. I stopped her; ask her to give a nice and wet kiss on my lips before she steps out. With trembling lips she gives me a short and quick kiss. I let her go. She rushes into the house through the back entrance of the garage.

Next day morning, she gets up in the morning and goes for her morning routine and a bath, in her sleepiness probably forgetting what happened yesterday. It would probably dawn upon her when she takes her bath as she sees her own nude body in the bathroom mirror. Whether she remembers or not in the bath, she will definitely remember it after she comes out of the bathroom.

On her bed I left a note which said – “White Blouse, Light Blue Saree, Light Blue underskirt … Black Bra and no panty”. She read the note. There was a look of shock on her face, or was it the look of realization. The note further said “Make it the most transparent white blouse you have or else …” I left the threat part blank to leave her guessing about the consequences of not complying.

She met me in the garage already sitting in the car by the time I came out. I asked her to step out and stand a bit away from the car. Once she stepped out, I asked her to turn around and show me how she looks. I told her that she is wearing the saree too high at the waist. I told her to lower it so that its at least 2 inches below navel, at 3 inches below navel, her hip bones would show above the saree at the waist. Any ways today is the last day she is going to wear a saree.

I told her to get in to the car. Once we reached the Hotel, we went straight into my office. The office is a large room very spacious with lots of space in the middle. I sat at my desk and told her to stand in the middle of the room and lift her saree and underskirt to show me that she is not wearing a panty as instructed. Well she was definitely obedient or just feared the consequences as she was not wearing any panty. I told her to stand like that with her clothes lifted while I finish replying to a few emails. I took good 30 minutes to finish my work.

I got up from my desk, went near her and placed my hands on her bare hips, rubbed my hand on the sides of her hip, then her ass. Petted her pussy slightly and told her to release the saree and underskirt and wear them properly. We are going shopping – I told her.

We went into a shop that sold the latest trendy clothes, I also knew from one of my contacts that they also keep some interesting clothes and other things too.

I introduced her to the shop manager as the actress for a new small film that we are shooting. I told him that we are looking for some nice and interesting clothes for some party scenes in the movie. The manager told us about some new collection they recently got from abroad. I asked the manager to show them to us and also told him that I would one of his BOLD assistant girl to help me with selections. He took us to the rear section of the shop and sent a nice looking girl to assist us. This assistant girl is as tall as Ria but not as sexy as her. Assistant’s name is Tina. I call Tine near me and put my one hand around her shoulder and in my other hand I showed her a 1000 rupee note which I pushed into her hands and whispered into her ears as to what kind of clothes I want for Ria. She smiles knowingly and tells me that she has the right things for my taste.

Tina went in and bought out a box of clothes. She opened it. Tina told us that each of the dress in this box is a complete set of garment, to be worn together. So she said that Ria has to strip completely to try the clothes for size. I look at Ria and she starts to strip, I stop her. Ria looks surprised. I tell Tina to strip Ria and fold and keep her clothes carefully.

Tina pulls the end of the saree and walk around Ria unwrapping her. Then Tina removes Ria’s underskirt and blouse. Tina is a bit surprised to see that Ria is not wearing any panty but gives a knowing smile. Tina then removes Ria’s bra. Tina folds and keeps everything on the table. Tina runs her hand on Ria’s body from shoulder down to her hips and comments that Ria has a nice body and a many of clothes would look good on her. With that Tina pulls out the first packet.

Dress Set 1:

Tina first pulls the panty out of the packet and I tell her to leave it aside because Ria in not going to wear any panty any more. Ria gave me a surprised look. Tina kept the panty aside and pulled out the bra. It was made of a skin colour semi-transparent material that matched Ria’s body colour. With just 2 triangular pieces in the front and just strings for back and neck it looked like a bikini. Tina put it on Ria from the front and tied the back string first, then she tied the neck string. It was then that I understood the speciality.

The skin colour material on her 2 breasts stretched like the rubber of a balloon and stuck to Ria’s breasts like a second skin. It was only because of the slight difference in texture that one could say that she was wearing a bra.

Best part was the holes in the middle through which the bare nipples were protruding out. Ria will feel that she is wearing a bra but for the onlookers it would be like she is not wearing any bra. I told Tina that i liked it. Tina picked up the top and pulled it over Ria’s head, and the top also fit Ria like a second skin. The upper part of the top that was over her breast was slightly transparent and the lover part that went over her tummy was opaque and fitted well over her flat tummy. The bottom was a skirt also very tight fitting; Tina pulled it up Ria’s legs.

Brought it up to 2 inches below navel, the skirt reached only upto the middle of her thighs. The top was black and skirt white. Through the top, one could make out the outline of Ria’s breasts and I am sure that if anyone click her picture with this on and the flash on camera, the pic will look as if you can see her bare breast and nipples through the top. I took out my iPhone and clicked a few pictures of Ria in that dress. Then Tina undressed Ria Again. Every time Tina touched Ria, I can see a reaction in Ria, not sure if it is because she is enjoying the touch or because she is not.

