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Juicy Shalini Aunty

A new story how I got Shalini aunty! Upon hearing the creak of the door as it opened, I heard my mom yell, “Ashu! Ashu! How come it took you so long to get back home? Mom! You know how it’s like in this city. You should be glad that I made it home in such short time. My mom was the type of person that was never satisfied. She was always in a rush, doing this and that around the house and she was always of the thought that everyone should be the same.

I am pretty sure she meant to use her time efficiently but I don’t really think she realized that at the end of the day, it didn’t matter. Whatever she wanted done was going to get done regardless of whether it was going to get done a bit earlier or later. But that was the type of woman she was.

Overall she was a sweet woman and I loved her. Wipe that smile off your face,” she said while she passed by me with a basket full of dirty clothes, gesturing as if she was going to slap me.

That was her way of showing love. “Get ready, you have to go over to your Auntie Shalini’s house. She asked you to come and help her out. Ah yes, Auntie Shalini. We were fortunate enough to have some family living by us in the same neighborhood. They were all a motorbike ride away. Aunt Shalini was by far my favorite aunt. She was relatively young; about 30 to 35 I would say and had the sweetest personality.

She was a very soft person by heart and one was able to notice that in her demeanor. She was also very appealing to the eyes. Her golden brown skin, long luscious black hair, her sweet subtle smile, her height of 5’9, among other things made her sexy in my eyes. Her husband had just recently gotten a job with a huge multinational firm in which he was required to travel a great deal.

Auntie Shalini often asked my mom if I was able to come over and assist her with duties around the house, especially after she had a newborn baby 2 months ago. I was always happy to go because after all, what is family for? Her being attractive, in my eyes was just the cherry on top. I quickly took a shower, ate the lunch my mom had prepared for me and hopped on my bike to her place. Aunt Shalini’s house was pretty much the same as ours.

It wasn’t the greatest house in the world but it wasn’t the best either. It was a modest house. I am quite sure that once Uncle was well established in his new company that they would move eventually, but they had no plans as of yet. I pulled up to her house and parked my bike near the door. I rang the bell. Actually, I wasn’t really a bell. It was more like an annoying buzzer that made your bones cringe upon hearing it

A few seconds later, the door opened and I was greeted by Auntie Shalini who happened to be holding a basket of clothes, just like my mom was when I got home. I smiled and said, “you women and laundry. The world could be ending right before your eyes and you would still be worried about the dirty clothes.

Auntie Shalini crossed her eyebrows, pointed her index finger back and forth to me and said “we wouldn’t have to worry about the clothes if the men in this world did they’re part and didn’t make us do all the work! That’s why I am here today, to make sure you won’t have to worry about clothes when the world ends! Lo, since when did you become such a comedian!

Aunt Shalini looked especially radiant today. Her long hair was tied in a ponytail while some of her bangs came undone and hugged her forehead. She looked very cute like that. She was wearing a rose-red coloured sari but without the dupatta. At this point, I should explain to you what sort of sari this was, because there are a few styles. There are those saris that are pretty much a one piece; a long piece of cloth that covers the entire body.

But there are other saris that are two pieces. Auntie was wearing the two-piece. A two-piece sari looks something like this: The top is a half sleeve, typically with a wide and/or low neckline that went down to just about where the breast ended and the stomach started. Basically, the midriff was left bare. The bottom piece consisted with a body-hugging trouser covered by a long piece of cloth or just the cloth itself wrapped around the waist and legs.

Some women also wear a two-piece but use a really long piece of cloth to cover their entire body. Auntie Shalini was wearing the two-piece without the cloth on top, just around her legs and waist. It’s a south Indian type sari. How are you Ashu? She asked as she caressed my cheeks with her soft hand. I am fine auntie, how are you?”

Oh my, you know how hard is been ever since Rohan has left. It’s hard to be alone while having to take care of the baby and cook, clean and the rest. How long has he gone for and when is he coming back?” I asked. He has been gone for a month now. He is expected to stay another month.” She sighed and continued on. “We will see what will happen then. But thank God I have help like you around!

Upon that compliment, out of the blue she reached over and gave me a tight hug. So tight in fact that I could feel her milk filled breasts press liberally against my chest, even feeling her nipples through her bra. Her hair smelled especially nice, giving off the smell of roses in a garden. Come,” said Auntie Shalini, “help me knee some of this dough for tonight. You’re mom asked me to prepare some for her as well tonight.”

Auntie Shalini’s house is quite different from that of a regular western style house. The rooms are located on either side of the building, with a huge open area with no roof in the middle. Off to the sides are the washroom, kitchen and a few other smaller rooms for storage. Our house has the same type of layout with the exception of a few differences. Its quite nice because it is usually hot in Bombay so most of the work can be done outside in the open area.

Auntie Shalini and I chose to sit in the open area out in the sun, since it was a nice Ashu day. We sat across from each other on these Indian style stools that were made out of strong, multicoloured wicker that were inches off of the ground. They made work like kneeing dough and scrubbing clothes a lot easier since one didn’t have to swat down on the ground. Pouring in the flour and water into our respective containers, we began kneeing the dough.

I prepared my dough, which my mom had asked for and she did hers. At first we didn’t say much because both of us were focused on mixing the ingredients carefully. With the type of dough we were using and the way we cook the dough, one mistake and it’s all ruined. But once we were done that, we began to talk and tell jokes. It was quite distracting though I must say. With the outfit that Aunt Shalini had on, particularly with the low neckline,

I could not help but peak at her ample breasts swaying swelling, jiggling and manoeuvrings up against each other while she kneed the dough. I could also see parts of her black bra make an appearance outside of her sari. I must admit, I did develop somewhat of an erection but I tried to control it and focus at the task at hand. It was odd at the same time though because I would catch her giving me this smile while she stared deep into my eyes.

I think she was aware of the show she was providing for me. It wasn’t until then that I realize how beautiful her breasts really were. As we carried on with the task, our conversation shifted to her baby. And right on cue, her baby woke up and started to cry. Aye Hai, I knew this was going to happen. He didn’t drink enough milk the last time I fed him. You finish your atta, I’ll be in the room feeding him.

Come in when you are done, ok?” Aunt Shalini quickly washed her hands and ran into the room. I made the final preparations for my mom’s dough, wrapped it so that the moisture would not escape and put it in the fridge. I then made my way to the baby’s room. It wasn’t actually the baby’s room. It was the master bedroom where Auntie slept. Because the room wasn’t big enough, they had to put the crib in a smaller room that was attached to the master bedroom.

Typically that was were all the guests would sit and when they came to visit but since they needed the baby near by the bedroom, they converted one of the other rooms into the guest room and converted the old guest room into a baby nursery. In my opinion, the current set up that they have now is far better than that of the old. I walked into the master bedroom to find Auntie Shalini sitting on a chair breast feeding the baby.

Her left breast was exposed which the baby was feeding off of. She smiled as I walked in. I was a bit taken aback because I am not used to situations like this but since Auntie didn’t express any protest, I assumed it was appropriate to be in the same room as my breast-feeding aunt. As hard as it was, I tried not looking at her while she fed the baby. It was especially hard since the dim light in the room gave expressed a golden brown glow to her beautiful complexion.

This combined with the subtle glisten of the sweat on her skin made her something that you could not look away from. To distract my mind away from her obvious beauty, I continued on with the conversation I was about to have earlier about the baby. Soon after we had started talking, she finished feeding the baby and moved the baby away from her breast. It was then that I had a clear view of her breast along with her nipple.