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The Ayurveda Treatment Part I - Sexual Initiation

I run an Ayurveda Treatment centre (ATS). I get many patients, each coming to me for treatment for things which the other means of treatment could not cure. On an average the treatment lasts for 2 to 4 weeks. Once in a while I do get patients with not so common syndromes requiring not so common treatments. Over a period of time, I got the popularity of treating patients with uncommon needs. The uncommon needs list is not very long, however one of the noticeable ones were related to sexual disorders. Soon I decided not to call them patients and not to call their situations as disorder. Rather I started calling them clients with special needs.

For the reason of secrecy of my clients I stopped taking any personal details of them that can identify them and all payments were in Cash, Gold or Diamonds. And I would take only one client at a time. So every male client I called Adam and every female Eve, followed by a number so that I can keep the records of the procedure and treatment I used. My most demanding client and of course my most favourite client was Eve16

Eve16 came to me with a large box full of Gold and Diamond jewellery as my payment. And on the top of the box was an envelope with a letter. This letter was written to her by her fiancée. It was a letter in which he had confessed to her his sexual preferences or I would say his fantasy, and she had wowed to make it true as much as possible. So she had embarked on a journey to make herself ready for the marriage.

She had done some research about this on internet and found out various places in various countries where she could prepare herself with the various things in that letter.

She had already gone to a few countries and had already got certain preparations done, and these preparations had already turned her into such a stunning beauty that I could hardly take my eyes off her. She was more than seventeen years with few months in front of her to be eighteen. My centre was her last stop and she wanted to have everything that’s left to be done, to be done here.

I got the necessary paper work done, and got her hand impression instead of a signature. It was basically to tell the client that once they started they cannot turn back and are willing to co-operate in all procedures. The procedures for them might require them to be nude most of the time, might require them to be subjected to many not so common procedures. Then I started with my procedures.

I prepared her a welcome bath with some aroma oils and herbs, specially prepared for my female clients with special needs). Told her to remove every piece of clothing she was wearing and to put it in the box provided to her. Told her that I would call her by the name Eve only and officially she is Eve16. She removed every piece of cloth without any hitch and placed them in the box.

So I had a client who was perfectly willing to do anything to please her fiancée. I told her to soak herself in the tub while I go through the letter of her fiancée and see what all I can do for her.

After about 2 hours of thinking and pondering I made some notes and went back to her. I told her that most of the things can be done while I need to think about a few as they are very new kind of requirements.

I asked her to step out of the bath, she stood there on the mat on the floor, the bath water with the oil and herbs dripping down every curve of her body were a beautiful sight. She was about 5? 8?, about 34D breasts, 28 waist and 38 hips. The herb and the oil were giving a golden glow to her white skin. I told her that she is not allowed to dry herself by using any towel from now on.

She has to stand on the mat till she dries naturally by dripping. After 30 minutes she was dry, but the golden glow on skin was still there, making her a very beautiful sight.

I gave her a robe made of fine strands of jute. It was specially woven by me to be al free flowing like silk, but to be as rough as a jute sack. The roughness would continuously rub the skin keeping Eve in a continuous state of awareness of her nudity under the robe. It one thing being nude and another thing being continuously aware of it.

Showed her room where she would be staying while she is here, unless she is in a treatment. It had one bench only wide enough for her to just lie on her back, about a foot above the ground. There was a 1? thick cotton mat on the bench. This was going to be her bed.

The bench was Y shaped and the V part of it was adjustable from closed to 180 degree apart. For today it will be completely closed. She is going to be here for 90 days, every day the V part of bench will be opened 1 degree more, reaching from 0 to 90 degree in 90 days. While sleeping at night Eve has to ensure that her legs stay on the V part of the bench. This will train her to keep her legs spread with ease. However this is not told to her yet so as not to scare her.

While she is lying down I tell her the treatment I planned for her for achieving fantasy written in that letter, but without going into any of the details.

Day 01:
I wake her up before sunrise. My centre is based in a hilly area and there is a small spring with a 10 feet water fall which is good enough to be used as a shower. So I lead her there. The sunrise is in another 60 minutes, I give her a bowl of ash made from certain herbs and some herbal oil and ask her to mix them and apply it over her entire body. Stay like that for 15 minutes and then stand under water for 30 minutes to wash away that, entire she should not use her hand to rub away the mixture.

So she has to stand with her legs apart so that mixture gets washed away from all parts of her body. She may bend backward and forward to let the falling water fall into her pussy and ass crack to wash away mixture from there. Then she has to stand outside the water till sunrise and drip dry. After she see the sunrise, she has to join hands towards the sun ‘Surya Pranamam’ and then come and sit in her designated place in the courtyard centre on her knees.

It was very exciting to watch her wash herself under the water fall in the early morning twilight. And now she is sitting there in the centre of the courtyard on her knees, wet hair falling down on her shoulders and water dripping from it on her back and breasts. Her breasts seem a little saggy but that will go away soon.

This would be her daily morning routine, which she would do without being told. And I would be watching her every day do this ritual So now I begin her treatment.

First a little warm up session to prepare her and her senses. She is going to get a ‘Shirodhara’ which is a stream of warm herbal oil falling from a height of 3 to 4 feet from a pot with a hole in the bottom on to the fore head like water flowing from tap but in a very smooth flow. Further I have something very similar for her other parts of the body. I call her to lie down on a wooden table that’s about 3 feet above ground; its surface is carved to suit the shape of a female form. Place a strip of cloth over the eyebrow to prevent oil from going into her eyes. I adjust the stream of warm oil to have constant stream.

Next I move down and hand 2 more pots, one each above her breasts. Then I start the warm oil stream so that it falls directly on her left nipple. A very thin stream of warm oil slowly falls on her nipple. The oil is different from the one falling on her fore head. This one contains additional herbs. These herbs will increase the sensitivity of her nipples by simulating the nerve endings. It will also make the nipple skin soft and make the nipple fuller and firmer. It will not increase the size for which i have separate treatment.

I do the same with the right nipples using the second pot of streaming oil. Now my attention moves to her navel. The oil used for her navel is similar to the one used for nipples, it will increase the sensitivity of her navel many times as this has stronger ingredients. By the end of her stay with me, her navel will become as sensitive as her nipples, may be even more than that.

Her navel is not very deep, but soon it will not be even this deep. It also contains additional herbs that will be absorbed into her abdomen tissues that will firm them up. My last pot of oil is for her pussy, the oil for this is different from all other however it still has an ingredient to simulate and sensitize the nerve endings.

The wooden table has carved out space for placing the legs slightly apart, just enough to create a gap where the legs meet the hips, so that the oil falling on the pussy can flow down. The oil used for this is thinner than other oil so that it flows easily into the folds of the pussy. The oil contains additional ingredients that will remove the hair follicles and make the skin as smooth as the day she was born.

The surface on of the table where her ass is places has a small wedge. When her ass rests on it the wedge separates her ass cheeks and makes a gap. This allows the oil falling on her pussy to flow down and reach her ass crack and ass hole so that it also gets the same treatment as the pussy. The pot for the pussy is kept higher than others so that the oil stream falls on the pussy with a greater force. This is required so that the oil enters her pussy with enough force so that it can enter the closed pussy lips and hit the clit with sufficient force to simulate the clit.

I reposition each pot so that the stream of oil falls exactly where it is desired. I turn on the taps that feed these pots so that the oil can run for 2 hours. I can see that she has started feeling the effect of the oil falling onto her pussy as she is wriggling her hips slightly. So i tell her to hold very still. I know that it is going to be very stimulating and a torture to hold still. She is sure to get 1 or 2 orgasms.

By the end of her treatment sessions here she would start getting multiple orgasms during this morning ritual. I will have to find a way to keep her very still but that’s for later. None of my earlier clients required a treatment to the level I have planned for her.
While she is receiving the oil streams I shall go and prepare breakfast. It would be a full breakfast for me, but she will get a bowl of selected fruits.

After 2 hours the oils stream has stopped but the oil is still dripping from her body. I send in 2 of my maids to massage the remaining oil fully onto her body.

The maids in the special treatment area are especially select by me. Due to nature of their job they can never be fully clothed, hence they are allowed to wear a small loin cloth in the front on a piece of string around their waist which is pulled back between legs and tied to the waist string at the back. Similarly the breasts are covered by wide strip of cloth tied into a knot at the back.

These 2 pieces of cloth are never washed in soap, but washed using herbal ash and then dried and dipped in special oil and twisted to remove excess oil and kept in a warm place at night. They sleep nude at night and wear this in the morning after their bath. There is separate oil for the loin cloth and the breast. The oil for breast cloth is to keep their breast firm and skin soft and the one in loin cloth is to give their pussy a nice smell and also a secret ingredient to keep them motivated during the day.

The 2 maids stood on her both side and started rubbing in the oil into her skin. They mirror each other when they do this, so while one is massaging on right side of her body, the other is doing exactly the same to her left side. The first wipe away the oil from her forehead. Then start massaging her breast with the oil. Taking special care to rub the oil well into her nipples, after 5 minutes the oil is fully absorbed into the breasts. Next they start rubbing the oil on abdomen and navel. After that they start at the pussy. They pull aside the pussy lips to either side or start rubbing the oil onto the lips.

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Sex With My Hubby’s Friend Karthik

It’s me the glorious Gayathri (Gayu in short) Again a 30 year old home maker. My Husband Karthik and his friend are the pivotal character of this story, Ram and Karthik is working as Area Sales Manager in a reputed insurance company and has to travel to meet their customers and promotions. I have a bachelor’s degree in Commerce and a diploma in beautician’s course, and Karthik helped me set up my own beauty parlour at my home

5 years into marriage and we still have no issues and this is not an issue for us as we planned not to have an issue until we settle down well. Our sex life is healthy and active and now that Ram is also doing well professionally we may plan our kid this year. Wish me luck please.