Her breast was bigger than what I had thought it was. It was a perfect round shape and her golden brown skin topped off with her pinkish-brown nipples made it quite the sight to view. I almost instantly got an erection from looking at her. No sooner had I caught a peak at her, had she slipped her bra and sari down over her bust. Auntie sat up straight, almost in a fully upright position, lifted the baby up onto her shoulder

And began rocking back and forth, patting the baby’s back ever so lightly so as to encourage the baby to burp and help him fall asleep. I had never seen Auntie’s demeanour so soft in my entire life. And this only encouraged my erection. Within a few minutes the baby let out a loud burp and Auntie giggled like a little girl. It was one of the cutest things I had seen.

What are you laughing about? I asked. I find it so cute when he burps like that, I can’t help but laugh. I think he’s finally asleep now.” She smiled at me and said, “Would you mind laying him down in his crib?” I hesitated a bit in an attempt to calm my erection. “Oh come on Ashu, its not like you haven’t done this before.” After a few seconds when I got control of my penis, I got up and took the baby to the crib.

I came back to sit down and Aunt Shalini asked me to do the oddest thing. Ashu, do you mind helping me clean my milk? My breast squirted some on my stomach by accident.” Feeling a bit uncomfortable, I went to go reach for a towel. No, no. Not with a towel with your tongue. I paused a minute and looked at her. She posed the most sinister smile. “What? I responded.

Come lick the milk off my stomach,” she said in a soft, yet seductive manner. Auntie are you sure? Shhhh, not a word. Come lick my stomach.” She pointed down to the few drops of milk that were on her golden brown tummy, just above her belly button. At this point, I didn’t know what to do. I was so confused. Here is my Aunt asking me to lick her own breast milk off her stomach.

I had redeveloped my erection, although I was uncertain about the entire situation. Thinking that I should do what my aunt told me to, I slowly bent down in front of her onto my knees, put both my hands on her thighs and licked the milk off her. She let out a slight gasp of pleasure as her stomach muscles contracted. I could smell an ever so slight scent coming from her, a mixture of a perfume and her own natural scent.

How did you like it? Did it taste good? She asked with the same seductive, sinister smile. It tasted sweeter than I had expected.” I said nervously. That felt really nice. Lick me again.” My dick was getting pretty hard. Although in the back of my mind I knew it was wrong, there was something inside of me that just could not resist. This time, I gripped her sides, just above her love handles and sucked and licked her stomach.

Her hands instantly grabbed the back and side of my head. Ohhh, Ashu, As her gasps began to get deeper, the more intensely I began to suck. Her hands began to pull the hair on my head ever so slightly, giving me a more pleasurable experience. Soon after, her hands began to push my head down slowly towards her pussy. I didn’t go down there right away, rather I licked the bottom half of her stomach and slowly made my way down, still leaving her sari on.

As I began licking and sucking her pussy through her sari, I noticed a distinct scent come out of her. I was old enough to know that it was the smell of her sex. I continued rubbing her sides and teasing the bottom half of her sari with my fingers, running them in and around her waist area. Her breasts heaved up and down as she gasped in and out, letting out a slight moan of pleasure every now and then.

It was soon apparent that she wanted direct contact between her pussy and my tongue. Aunt Shalini took her hands off my head and slipped off her sari exposing her pussy. I had never seen anything like it. It was completely shaved and perfectly shaped. She looked at me and smiled.
Do you like what you see? Taste it like you tasted my milk.”

Upon Shalini sitting back down in her chair, I spread her legs open and began to lick her fruit. I could not help but become intoxicated with her smell. It was unlike anything I had ever smelt in my entire life. My heart began beating so fast that it felt like it was going to come out of my chest. I didn’t know exactly what I was doing but from what I had learned in biology class, I knew where to direct my tongue. And judging from her moans, I think I was doing an adequate job.

At this point, my cock had become so hard and so big that it was beginning to hurt inside my tight fitting pants. Wait, wait. Let me take these off, its beginning to cause pain,” I told her. Catching her breath, she remarked, “Have I had such an effect on you? I gave her a lustful smile and dug into her pussy. This time my tongue worked her feverishly. So much so that her legs began to squeeze around my head in an attempt to control the pleasure.

With each gasp of breath, I could feel her ample breasts bounce under her sari top, just over my head. I was so turned on that my penis began to drip pre cum. I could feel the coolness of the pre-cum on the head of my penis as well as the sides of my legs when it slapped my thighs. Her body quickly began to sweat. This was not only due to the activity we were currently engaged in but also because of the hot Bombay sun.

Her perspiration was to the extent that when I looked up at her while sucking her off, I could see the swells of her breasts glisten and see beads of sweat begin to develop and drip onto her sari top. Not long after, I pushed away from her pussy, stood up and looked at my aunt. Her whole body was glistening with sweat. Her hair was clearly wet from the perspiration. The contrast between her glistening golden brown sweaty body and her red sari top was fantastic.

My dick moved up and down just looking at her wet breasts sticking straight out and her back straight up against the back of the chair. Kiss me,” Said Shalini as she directed me towards her. I took off my shirt and straddled up onto her legs, facing her. I moved the wet hair away from her eyes and planted the most impassioned kiss I had ever given anyone. Her tongue quickly entered my mouth and began exploring.

A wave of lust came over both of us as we moaned during the kiss. I than broke the kiss off and moved down towards her breasts. I first kissed her neck and slowly made my way down to her chest. I looked down to her beasts to see her tits were swollen due to how close my body was to hers. My body had been pressing up against her breasts causing them to life up and swell over the neckline of her top.

I dug my head right into her swelled breasts, massaging and squeezing them with my hands. Her head jerked back as she moaned and gasped for breath. She exacerbated the size of her breasts by squeezing them with her arms. Her stomach teased my throbbing penis. Every time my dick would touch her hot perspiring tummy, it would jerk up, causing me to feel pleasure I had never felt before.

Having my body so close to hers, it didn’t take long for me to start sweating. I was impatient to see her tits. I quickly undid the front of her Sari top revealing her black bra. Shalini leaned forward, reached back and undid the bra and sipped it off. Her milk filled tits were in perfect view. Her nipples were erect. The amazing thing was that her breasts did not sag. Rather, they were almost perky.

I am sure that had she not been nursing, they would be perfectly in place on her body. I began licking and sucking her breasts while she stocked my hard dick back and forth slowly. I noticed that her nipples were very sensitive. Every time I licked them, she would moan. Milk would squirt out of either nipple every now and then but I did not care and neither did she. In fact, every time milk squirted into my chest, she would lick it off. Her breast barely fit into the palm of my hands.

We began to kiss each other feverishly. It was as if a wave of lustful passion had enveloped the both of us. Slowly, my right hand began to make its way down to her pussy while the left hand continued to work her tit. Her pelvis began moving back and forth as my hand worked her wet pussy as my thighs moved frictionless over hers, due to the sweat we were both releasing. Shalini’s gasps of pleasure increasingly started to become moans as I kissed her.

Her breathing increased in frequency as had mine. After sometime of rubbing her pussy, I finally inserted my two fingers into her. She let out a loud moan. My left hand moved from her breast to the back of her head, pulling her ever so slightly and then back again. Her right hand began stroking my cock faster and faster while her left hand found its way to my naked ass, digging her fingernails into my flesh as the pleasure increased.

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First Touch And First Kiss

Sridhar’s (Sri’s) Narration:
It’s a cold winter night and I was alone at home. I’ve been thinking about the lady with whom I chatted on internet this evening. It’s making me really hot. If my guess is right, she is not satisfied with her sexual life and needs more fun. That’s been my observation. Well, I might have to continue chatting with her for some more time before I confirm my opinion.

My mind has already started yearning for her! I’ve been living in Bangalore and seen several married ladies in malls and other crowded places. Lot of them doesn’t have charm in their face. Their faces look life less and their eyes show their desires. They don’t look to be having a happy married life. I’m sure most of the women who are in their 30s and are married for more than 5 years would have had a husband who is not interested in sex anymore.

They would be in the right age for having a lot of sex and body needs it at that age, but by then their husbands would be closer to 40s and would show no interest in sex. Who knows if she is not one of them? Her name is Bhavana. She told, she is 32/f/Bangalore n married for last 6 years. I’m hoping that she would be in that category. The way she spoke, she looks decent but deep inside she seems to have urge for more than marital relationship.

I’m waiting for tomorrow 6 PM to come fast so that I can catch her online again. I need to tell a bit about me. I’m a different kind of a person. I never had woman on bed because I have wanted a woman who can whole heatedly submit herself to me. I’m not those who would be drooling looking at beautiful women. I always admired beautiful women but never thought of having them on my bed everytime I see them.

I really want to treat beauty with a sense of respect and all I want to do to a beautiful woman is to please her. Please her in whatever way she can feels respected. Please her in way she gets utmost satisfaction of having sensual pleasure. Please her such that her soul feels happy and when a woman’s soul is happy that’s when she looks the most beautiful!

Next day:
The time has come – This has been the moment I’ve been waiting for! I logged on to chat at 5:30 PM itself. I was waiting for her to come online. She was online at 6:15 PM. She promptly apologized for being late by 15min. I just pretended as if I also logged in 6:10 PM only. Well, I know I can wait for even longer, but just didn’t want to show it up right away. She is a married woman, she may not take it in the sense and so I kept my composure.

After some casual chat, she started telling about herself. She apparently was working before marriage in some IT company, but after marriage she stopped working. She said she was very happy when she was working because she was working as a client relationship officer and was meeting so many people each day. We talked about a lot of topics – movies, cricket, sports, philosophy, and spirituality. I was amazed with her knowledge on different topics.

She seems to have strong opinions on all subjects and seem to strong women. She knows what she wants in life and has rational thinking towards life. It was already 9 PM. I was itching to bring love and relationships into our discussions but feeling a bit hesitant. I kept on voicing my opinion about lot of subjects and she started liking most of opinions. She told she never come across a person who has such clarity in thought and appreciated my opinions.

I felt a bit proud, but at the same time I know that I’ve been very honest in whatever I told her.

Well, I don’t know whether she read my mind or something like that. She asked me about my love life and relationships. I said I never had a girl friend or any such relationship. She was amazed to see a sensible and intelligent person like me not having a relationship so far. I said what I look for in a woman and how much respect I have for woman.

She told any lady would be lucky to have me as her partner. I felt good about it. I hesitantly asked about her relationship. She said she never shared her personal things with anyone on internet but after chatting with me for such a long time she felt like sharing her feeling with me. I was happy inside. She started telling her story. She was having a boy friend in college but he died in an accident.

Later she took like 3-4 years to come out of it and because her parents insisted she got married. She says she has no complaints about her current relationship, but, she stopped there. I wanted to know whether my initial assessment was correct. I was dieing to know, but at the same time kept my composure so that I give her time to open up. She slowly started telling me that she doesn’t have a passionate relationship with her husband.

He is a disciplined guy, and wants to have things in order and is more interested in growing his business and earning lot of money. He doesn’t seem to be spending enough time with her. That’s why she said she is spending lot of time on internet and searching for a true friend with whom she can share her feelings. It was already 11 PM and we said good night to each other and thought of catching up again next day 6 PM.

This continued for about a week. More and more she was getting attracted towards me. We at times had some intimate talks. We talking about porn movies and surprisingly she was a bold woman and has a lot of sexual drive. I was dying to see her picture. I share my picture and she said I looked good. She said she likes men to be dark and muscular and that’s exactly how I look – dark, muscular like a typical south Indian guy who is in good shape.

Later she shared her picture. I was stunned! She looks absolutely marvelous. She was 5’4?, not so slim and not so plump. Right amount of flesh and by the looks I can make she had a soft curvaceous body. I told her, I’m flattered. She was indeed the beauty that I can do anything for! She has the beauty that I want to please. I started admiring her beauty and decided that I can do anything for her. A few days continued on chat by which we became very good friends.

She started admiring lot of qualities in me and she said she was always attracted towards intelligent and sensible men and I was dying for her. I developed a lot of love, respect and desire for her. However I was waiting for the right opportunity to express my love and desire for her. For that matter, it didn’t matter to me whether I tell her or not. Irrespective, I knew that my feeling for her doesn’t change.

I was sure that she also liked me and developed a kind of intimacy with me. She at times shared very close things and said she feels comfortable in sharing anything with me. She in fact started all things through messenger emoticons. She started sending kisses, hugs etc. I still maintained my composure so that I don’t loose her for any of silly matters. By now I know that she has a lot of respect for me and also developed some desire for me.

One fine day, I got the opportunity that I was looking for. She was so upset with her husband and shared the real fact with me. She indeed was not happy with sex life they had and on that particular day she was so upset because he left from intercourse in the middle for urgent business matter. I said, I can understand how it would if someone leaves it in the middle. Then she said,”How do you know?

You don’t even have a girl friend? I was a bit caught, but then covered it up saying one doesn’t have to experience it to imagine the situation. I started continuing on that topic and asked her what she liked in sex and what she was looking for.

Me: Well Bhavu (I started calling her like that and she said she liked to be called that way) then what are you looking for in sex?

She: Everything, everything that a man can give to a woman
Me: I’m not clear, can you be specific?
(By now we developed such a good rapport, I know she won’t mind in talking such matters)
She: Well, for example, if I’m in a mood to be teated like a princess, then I wants him to teat me like a princess

Me: Well, I never met a princess ;) , howz a princess treated?
She: Here you go, you are chatting with a princess right now
Me: Well, then princess, tell me what princess like to have from this servant today?
She: Well, today my hands are paining
Me: Okay princess I will press your hands for you to get some relaxation

She: You have to press hard but at the same time are gentle – don’t show power of your muscles :
Me: Okay princess I’m pressing
She: Hmm. that feels so good you are good at it dear
Me: What else this servant can do for you princess?
She: Well, my legs are also paining.

Me: I’ll be at it princess (Now, I’m pressing your legs
She: That feels so goo dear continue, a little harder!
Me: Shall I press your thighs also princess?
She: Oh yeah
Me: (Pressing)

She: Hey hold on don’t come up, stay there.
Me: What? (In fact, I was surprised that she got such a thought)
She: U silly, I asked u to stop there why are you still coming up?
Me: What? I didn’t understand (I was a bit confused)
She: As if you have not seen any woman’s private part in your life why are you coming up close to my treasure?

Now I realized that she is playing with me. I wanted to continue this
Me: Well princess I never saw a woman’s private part
She: I don’t believe it.
Me: No princess! (Hey Bhavu, in fact that is true)
She: Hey Sri, let’s stop this princess servant game tell me seriously, you have not seen a private part at all? I can’t believe!

Me: Why not, I never had a woman in my life, and so I never seen any one’s parts live!
She: What do you mean by “live”?
Me: well, not in real world, but I’ve seen many in movies ;)
She: Do you like porn movies?
Me: Oh! I love them
She: me too

I was taken by for a surprise now couldn’t imagine such a beautiful lady is also keen on watching porn movies.
Me: What’s the need, you are married and why do you still need to watch porn movies?
She: Why not, they are really good I get a lot of fantasies fulfilled through them
Me: wow! That’s interesting. So, why can’t you fulfill them with your husband?