Ram and Karthik studied together and after marriage when I had domestic troubles with my in laws we moved on to a rented place and the immediate availability of flat came from Karthik

He owned about 22 flats in this building and he was more than obliging to rent out one to his dear friend Ram. Karthik is single, but never knew he was also ready to mingle. Karthik got married around 4 years back to a bitch called Sunitha. You will know if you read further why I call her a bitch. They had a love marriage, but after 3 years into marriage they separated. Despite Karthik being very humble and loveable, his wife needed a divorce.

The case was in Family court and the court ordered a year’s separation for reconciliation.

Almost after about 10 months or so, Sunitha visited Karthik and invited him to her parental house. The occasion was the son’s birthday. We all felt that this could help them get back. Karthik was very happy and was trying his every trick on his sleeve to woo his wife back. He presented her with a diamond ring and a motorised toy scooter to his son.

After the guests have left, Sunitha said that she will join Karthik to his home. We were surprised when Sunitha came along with Karthik. He had brought a nice piece of case for us. They went into their flat and we went in for our share of enjoyment. Ram and I discussed that poor chap Karthik will at last get back to his wife and his sex life will become healthy as earlier.

Next morning after Ram left for his office as usual, I went to Karthik’s flat.

He was in his bedroom doing his bed. I started teasing him that since Sunitha had come after a long time, they would have had a nice night after all and that is why he is making the bed. But Karthik became sadder and said that Sunitha left the same night and she was here only to discuss about the case. She was here only for maintenance. She wanted money to be given every month and that was the reason

She invited Karthik for the birthday party to calm things down before demanding money. The bitch was in no way interested to continue with him. I felt very sorry and can feel the pain.

I asked can I talk to Sunitha, but he said there is no point as the councillors tried every bit to convince her for a re conciliation but failed Sunitha was being filled with filth by her parents against Karthik and they poisoned her mind enough.

Karthik also said that after the court’s verdict for separation, she will marry Arun, a distant relative and Sunitha asked Karthik for maintenance till the marriage. And she also demanded a fair share in property held by Karthik to be transferred on his minor son. That was the main reason for the bitch to come and also to invite Karthik for the party so that all relatives can convince him to part away with the property.

She also took a note from Karthik that he will not demand custody of the child even after she marries Arun. So saying Karthik burst out in tears. He was crying hysterically. I tried to console him, but he would not stop. He cried like a child. He held his arm across me and was trying to convince him. By mistake I placed his hands over my breasts. His fingers were on my shoulder, but his hand ran across my breast. Something in me started to ignite.

I was like enjoying his touch as this was a complete new feeling to me. Suddenly my landlord and my hubby’s best friend were looking more attractive than my own hubby. I do not know if I was getting attracted and wanted to give him all of me because of his current condition, it was magical and the raging inferno in me was reaching to untold heights. I slowly descended his arm over my breasts.

He still did not realize what is happening, but when I gave a small squeeze of his hands, he felt the soft touch of my boobs and immediately withdrew his hand. He was now shocked and you must have seen his face then. Gayu what are you doing? I said, man you deserve this; you had been away from this for over a year. But this is wrong and what will Ram say? He said. Why do you want Ram to know about this?

I somehow had been attracted to you since we moved in, but I also love Ram dearly. But today looking at you, my emotions got the better of me. And I again lifted his hand and placed only left boob. He drew again with equal speed. I felt ashamed, what a slut I had been, but before leaving I said, ‘Karthik, it’s now or never”. He kept silent and I turned around to walk back. I suddenly felt a pair of hands embracing me from back and he was kissing on my back neck.

I could also feel his dick piercing in my crack as both of us were in thin clothes. I was in my nighty and he was in his Dhoti ( what most south Indians wear ) His hands were now reaching to touch my globes, I didn’t know if it could contribute to global warming, but it was really making me hot. He was touching me from behind cupping my boobs. Don’t ask for the size, it would look very clichéd.

Because my boobs are as good as any man could desire. Having a 34 size boob is wonderful no doubt, but the boobs are a desire of lust and are most responsible for most of the fucks. I will not further talk about my boobs as I feel all boobs are beautiful. I now turned around and touched his meat rod. Immediately I thought I should bite it to pieces and eat it. I said Karthik; since we have almost planned to do this stuff let us do it now, but in my way.

He did not quite understand. I said I want to play love games and I want him to get blind folded. At first he protested saying that he wants to see my milk white body and enjoy it, but I made him accept my way and said that I will expose him myself at the appropriate time. I took a kerchief lying nearby and blind folded him. We then moved on to the bed. I wanted him to come over me in the missionary style.

So I lay flat on my back, lifted my nighty and removed my knickers in a jiffy. I asked him to come over me and I spread my legs. I asked not to touch me anywhere. Since he could not see, I guided him between my legs. He just had to lift his lungi up and masculine terror was there right in front of me. Well I did not feel the need the need to measure its length or width. It was man enough to fill a woman. This penis was as good as Ram’s.