She: You don’t understand, leave it.
Me: Why not? I can understand.
She: You can, but my husband can’t. He doesn’t have that much time.
Me: Well, then you can satisfy them with me!
She: She was silent for a minute that’s when I realized I spoke something wrong!
Me: Hey, sorry! I was just casually asking sorry if that hurt you!
She: Not at all dear! In fact, I’m seriously giving it a thought!
Me: What?
She: Well you said u’ve never seen a woman’s private parts right? I was thinking, probably I should give you the chance to see it!
I couldn’t believe she just said that!

Me: If I see the treasure! It would be greatest day of my life!
She: What would you do with it?
Me: Well I’ll kiss you on your lips
She: When I’m taking about showing my treasure, you are talking about kissing on lips?
Me: Well, I meant vertical lips!

She gave some gap, I guess she took some time to realize what I was talking about
She: Hmm, that’s a nice one! I’m feeling like having it now
Me: Well, you don’t get it that easily you got to wait for it. We both we very hot by now, I know she must have been really wet by now!
She: Wait for what?

Me: Wait for your juices to come out of your beautiful pussy! (Like you have them right now)
She: What? How do you know I’m already wet?
Me: I can imagine dear, I don’t how I’m resisting, but I really feel like coming to your place right now and get my treasure!

She: What will you do if you come to my place now?
Me: Well, the first thing that I wanted to do to any woman was to to touch her vertical lips and sip the honey drops from it. First touch! Right there!! I’ll do the same with you!
She: Che Che, that’s too much. I can’t imagine how much strong sexual drive you have! You seem to have more than me!

Me: That’s what I’m! That’s just a starter only lot of items on the main course
She: Sri, I really need you. I wish you were in my bed now.
Me: Bhavu, do you really want to meet me?
She: Yes, of course dear! I’m waiting for you.
That day we decide to meet each other. It was the moment that I was looking for! It is the moment that I dreamt of through out my life!

And that too, this opportunity with such a beautiful woman – what more can I ask for?
Bhavana’s Narration: (Author: I’m trying to give different perspectives to the story. The story would be narrated by both the characters. From here on the story would be narrated by Bhavana’s character) I can’t imagine what I chatted with Sri on that day. I was really going wild during that chat.

I was really frustrated with the behavior of my husband that day, and after that such a chat with Sri I felt really good. I know he is a sensible person, but did I stretch it too far? I’ve been thinking about it since last two days. I’m really going crazy. I think this is the kind of opportunity that I can get once in a life time.

I don’t think I can get a person like Sri never ever in my life. I’m in fact dying to meet him. Somehow, the culture I was brought up is holding a bit – but only a bit because none of these culture or social customs matter to me as much as leading a happy life. I’m quite a rational person. I don’t think what I’m doing is quite wrong.

I keep fantasizing about the black men in those porn movies when having sex with my husband. I’m in fact doing metal prostitution with my husband. Instead, if I have a relationship with Sri I could satisfy my desires and I can be honest with my husband when I’m with him on bed. I thought having relationship with Sri would be much better than the current state of mind that I am in.

After thinking for last two days, I left a message to Sri that we can meet on this Sunday. In fact my husband is going abroad for a couple of weeks on some business purpose.
Sunday: The day has come. I’ve been waiting for this occasion for last two days. It felt as if I was waiting for last two years. I woke up this morning and nicely shaved my private parts.

During our discussions some time back Sri once mentioned that he likes women who can keep themselves clean and fit. I indeed keep myself clean and today I wanted it to be even more special. Yesterday I went to beauty parlor and had full body waxing done. I know Sri like the soft nature of my body and with waxing it’s even smoother. He said he will come in the evening.

It’s evening, I called up on his mobile and he said he will be in my house in half an hour! I can’t wait for this half an hour. I tried to be normal but heart started beating heavily. I know I’m a bold woman but this is the first time I’m meeting someone other than my husband. I kept on thinking, how will he proceed? Does he hold me, hug me and kiss me? Or does he directly ask for kissing my vertical lips like he said in the chat?

Oh, that thought it is making me hot. In fact my pussy is completely wet! I’ve been thinking about him since morning. In the afternoon I cleaned it up once but still since I’ve been thinking about him for last 2-3 hours it’s completely wet again. Should I clean it up again? I don’t know… Again, he is a sensible person, he would have told to kiss there while on chat, but in reality he may not do that? How can he directly go there?

Lot of thoughts, I can’t stop thinking about it. Oh! What’s happening to me? I looked at the clock. It’s only 10 minutes gone. Still 20 more minutes, I guess I’ll go mad with all these thoughts if I just sit and keep thinking about him. So I got and started walking in the house. I went into bed room. This afternoon only I changed sheets and decorated the room with my favorite things. I switched on AC thinking that we may directly go to bed room.

Or am I looking forward to getting into bedroom as soon as he comes? It looks like I lost control on my senses. All I can think is to get into his arms and immediately on to bed. Oh! What has he done to me? I’ve become so shameless! I wanted to make the bedroom more special. I remembered that there was a perfume that my husband brought from France. It is suppose to intensify sexual desires in both men and women.

With my husband I never used it. Such an occasion never came. I hope at least now it will be useful. I sprayed the perfume in the bedroom. It’s really nice. If I started feeling my desires in my wet pussy! Not sure if it’s because of the perfume or it’s because I’m getting close to seeing him. I again came back to living room, looked at the clock. Still 7 more minutes! I was cursing Sri for making it so late. I just can’t bare this silence and separation any more! I want him! I want to fuck him! I want him to fuck me hard! I’m craving for it.

(Author: From here onwards the story is going to use more erotic words. Those who doesn’t like them, hope you can understand the context and bear with the language)

I’ve seen lot of porn movies. My favorite is interracial sex movies in which black guys please white girls. Really those big cocks! Wow! I can’t imagine how it would be to feel such cocks in my hand, mouth, cunt and ass! feels like I want such cock in all my holes. Sri also is a dark person. I hope his cock is also similar to those of black men in the movies. Normally Indians may not have such a large cocks but still size doesn’t matter to me.

The color and texture of that masculine part is what so impressive to me. I looked at the clock again. Still 3 more minutes. I really started cursing Sri for not being on time. I know he still has 3 mores minutes to be on time, but I couldn’t bare the distance. Some sound out side! Looks like a car is being parked! I really got stiff. My hands were holding tight. I can clearly hear my heart beat! I’m going to meet my beloved Sri – my love, my desire, my fantasy, my master!

I really want to be submissive to him. I want him so much! Tring Tring door bell rang! I got up from couch and started moving towards door. I can feel the tension in the air. I can hear my hear beat clearly. I opened the door. There was the man with flowers in his hands. Sri! My love! I thought to my self. I kept on starting at him. He was in jeans and tight t-shirt. Hello, He said waving his hand on my face! I still kept on staring at him!

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A Cute Night

Hi, I am 22 years old and I will narrate you my experience with two sexy sisters. It is really a true story, and it happened with me around two months’ back. I am living in Mumbai and not too far from house lived two girls Anu and Rashmi. Let me describe you Anu a little. She is 5? 7? very fair and sexy, cute and decent with long black hairs till her waist and she is really very beautiful.

Actually, I was thinking of proposing Anu, who is 20 years old and very beautiful. One day I got my guts and proposed her and happily to my excitement she accepted my offer and became my girl friend.

Then we went to movies and all that for a couple of times and I really loved her and she was also in love with me. Now one day she told me that her parents are going to attend a marriage in Surat and she and her sister (studying in college) will be alone for the next two days.

So, she said that I should come to her home in the morning as her sister will go to college and she will be left alone. So, the very next morning I reached at her home around 10 ‘O clock. She was pleased to see me there then we talked about different things for about half an hour. She asked me if I would like to have breakfast. I said ok but it should be as good as you. Then we have our breakfast.

She told that she had not bathed till now and she would like to bath and she spoke “Could you please sit for a while, I had to take bath” and she switched on TV. I started Star-movies and was some romantic movie coming on it, with plenty of kissing scenes and I got aroused a little bit. In the meanwhile Anu came out of the bathroom wrapped in a red color towel. Oh! She was looking damn sexy with droplets of water on her face and hair.

I was going out of control but I kept my cool and decided to do it easily. I told her that she is looking very beautiful and sexy. She blushed at my comment and I asked her to sit down for a moment and said “Tum Kaparhe baad mein badal lena”. She sat on the sofa besides me and started watching movie with me. Just after 2-3 minutes a kissing scene came in the movie,

I looked at her and found that she was too looking at me. So I asked her (although, I am not very courageous in using these type of terms) “kya mein tumko ek kiss karoon” she replied “nahin yeh theek nahin hoga”. Then I asked her “Arey isme darne ki kya baat hai, mein to sirf ek kiss karoonga and we are already having a affair” and I came near her took her face in my hands and started kissing her red lips which were just like rose-petals.

I kissed her for about a minute and in the meanwhile, I had loosened her towel but it was not taken off (i.e. it was on her body but slightly loosened). Then I asked her what’s the matter why you didn’t replied me in kissing “Kya mein tumahe achha nahin lagata” she said “nahin nahin yeh baat nahin hai”. I said okay then you kiss me too as passionately as I had kissed you, and I got up from the sofa.

She too got up and started kissing me, that’s what I have wanted I wanted her to get up from the sofa so that towel can come off easily and while she was kissing me I loosened the towel more and she couldn’t even feel it. Now as soon as she left me, the towel, which was on her body due to our hugging came off and she said “Oh! Yeah kya ho gaya” and she tried to pick up the towel from the floor but I stopped her and took her hand in my hand and said Tum aise bhi bahout achhi lag rahi ho”.

Her tits were great in size (34C) and good in shape just like two big apples. She was shying as she was standing nude in front of me, then I got closed to her and started kissing her again. Now she was loosing control over herself but she told me “nahin nahin ye theek nahin hai please kuch mat karo but then I finally get her consent by saying that we both are lovers and we had a right to make love.

Then I started pressing her tits and said “Tumhare mommay bahaut khubsurat hain”. She said “Chalo bedroom mein chalte hain”. I picked her in my arms and went to the bedroom and put her on the bed and I switched on the lights (although there was some natural light). She asked me the reason, so I told her “main tumahri body ko achhe se dekhna chahta hoon” and I started picnhing her boobs and nipples which get hardened in no time.

Then I hugged her and started kissing her neck while, my one hand was busy exploring her sweet pussy and the other one playing with his butts. Her boobs were just great pearly, white, soft and silky mounds I was sucking them, pinching them and biting them. She screamed “Ah! Ah! Oh! Dheere Dheere karo Itna mat dabaao main mar jaoongi, please aaraam se karo”. Then I asked her if I can fuck her, she replied negatively, and the reason she gave was, that she may got pregnant.

After all I loved her, so I asked her to wait and went out of her home (any guesses why?). If you had answered condom, full marks to you. I went to the chemist shop and buyed a packet of condoms and returned to her home. She was just eagerly waiting for me I showed her condoms and I asked her to undress me which she readily did.

I asked her to suck my cock but she refused and said “nahin main aisa nahin kar sakti”. So I pulled her down on the bed and placed my mouth between her legs and started kissing her wet pussy. She was moaning with pleasure and said “yeh tum kya kar rahe ho aisa nahin karte” but soon she started enjoying that. And she started saying “I love you darling meri choot chato tum bahout achha kar rahe ho ahhh umm oh ff!!

Main mar jaaongi” and I said do you enjoy she said yes, I said similarly you will enjoy, just suck my lund, and I forced her lund into her mouth. I said “Mera lund chooso meri jaaneman” She resisted earlier, but now she was enjoying. Then after 5 minutes, I cummed in her mouth and she dranked all my cum. She than asked me to fuck her. She was so desperate that she took my lund in her hands and guided towards her pussy. She said “Mujhe chod do apna lund meri choot main daalo jaldi karo.

Then I got on up in a missionary position and put my penis in her wet cunt. She said “Ai maa bahaut dard ho raha hai hmm ah oh! aaaah ”. I asked if she is enjoying or not she said “Mazaa to a raha hai” I told her “Pehli baar dard hota hai par chinta mat karo” soon I started thrusting into her pussy and her hymen breaked and blood started coming out of her pussy, but she didn’t care and said Ah! aur zor se, meri phudi phaad do”.

She was moaning and screaming very loudly so I started kissing on her lips, so no one could hear us and my hands were pinching her great lovely boobs and she cummed in around 8 minutes. I told her that I am cumming she told me to take my dick out and cum on her boobs. I cummed on her boobs and she said “ab mere mommay ko achhi tarah maslo” and then I started massaging her boobs and laid on her and kissed all over her body her arms, back, neck and kissed on her soft bums, which were really sexy.

Then, we went to bathroom to clean ourselves, and started taking a shower. While taking shower her tits again aroused me and I started licking her nipples and she enjoyed. I told her to held the shower pipe and I put my dick inside her and began fucking her once more.

Water was running down our bodies, but we were terribly hot. But I had done one mistake (or say it was a good luck). After bringing condoms, I had forgot to close the main door and while we were taking shower, Rashmi returned from school and she was surprised that her sister was taking bath at such odd time. She asked her, so Anu get terrified as our clothes were in her bedroom and we both were nude.

After a bit of argument, we decided that we should tell Rashmi all about what has happened. I was also feeling low as it was my first fuck.

So, we both came out nude from bathroom (as we had forgot even taking the towels). Rashmi was not surprised to see us and she told us that she had seen the bedroom and our clothes were there and even told that she had heard the voices of both of us while we were making love in bathroom.

We went to bedroom to pick our clothes but Rashmi told it is not that easy, and told me “tumne meri behan ko choda hai, ab tumhe mujhe bhi chodna parega, Nahin to main daddy ko bata doongi”.

We had no choice left, but to satisfy her needs. Rashmi too was a cute and sexy girl, but Anu was more beautiful (or say it appeared to me as I was in love with her). So, we all three moved on to the double bed. Rashmi was wearing the skirt and she really had a great legs. So I told Anu to remove her shirt and I myself put hands into her skirt and tore her panty apart.

I don’t know why but I didn’t felt taking her skirt off. Instead, I widened her legs and put my head into her skirt and started kissing her pussy. That tasted so good. After kissing her there I moved my head outside and to my amazement, Anu has taken off her shirt and bra and was massaging her boobs. Her boobs were also nice though she was just in XI class. Then I removed her skirt and told her lie to down, so I can fuck her.

But she said, no “pehle mere mommay dabao, inhe chooso mujhe thora tarpadoo, uske baad chodna. I asked her how she knew about sex this much, she told us that she had once seen xxx movie with her friend at her house.

So, I asked her to come towards me and hugged her and took his one boob in my mouth and the other one was tuning the other boob. After a bit of foreplay I said that I am going to fuck you and I took out one another condom from my jeans (which lay on the table). She said, that do it without condom. I asked her that she may got pregnant. She said “Nahin tum meri gaand maaro, pichhe se gushao apna loda”.