I wonder if all sizes are same, but they both look equally good to me. Karthik’s was a little better looking as he had circumcised and his little dickhead was in full show. There was no unnecessary skin on top and later chewing and sucking it was fun. I could also see a hole on the penis very clearly and it looked real mean and about the fire its stuff on me. I was lying down and I slowly guided his missile into my pussy.

He slept on top of me with his insertion deep inside moving in and out. He wanted to touch and feel my boobs, but I did not allow because I did not want him to feel the heat and pleasure and cum soon. And this sex was after a year or so to him and I really wanted to enjoy his manhood. He was thrusting in forcefully and his tool was touching my pelvic muscles. I had an orgasm lubricating his tool and he came in and out more easily now.

After about 5 minutes he started shouting and moaning. I knew he is going to cum and I contracted my thigh muscles, held his tool hard in my vagina and pulled him more and more towards me and in no time he started firing, shooting loads and loads of cum. The firing looked UN ending and he kept on showering, it looked like he emptied a tank within me. This is exactly the reason for my love games.

I did not want to waste his cum / pre cum and I did not want to suck and waste the semen. I knew this guy is loaded and the stuff is accumulated for over a year and wanted the entire stuff deep inside me. This reminded me of Ram and our earlier days of marriage when Ram too would release a huge amount of his juices in me. This was pure bliss. Karthik got down and slept beside me.

He wanted to remove his blind fold, but I said my games are not yet over and there are more surprises. After about some time, I went on top of him facing his penis and slowly bringing my ass to his face. I asked him to eat me, but at first he refused as it was too slushy, but I had no inhibitions whatsoever and bent over him and took his soft tool to explore from the deep corners of my mouth. As I started sucking his penis, it was gaining momentum.

Karthik was getting restless and he also smelt my ass and vagina close to his face. He could not take the teasing any more. He pulled me back towards his face and started eating my pussy.

We were in position 69 and it was feeling so good. Ram and I do this regularly but to Karthik it was all new as he said that he had never done this with Sunitha, nor had the bitch ever blown him.

So this was all fun to him and started sucking very fast. He was eating his own semen mixed with mine. Both of us were nearing another orgasm and with loud moans both emptied in each other’s mouth. After this we started smelling bad and I said let’s have a wash. I removed his blind fold, but still he could not see me naked because as soon as I got down from him and from the bed, my nighty which was lifted up for action draped down covering me again. Karthik said,

Gayu, I need to see you, But I said, wait the game is not yet over and you have all the time left to see the beauty and the beast within. I used the common wash room and whereas he went into his washroom attached to the bedroom. After cleaning ourselves, we felt tired and hence helped ourselves to pakora and tea. But while sipping tea, his hands would not be in one place. He keeps touching my breasts constantly.

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Pumped By Nurse

I had just started working out of Bangalore, India and my parents used to visit me often but they were inconvenienced by long stays at hotels. Deciding to relocate to a proper house from my PG accommodation, I searched all over town, and finally narrowed down to a single storied house in Shantinagar. It belonged to a nurse and her henpecked husband from Kerala who worked in a public sector company.

Since I was out, on work most of the time and my evenings were spent at the gym, I never got me socialize with the people downstairs, except for the brief monthly rent ceremony. Two months later, on a public holiday I returned earlier than usual and I saw uncle in a multi-colored lungi peacefully watering his pots, and out of politeness I asked him the whereabouts of his wife.

He replied that his first daughter was expecting a baby in the US (she is also a nurse) and have gone there a few months, for babysitting. It was then that I noticed the girl; she was staring at me very intensely from the door, the darkness inside obscuring her features. I grinned at her behind her father and she smiled at me shyly.

She was short, dark skinned about 5’3”feet, dressed in a red housecoat and I realized that she was lean and fit and some light from a room inside, told me that she had a great figure, and all her assets were in the right proportions. Her hair was cut around the shoulders, and she was chewing on her lips, and hanging on to every word exchanged. I caught her admiring my biceps and

I winked at her and she responded by shyly taking cover of the door, covering half her body inside the door and I could only see part of her face as she continued to scan my big and burly body unabashedly with her big and intense eyes and I was pleased to see that she appreciated the results of my hard work, at the gym.

She moved closer to the door for support and the door edge sliced her cleavage delicately into two, stretching the dress around her exposed breast and I was mesmerized by the sharp upward curve of her pointed breast. I felt my throat drying up and could not answer uncle properly and he moved on to water plants further away and I looked at her one last time, to see her slightly parted lips and her pink tongue wetting her lips.

Her gaze was deliberately fixed at my crouch which had a profound bulge, clearly visible distending out of my elastic track suit. Something told me that she was not new to this game and I realized that two can play at this game and suddenly my dreary existence at home had turned the corner.

That weekend my sister joined me for her preparations for CET exams and this girl, Annie became friendly with her and they used to meet often to chat. I learnt from my sister that she worked in a well known heart specialty hospital in Bangalore, and she used to work in shifts and commuted in a kinetic Honda scooter.

After the stairs incident, both of us took pains to see each other and she always used to stare at me from the window on my return from the gym, until I looked up and then she dropped her eye with an enchanting smile, and I always returned her look with a wink. The lust was getting to us but I did not know how to proceed and it was obvious that she expected me to make the first move.