Then I moved her round and tried to insert my penis in her ass, but it was too tight. So, I asked Anu to start fingering in her ass so it will loose a little and I started working on Anu’s tits (after all she had a good pair of tits and she is my girlfriend also).

After a bit of fingering, I again tried ramming up my cock in Rashmi’s ass but it was still tight, so I asked Anu to bring some oil to lubricate her ass (I had seen in a movie). Soon I was inserting my oily finger into Rashmi’s ass and Anu was massaging my dick with the oil.

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My First And Memorable Story

Hello to all ISS readers.This is the 1st time I am writting my story. I am a regular ISS reader.I am 22 years old now. I started getting interested in sex and the world of porn when I was 11yrs through the stories that I used to hear from my friends in school. We used to fantasize about our beautiful and hot sexy teachers who used to teach us. This incident happened when I was just 18 years old in train while I was travelling to Kerala.

I know you may think this is fake seeing my age and the girl’s age but this is not a fake story. This story is reguarding me (John) and a girl named (Jenni) both name changed. Starting with the story. My summer vacation had begun and we my mom, grandmom and me we boarded the train from LT terminus in morning. We got our seat, it was a sleeper class, and the train started and reached Thane station the rest of the crowd started entering.

There were 2 ladies and their 2 daughter in the same place and they had the seat in front of us reserved.The train started and our jouney began. The other 2 window seat was still not occupied. I wanted to sit near the window so I sat there. My mom and granny and the other 2 ladies became friendly and started their chit-chat. It was around 11 am now. As I mentioned above there were 2 girls, the younger was sitting with her mom while Jenni came and sat in front of me near the window.

As she sat there she gave me a smile and I also smiled backed at her. She was a pretty looking kerlite girl dark and beautiful.She haden’t reached her puberty yet but for a guy of my age she was beautiful.At 1st I didn’t have any wild thoughts about her. Then I took a chance and asked about her name place etc. We introduced ourself. She said that she is born and brought up in Kerala and came here to visit her cousins for holidays and now going back home. Then we became very friendly.

Then her small sister came and I was playing with her then we 3 were playing mischief.It was lunch time now. We had our lunch.After lunch I again sat in the same place and Jenni also sat in front same place. Our parents were all drowsy and so decided to sleep but I wasn’t sleepy neither Jenni. So we were talking and all, later he foot were near me I just touched it and tickled her under her foot. She started giggling and told me to stop.

After some time I stopped and within seconds she pounced on me and started tickling me, we both were tickling,beating,biting giggling and having mischief. Then we were kind of tired and stopped. I told her I am going up to sleep. She asked me are you sleepy I said not exactly just to lie down and went up. Then after I went up she was sitting in my place and looking out. After some time I told her to come up she asked why I just said come up and she came. She sat there

I told her to lie down and she lied on the inner side facing me and I was facing her. We were just casually talking about our school and friends and I noticed that my cock was excited and slowly geeting harder as her knee was touching my cock, but not intentionally. Then I asked her about her friends and any boys in their list but she said she only has girl friend and no boys in her list.

Then she asked me I told I have only boys as friends as I am in a boy’s school. I then asked her do you have any one special she blushed and said no she asked me and I said no cause I didn’t find anyone as beautiful as you. She was blushing again and smiled again. She covered her face with shyness. I took her hand in mine and asked her do you like me she said as a friend I like you. I was looking at her beautiful dark face with her cheeks full of blush.

Without even telling her I kissed on her left cheeks.She was looking at me and didn’t say anything. Then I kissed on her right cheek, her forhead and as I reached her lips she stopped me, telling this is not right someone might see. I looked down everyone were sleep and told her. But she said no or she will go I said ok I wont kiss you there but don’t go and she stayed.

Then she was sleeping on her back facing upward, I went close to her and put my leg over her and my cock was rubbing on her thigh. I again kissed her on her cheecks and hugged her and slept next to her. She didn’t mind that. I was rubbing my cock and moving my knee near her pussy area. I was touching her smooth face and hand she was biting my finger when I used to touch her lips. It was driving me wild. I was kissing her all around her face her ears and also her neck and from down felling her pussy with my knee.

As she she was not stopping me I knew she was enjoying it. Then I slowly moved my hand down took her tops up and touched her bare stomach.She was enjoying it and she also hugged me. Then I moved my hand down to her pussy area over her jeans felt it

Then while smooching I tried to open her jeans button but it was tight I slowly removed her zip and moved my hand in. As soon as my hand went in she stopped me told me not to do that and turned the other side facing the wall. She closed her zip. I said ok I won’t do that but she did not want to face me so I started pleasuring her from back. We were in side postion and I rubbed my cock on her bulgy soft ass.

I was kissing her on her neck her shoulder her ear and I gave my finger to her to bite. She bite me hard and it made me wild and I bite her slowly on her neck. I once again looked down but all were a sleep. Then I moved my hand on her bare stomach felt her navel hole she loved it. I went up and touched her nipple squeezed it and again played with her stomach. She was moaning slowly “Ahh esssss ahhh essssmm issss mmmm.

We both were enjoying and my cock was enjoying her soft ass. Then again I moved my hand to her pussy and started feeling it over her jeans. We both were sweating and I was licking on her back shoulder and neck biting her and felling her. She just loved it.Suddenly she was so excited she was about to cum. She stopped me,telling she wants to go to toilet to pee I knew she was to cum I told her not to go be here she said she cant bare it and want to go. I could’nt stop her and she went.

I thought she would come up again but she didn’t and went to her seat and slept there. I also needed to jack and so I went to the toilet jacked and came and slept. Everyone woke up in evening. I sat near the same window seat having tea and Jenni woke up went to fresh up and came but didnt sit in front of me.She was sitting in between her aunt and mom. Both our family were chit-chatting.

The small baby girl came to me and she was playing with me.In between I used to look at Jenni but when I looked she looked the other way. We both were felling a kind of embaressed. I didn’t talk to her nor did she come and sit near me. It was 8.00pm and dinner time. Everyone had dinner. At around 9.30pm everyone was ready to sleep. Mom asked me to sleep I told I’ll sleep after sometime.

Jenni was sleeping on the lower birth while I was sleeping on top. Lights were all off by 10.15pm. After some time I went to sleep on top but I couldn’t thinking about afternoon and why Jenni would’nt talk. I wanted to jack. I went to the toilet jacked and came. Jenni was sleeping but I wanted to be next to her. I sat near the window where she was sleeping. I looked at Jenni she was sleeping upside down with her ass facing up.

She had changed her jeans and worn tights I could see her underwear too I slowly touched her ass,they were smooth I squessed it slowly,then I kissed it and came up to sleep. As I was about to sleep I felt something near my feet and as I opened my eyes it was Jenni. I was shocked and also happy to see her as I thought she wouldn’t talk. As she came up I asked what happened she said she couldn’t sleep and wanted to sleep with me.

I agreed. She knew I squeesed her ass and she asked me why you didn’t call I said I thought you didn’t want to talk to me so I didn’t call. She said I didn’t as I was afraid so I asked what now she said everyone is sleeping and don’t think they’ll wake up so soon. She was sleeping on her back facing me and I was on the side facing her. She said what are you looking don’t you love me now I said I love you very much and she said she love me too.

I was soo happy we just started smooching and kissing each other,hugging ,cuddling ,biting etc.

I was on top of her. We were kissing each other so passionately. I was nosing her and kissing her on her neck her chest her shoulder. We were even biting each other which made me wilder and turn me on more. As she was wearing her her thights I could feel her legs and pussy more easily. While kissing and fondling her ass from inside her underwear I made her fell my cock.

I took her hand and made her fell it inside my underwear. She fondled it for sometime. Then I stopped kissing I went down kissed her naval and stomach. She loved it. She was moaning in pleasure “ahhh esss johnnnmmm sssaa”I went near her ears and told her that I am going to make you feel better so please dont shout loud. I gave her an hanki told her to keep it in her mouth when she’ll fell like shouting she laughed and said ok.

I went down removed her thights saw her pussy for the 1st time I touched it it was wet. I started licking it. Her juice was like real fruit juices for me. She was moaning and I was scared somone might hear. I went up and told her to keep quiet. I took the hanki and told her to put inside her mouth and she did.Then I went down again and started smooching her pussy licking it fingering it lightly. I could hear her moans “mmmmmm aammmmm” I went up to her removed her hanki and kissed her a lot.

She told that she loved what I did down and wanted me to do more.But her moans were to loud she pleaded me then I told her to please me too. She asked how I told her to suck my cock too. She first diagreed but then gave into it.We turned to 69 position and I was sucking her pussy and she was sucking mine. She was loving it and me too and she even cummed and when she did she bit on my thighs as she could not scream very badly and lucky not my cock. But now I wanted to fuck her.I licked all her cum and came up to her. She was breathing heavily and smiling and telling I love you John love you so much and all. But the main part was still left.

I told her it’s not over yet there is something still bigger she asked what and I told that I would be fucking her.Then it would be alright she agreed. We were kissing and smooching each other.I removed her tops and mine too now we were fully naked.I kissed her all over her face,neck chest and licked her nipples too.I rubbed her pussy so that it becomes wet and took some spit in my hand lubricated her pussy and my cock.

We kiss alot. Then I spread her leg told her to be quiet,I placed my cock near her pussy and slowly started pushing. I was pushing it slowly. As my 1st quarter entered she moaned in pain ahh its paining.I stopped and waited for few second then I pushed in more and pushed in 1/2 of my cock she was in pain and moaned in pain again. She asked me to stop and I waited again for her. In that state we were kissing and then again

I slowly placed my mouth in her mouth and pushed it in one stroke and she screamed inside my mouth. Her eyes were wide open and tears were dripping due to pain. She eve scratched me on my back and even hit me hard on my back. I stayed in there without moving for few more minutes. She was in tears and crying in my ears due to pain. I consoled her and stopped her from crying and slowly kissed her to calm her down.

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First Sexual Encounter With My Ex-Girlfriend

Hi friends, I love the stories posted on this site and I am a fan of this site I like all the stories posted here. I am going to share my true experience with my ex-girlfriend. I guess names would not be necessary. I just completed my studies (M.C.A) in a reputed college but the fact is I hated the college. I was a know person in the college because of not good reasons I don’t mean I was a brat but used to have a lot of doubts in the subject and the professors were not able to clarify my doubts.

With a lot of efforts I some how cleared the 1st 5 semesters and now was searching for a place to do my project but was I wasn’t able to find one. In the mean time my parents decides to go on a trip (yatra) on 10 February 2010. I was alone at home for about 10 days. I used to chat to this one girl from my college to whom I have spoken rarely in college, but started chatting to her after the 5th semester as she was also in my town to search for project.

I have invited her to my house before, that is, when mom was at home but mom left for some work after sometime n the two of us were alone at home I had no intentions about her sexually then so noting happen during that visit. I showed her some of my old pictures n we were chatting. She liked my company very much (she told this later that night).

Days passed and 14 February was on the verge and so I was teasing her that I loved her n she knew that I was not serious. On 10th February my parents left for there yatra. I was all alone at home. That girl and I used to chat all along, nothing sexual. But she was giving me emotional support for many things which would not be necessary here. On 12th February I asked her would she like to visit my home again she said ok. I didn’t know to get shocked or surprised because she accepted the offer at once.

She knew that my parents were not at home. So I asked her she said that she had trust in me. I told her that I would pick her up at 11 but she asked y so late, I told her that the servant girl would come to clean the house at 9 but she asked me to come early. So I told her that I would try my best to pick her up as early as possible. The next morning, at around 10, after the maid left the house, I went to pick her up from the hostel which she stayed in.

It was a 30 minutes journey from my home so it took approximately 1 hour to get back home with her. On the way home we purchased something to eat for lunch and reached home at around 11.30 AM. After that we had our lunch together I the same plate. She said that she liked that as well. Now we finished eating and had nothing to do so I showed her some more pictures of my sister’s marriage which she didn’t see the other day she was at home.

Then I asked her can I sleep on her lap to which she agreed. Slowly I became emotional she consoled me. Slowly I started rubbing her outer thighs. She didn’t say anything probably she was very much involved emotionally. I had a hard on instantly but controlled myself. Later when I saw the clock the time was 7 PM. She started to worry because she had to reach the hostel by 8 PM.

I told her not to very I will drop her. If we get late I will come n speak to the warden. But still she was very much worried. I started, because I was in a hurry I over did myself in starting my bike and got a sprain in my back. But somehow I dropped her to her hostel in time. All the while I didn’t tell her that I have a sprain in my back. After I reached home I messaged her that I reached home and also explained how got the sprain in my back.

Now she started to scold me, that why didn’t I tell her that I had a back pain. After 1 hour of scolding she calmed down. In addition to the sprain I had a pain in my testicles which I didn’t tell her. She ordered me to take rest, to which I obliged. The next day I woke up late at around 12 noon. As soon as I woke up I saw my mobile, I had 10 missed calls and 50 messages. Without seeing the messaged I called her and told her that I just woke up.

She said its ok. I was happy that she didn’t scold me. Then asked me how my back pain was. I told her that the pain was better now. I then remembered that it was 14th February. I wished her happy , Valentines Day to which she also told happy Valentines Day to me. I as her shall we meet again she told no as I had back pain. Then I told her to come to my home to which she readily agreed.

I don’t know why though. She told that she would come to my home by 5 and leave by 6, I asked her why so late to which she replied that she had to wash her clothes. I agreed n told her to wash her clothes as fast as possible to which she said that “ I have to hang your call to do that” after about 10 to 15 minutes we disconnected our call n then I got ready went to a hotel to have lunch then was waiting for her message.

At 5.30 she messaged me that she has just then finished washing her clothes and she is very tired and she is very tired n she cannot come. To which I was very disappointed n asked her that if she is tired shall I come to pick her up. She started shouting at me telling me that “its too late now I have still have to take bath and get ready which will take at least half an hour and then to come to your home another 1 hour because I have to come by government bus” but then I told her that I will come and pick her up please.

After a lot of pressure and assurance from me that I will drop her back to her hostel by 8 PM she agreed. I went to pick her up and then we reached home 7 PM. We sat for 15 minutes. Then she said that shall we leave else we will be late. I told her would u like to stay here, at my home tonight. To which she strongly disagreed but I got very emotional n told her please many times then finally she agreed.

I told her to call her roommate n tell her that she would not be coming to hostel tonight and tell her some lame excuse that she is at her relatives home, to which she agreed and called her roommate. I was lying on her lap n she was sitting on my bed which was a single bed. I was rubbing my hand on her outer thigh and she wasn’t giving any reaction to that. We were talking till 11.30 PM, and then she asked where we will sleep.

I totally forgot about that so I took her to my parents room and asked her to sit there till then I will bring some water and some snacks to eat and also will change to my night suite. When I reached my room I took small shorts to wear thinking that I will show her some of my not so sexy body but then I realizes if she didn’t like it what would I do.