I did not see her for a couple of days, until one evening, when she invited my sister for tea I happened to be there as well and her father called me to join in. During tea when my sister was engrossed in a “ritual” soap opera on TV, I spoke to her, which broke the ice and we ended up talking all nonsense and sweet nothings in whispers. Her father lost interest and excused himself to do some household chores, leaving us to “flirt” in peace.

Then on, whenever she got a chance to speak to me directly, she talked to me with a “double meaning” and a glint in her big eyes, but I was never sure of this until later. The tea became a regular feature whenever she was on her day shift and I was curious and anxious, if she would invite me when my sister left for home in a couple of days. My sister had to go by the 9:30 train and I was surprised to see Annie at the platform to see her off.

She was in a sexy nurse uniform and I found myself drifting off into daydreams of making love to her. Ignoring me, they chatted till the train chugged out and when I told her that I would take an autorikshaw home, she scolded me asking, “Why don’t you sit behind and ride me I was taken aback by her language but not being sure I asked, “What? She replied, “Just hold on to me, if you can I’ll drop you” with a cunning smile and I was sure now that she had meant otherwise!

The very next day after my gym session, sure enough, she was waiting impatiently in her favorite bright red sleeveless housecoat and I deliberately refused to come in for tea, telling her that I was covered in sweat. She coaxed me in telling I was looking tired and finally pulled me in with her soft hands. Once inside she closed the door, cursing Bangalore its mosquitoes. I played along, determined to go the distance whatever the consequence.

She had sent her father out to meet his friends, sure that he would come in much later, drunk. She brought tea and I took it caressing her hands and she smiled naughtily at me, while deliberately wetting her lips with the pink tongue. I told her bluntly that she was very beautiful and she replied, “You are the strongest man, I have ever seen” and we started talking generally on the body.

When I finished the tea, she said,” your muscles are so big and your heart must be very strong”.

I replied, “Well looks like someone has stolen my heart” She giggled and replied, “Can I feel your heart, and it must be very strong to pump, She paused deliberately and said “a lot of iron I could not match her double talk but I said, “Ok, but I hope you will not mind the sweat”

She pouted her dark lips and touched me chest and gently massaged my chest with her finger tips and when I groaned in pleasure, she suddenly pinched me hard. I said, “Ouch” and pulled her hand and she dropped into my arms like a log. I involuntarily sized her by both hands and looked into her eyes, which was filled with lust and urging me on, when I realized that I was holding the side of her breasts.

Her mild perfume and her closeness were too intoxicating for me and I gently closed my fingers on her firm breasts and she gasped in pleasure. I kissed her wet lips and my tongue entered her parted lips easily, and we sucked on each others lips in an urgency that released our pent-up lust for each other. As my tongue made inroads into her soft mouth, my hands roamed all over her body squeezing and massaging her gentle curves and when

I reached her buttocks, she wriggled out of my grasp, her bosom heaving heavily. As I looked in surprise, she took a step back and her eyes dropped to my crouch which had become a large tent, pulling the elastic to its limits. She tried to hold it in her small hands and gasped, “Its monstrous and poking me”, but her lust was very evident and moreover, I was in no mood to quit. I stood up, my 6 feet towering over her and I held her in my arms and bent her over and kissed her hard.

I then lifted her in my arms, one hand deliberately cupping and squeezing her soft breast, while the other arm supporting her buttocks and I sat on the sofa, dropping her arse right on my hard bulge. She gasped and I kissed her face and neck and nibbled on her ears, as my crouch disappeared into her soft thighs and when she pulled her knees up to curl inside my chest, her night dress fell away, exposing her smooth thighs and I slid my hand into her housecoat.

It was exquisite touching her soft and supple thighs and I felt my pre-come dribbling out of my distended member. When I stroked and reached the apex of her milky thighs, she opened her legs slightly and I slid my fingers into the furnace hot inner reaches, and I felt a shiver pass through her, as I cupped her cunt over the panties. The thin material was already soaked and crushed tightly into her cunt lips and I could feel her rough pubic hair.

I slipped my fingers into the side of the panty and squeezed her cunt and gently massaged her clitoris with my fingertips. She moaned and raking her nails into my T-shirt, biting my lips hard with her pearly white and tiny teeth. I felt her hot breath and her saliva dribbled out as she smashed her lips into mine, moaning and whimpering like crazy. Holding my hair tightly with both her hands, she lifted her leg, straddled me

And started rubbing her cunt on my hard cock, with total abandon, losing all her ability to be modest. I easily slipped my elastic tracksuit down to the knees and freed my impatient member, which had reached its full 8 inches, dribbling my sticky pre-come. I then yanked her panty to one side and placed the tip of my cock at her pubic entrance. Holding my penis I tried to gain entry, but with her rocking motion and the wetness, my massive erection could only glide in her moist crack and she gasped and bit my ear as it touched her engorged clitoris.

I held her soft arse and gently guided my cock into her tight and waiting receptacle but I could only lodge my mushroom head, when she stopped. We locked our eyes, before the big decision and her impatient, “umm” and her gentle thrust was all the permission I was looking for. I pushed hard and with the searing pain of my foreskin ripping in her tight cunt, I lodged into her to the hilt.

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Spinning The Bottle

Dear Friends. This is Mann here. I am 28 years old, and living in NYC. I don’t want to describe my self more, because it is just waste of time. Nobody is interested in that. I just want to say that I have had many sex encounters in my life before marriage and after marriage. Now by that you can understand that how I am. Here I am going to share one of the true incidents, which happened to me before my marriage.

Nodoubt there were many incidents happened to me before marriage, but this is one of the best, and I would like to share it with you. I was in college, and at that time I was having a crush on one of group mate. Her name was Ria fair, long wavy hair till back, 5”4 height, slim 36-28-38 figure, and always wearing smart dresses. She was best friend of mine in the whole group, or I can say I was the best friend of her.

She knew it that I am having crush on her, but she never took me seriously as I was flirting with all the beautiful and hot girls around me. I was always fantasizing about her during my masturbation. All three years of college got passed, and still she didn’t take me seriously, and one day she came to inform me that she is getting married, and going to London after the marriage to settle there.

I was shocked by the news, but I didn’t have any chance to get her back, and that all due to my flirt nature only. She got married, and gone to London forever with her hubby. We were still in touch but not as much as before. After all she was a married girl now, and i should not disturb her in her life, so I decided to stay away from her. But still was dreaming about her, and thinking about her. I used to like all those girls who were looking like her or who has something similar of hers.

I was still the same. Though I was missing her like anything, but my flirt nature was not in my control. I was having girl friends after that also. Now the thing came when this all happened, and changed our lives. It’s been three years now after Riya’s marriage, and I was having a girl friend. Her name was Monica. Monica and I were having an affair from quite some time, and we were happy with our sex life as well.

We were trying all the new things to make our sex life more exciting. Once we planned to go somewhere out, out of station or out of country. We planned to go to London in the summer. When I informed to Riya that me and Monica are planning to visit London this summer, she insisted us to live at her house for some days, and don’t know why, but I could not say no to her.

Everything was fixed, and I convinced Monica aswell to live atleast for two-three days at Riya’s house we landed to London airport, where Riya and her hubby Raj were already there waiting for us. After such a long time I have seen Riya, and she was looking so hot and so gorgeous. In few seconds I got lost in to the flashback and missed those moments, which we had spent together. We hugged eachother tightly. Oh god what a hug it was. I have never enjoyed anyone else’s hug as I was enjoying of Riya. I met Raj for the first time.

I thought he was rude at first sight, but then realised that no hubby would like to receive his wife’s close friend after the marriage so that was obvious, but I didn’t care. But I was noticing one thing that he could not take his eyes off to Monica. He was often taking the chance to see Monica, and her low neck top by which her big valley was totally visible.

I and Monica were very free, plus we were in London, so there was need of any restriction or something. First I didn’t like that Raj was lusting on Monica, but after sometimes he was also free with us, and everything was normal now. We reached at her home, it was quite small house compared to ours in India, but was such beautifully maintained two bedrooms flat. Riya asked us to get freshen up, and take rest.

We did the same, and after that had a wonderful dinner made by Riya. Till now Riya was also in her shorts and sleevless t shirt, and her top was also low neck. I could see the starting of her boobs, and realised that her size has got increased after the marriage. She was looking super sexy in that black sleevless top and in danim shorts. I was just admiring her, and suddenly Monica came from back, and hugged me tightly, and gave me a kiss on the chick and then greets

Riya and Raj, we finished our dinner and gone for sleep, as we were tired by the long journey.

Next day morning in London it was such beautiful morning. It was a sunny day. From the morning I was feeling some kind of excitement in my heart. I didn’t know that why I was feeling like that, because I didn’t know that this day will change everything, and my sex life going to take a weird twist. Monica was still sleeping,

I came out of my room, and saw Riya was making tea in the kitchen. She was looking fabulous in the morning. Once I thought to grab her from her back, but then got realised that she is married, and her rude hubby is there in the other room, and still I didn’t know that what’s in Riya’s mind about me? Is she stills the same or change. So I just wished her good morning, and she replied the same with a beautiful smile, and asked me about my sleep.

We were having our tea and then Monica and Raj came into the kitchen. After that we all had our break fast, and planned to go somewhere out to visit London. It was such a wonderful sunny day, and we went to many places of London. It was such beautiful city to explore. At evening we all were tired, so had dinner at the nearest restaurant, and came back home. I and Monica changed got freshen up and changed our cloths in some night wears.

I was wearing my loose grey t-shirt and black short, and Monica in her loose pink top and pajamas. Raj was in her night suit, and Riya was in her loose light blue t-shirt and white shorts.

Mann Do you drink?’ Raj asked me. ‘Yes ofcourse I do, even Monica too.’ I replied by coming out of my room. ‘What do you prefer? Beer or Vodka?’ Raj asked me by showing the bottles. ‘I would like to have cocktail and Monica will have vodka.’

I replied with a smile, and till then Monica and Riya both were out of their rooms, and now we all were in the sitting area. We all sat down on the floor, and Riya chose to have beer, so I gave her a chilled beer. I touched her fingers by giving her the beer, and they were too soft. We all sat in the circle, and were having our drinks. I and Raj were on the opposite sides, Riya was at my right, and Monica was on my left.

I and Raj were having beer first, and then we started to have vodka, till now Riya had completed her first bottle, and I could sense that she was little bit drunk till now by her eyes. Monica had already completed her two pegs of vodka, but still she was better than Riya. I made three pegs of vodka, and then asked to Riya that ‘would you like to have one?’ first she said no, but Raj forced her to have, so then she got agreed for a small one.

So now I made four pegs for all of us, we toss for the great day and great life and then took the first sip. We were chatting on general topics, and Riya was supporting me on those topics. But Monica was silent, she was not interfering in it, she was just spinning one of my empty beer bottle and was thinking something.Mann I am feeling bored finally Monica told me. What happened to you love?

What do you want then?” I replied by taking her into my arms, and gave her a small kiss on her rosey lips. By seeing this Riya gave me a smile and Raj was just looking at Monica with his lustful eyes only. ‘Let’s play something. Monica suggested. ”Play? Here? What kind of play” I asked her again hmmmm Let’s play spinning the bottle, and truth and dare.” I was just thinking about her words and suddenly Raj said ”Nice idea, Lets play.’

And we all got agreed to it. Before that I made one more peg for all of us. Till now Riya and Monica were drunk, and Raj was near to. I was still in concious. ”Okay love, as you have suggested the game, you spin the bottle first.” I asked to Monica, and she spin the bottle, and it came to me directly. It was my turn, and I had selected truth. As Monica had spun the bottle so she asked me that ”Were you virgin before meeting to her?’

The first question, and that also on the topic of sex, that was too much for me, but as it was a game so I answered her correctly, and then spin the bottle, and bottle gone to Raj. He also selected the truth. So I asked him that had he girl friend before marriage? And he said ‘yes’ to that, and that was a shock for Riya, but she didn’t speak anything, and then bottle gone to Monica, and she also selected the truth, so Raj asked her that ” Are you satisfied with Mann?’

In what sense he asked that still we don’t know but Monica answered that ‘Yes, I am more than satisfied.’ and then it was turn of Riya. But surprisingly she chose to dare, and Monica had to give her the dare so she asked her to kiss Raj infront of us, as Riya was a shy girl, so it was a big thing for her. Nodoubt I didn’t like that but it was okay as it was a game and as he was her hubby.

First Riya said no, but on the force of Monica she gave a small kiss on Raj’s chicks. but we opposed it, that kiss should be on the lips only, so she gave a small kiss on his lips, It was just a touch of two lips, so again monica has opposed it, and then finally she gave a kiss. It was not long, but it was a kiss. We all clapped on her dare, and then made one more peg on her kiss. Till now we had completed five bottles of beer and one bottle of vodka.

Alcohol has started to show its effect, but still I was quite concious. After that Riya had spin the bottle and it was Monica’s turn, and Riya asked her to kiss me. Monica was always ready to kiss me, and we kissed eachother. She was always passionate about kissing, by looking Raj’s jaw was fallen down, and Riya was looking at us with some kind of temptation. Raj’s eyes were wide open, and I could see the tent in his pants by our kiss.

Then it was Raj’s turn, and Riya asked him to remove his shirt, and as Raj just wanted to do it. He removed his shirt instantly. Then he spins the bottle, and Riya’s turn. We all were thinking that what to give to Riya, as now nobody was taking truth and everybody was going for dare only. Kiss Mann and suddenly Raj told to Riya. We all got shocked by his words; I thought that now I am totally drunk as I could hear my own fantasy,

But I was not drunk and Raj really said that, and by hearing that Monica was jumping high and encouraging Riya to do it. I and Riya were still in shock. Nodoubt I was the most excited in all, but shocked as well. Riya was hesitating alot, but Raj asked him to do it as this is the game, and she has to follow the rules. This was totally unexpected for both of us, but then also Riya came closer to me. ”Don’t give a kiss on his chicks; It should be a proper kiss.’

Raj said again, and Monica was supporting her. I could hear Riya’s heart beats, and she could her mine. Our hearts were running like a fast train. She closed her eyes, and came close to me. I could smell her. It was so beautiful smell of hers. She came more close to me, and our lips touched. But by just that touch she opened her eyes, and got back at her place. Now Raj was annoyed.

He asked her to play the game properly. I think Raj was more interested than me. Riya obeyed him, and again came close to me. I think now alcohol was speaking from Raj’s mouth. Raj and Monica was starring at us, and Riya kissed me. Oh my, I was waiting for this kiss since a long time. It was my dream, and still I was thinking that I was dreaming the same thing, but I was not.

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