So I took a night pant and a t-shirt n wore it and took a bottle of water and a pack of lays (potato chips) and went to my parent’s room, she was sitting there and watching TV. I saw her she was in salwar kameez. I then told her that she can change to a nighty of my sister to which denied initially then accepted it later. Then she lied on the bed. I asked her where I shall sleep because I have already told her that I liked sleeping on her lap. To which she told me to sleep on her stomach. I readily agreed and lied down on her stomach.

We chatted for 10 to 15 minutes. She started rubbing her hands on my head and I slowly started to rub my hands on her thighs this time I managed to reach her inner thighs, it was really hot and a very nice feeling I loved it then I slowly started moving my head towards her breasts, the lovely mounds. We were silent for sometime and were enjoying each others hands in action. Hmmm no words can describe that feeling we were in 9th heaven.

We were then brought back to earth by a sound from a cat outside the room. She is feared of cats. I calmed her down got up and shooed the cat away. Then she asked the time n I saw my watch n told her its 2.30 AM. She was shocked n said that it’s high time we should go and sleep. I was disappointed and agreed and turned the lights off. N slept near her. We were talking for sometime then there was another silence by this time we were accustomed to the darkness.

I thought that this is the time or it would be never then I took my face near her slowly. Then slowly I placed my lips on hers. I thought that she would not like this but I was wrong she didn’t say anything but moved away a bit. I thought to my self it’s now or never n moved forward because of no opposition from her. This time she stayed still for sometime then moved away. I went further to reach her all these time my hands weren’t touching her.

This time I took my hands n pulled her towards me she didn’t fight but submitted herself to me and then I started kissing her but I didn’t get any response from her I was disappointed but did not leave her kept on kissing her for about 10 to 15 minutes. Then slowly I started to pull her nighty up she resisted n pushed me back I tried to do again but again she allowed to kiss but did not allow to pull her nighty.

Then I told her sorry n told her that it was my fault I love you very much this was the first time I told her that I love you. After sometime I kissed her again n she started to respond to the kiss, then slowly I pulled her nighty up. She did not resist this time. I pulled her nighty till the breast n pulled her bra as well n started to play with her breasts. They were so soft yet so firm. I asked her can I suck your breast to which she nodded her head.

Then I placed my mouth on her nipple n covered her nipple n sucked once each oh her breast they were so tasty that I would be ready to such her breast my whole life. Then I asked her shall I turn the lights on so that I can see the heaven on earth. To which she closed her eyelid and nodded her head in affirmation. I was in ecstasy. I jumped out of the bed n turned the lights on.

All the while her eyes were closed. Then I came near her face seeing her breast and said thanks to her she slapped me on my face n told me never say sorry or thanks to me in your life time and lifted her head and kissed me. I placed my hands on her breast n pinched her nipple to which she reacted with a oouuuuuuchhhhh sound. I loved it.

Then I went down to her breast and kiss on each nipple of hers then took her right nipple in mouth and started licking it around the nipple n in the mean time was playing with her left nipple with my right hand was pinching n pulling the nipple.

She loved what I was doing to her nipples (she told this to me later). Then I changed the breast the left one in my mouth n the right one to my hands. After doing this for sometime I slowly guided my hands to her pussy over her panty, but she didn’t allow me to go touch her panty and caught my hands before it reached her panty.

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Confessions Of A Married Professional – Part I

Hi all, I am back after a hiatus with a new experience well it’s a story as told by my ex colleague and one time close friend Geeta this is in her own words. I do sometimes even now get naughty shorty with her well now her life in her own words. Seven years of good marriage nice husband loving and caring and a little naughty kid, nice job and a tension free life. I had everything but still did not find much excitement in my life.

Hail from a conservative and orthodox south Indian iyer family with not much scope for any fun during school or while in college. Though I used to secretly hold a crush to a guy senior to us by a year and quite an hunk. But the crush remained, Completing College got a job with a big Indian company and life was good. Boss was a senior guy and used to genuinely treat me as his daughter.

So nothing exciting here my marriage was getting late as we were not getting any good matches. In case the horoscope tallies then the boy would be a Horoscope, so it went on. I tried to distract myself and got into my spiritual side. Got involved with the local temple and as such had my feelings under control. A couple of guys in my office had an eye for me and indirectly used to make passes which I ignored. Well that is another part of my story.

Then as providence had it my horoscope matched with a nice guy and once I met Ajay , I thought he is the guy I have always dreamed off. Not exactly tough looking but good looking, tall and athletic that was my Ajay and I really fell in love with him. We had extensive courtship and during all this he behaved like a perfect gentleman never even touching me it was me who used to hold his arms put it over my shoulder etc.

So it went on and we got married those details would form another episode at present I am talking about life after my kid and a void which fills me up. As a lover , ajay was good , caring and sensitive.always used to make me feel comfortable wanted my satisfaction more than his and in general made me rock made me wet made me cum most of the times our sex life used to be good

I never ever felt attracted to any other male though had my share of fantasies and even a few harmless stints. Ajay no doubt was good tall and handsome and quite endowed but my secret fantasy was of muscular and beary kind of men I mean hairy hunks and Ajay was just the opposite. He was like James dean totally hairless and lean.

I soon realized that Ajay got to know of my secret fantasy and once during our bedgames whispered that he would definitely organise a bear to service me I laughed it off never know it would become a reality till the time we went on our holiday to Kerala.

This was a long overdue holiday. I mean 6 years after our honeymoon and 3 years after kid this holiday was well needed and well deserved. Ajay made my life go topsy turvy never ever expected the holiday to become one hell of a roller coaster ride changing me almost pativrata conservative lady: into hyper sensuous women and sexual women.

This holiday brought out all the evil intentions I had in me the suppressed emotions and repressed passions life would never be the same again. Ajay was a senior manager and used to tour a lot. After the kids birth we hardly had time for anything other than saying goodnight in bed

Sex became a weekly or at times even once a month chore I had my job and he had his and we both became engrossed in our activities and taking care of the kid. We used to get irritated and even used to quarrel a lot ultimately we both decided that it was time for a break we had to give time to ourselves our kid and our marriage and so decided to go on a week long holiday to Gods own country backwaters of Kerala.

Houseboats and all and just the mere thought of a holiday made us both cheerful we both looked forward to relax and spend quality time with each other and with our kid well Ajay too had some plans of his own he used to occasionally put ideas of swapping partners or having a threesome and once just like that I said ok. Ajay was too possessive of me and I never thought he meant what he really said.

The resort was superb on the banks of river. Idyllic surroundings it was a spa resort where all kinds of ayurvedic treatments were on offer. Nevertheless I was just thrilled in being free from routine life. We reached there and had a welcome drink. The bearer showed us our room it was facing the waters. Nice cosy room.Independent cottage with a sit-out and the room was with a huge fireplace.

The bathroom was Royal with an in built Jacuzzi and the bed was a queen’s size fourposter. It could accommodate more than 3 people.We strolled around the resort. There was games room, children’s play area movie theater etc many things to involve our kid. But the only problem was that it was off season. Not many guests with the exception of a few tourists. We strolled around after lunch and came to the health club which was near the pool.

Ajay called out, Geeta this club offers very good ayurvedic massage. Why don’t we try one the brat ajit was playing in the play area we went inside the club there were 5 rooms, we were told with steam, aromatherapy and other kinds of massages. The club looked like thatched huts but inside is all glass clean rubber tables and with scented candles. Can I help you I am Sheela Geeta why don’t you try the massage Sheila could you guide her please?

Sir for the package that you have taken everyday there is a complimentary massage for the couple. Ajay asked her whether both of us can take it together and in the room the reply was a negative. Ajay told me geeta you go ahead I will keep an eye on Ajit. I went in as usual I was wearing a salwar kameez and Sheila guided me into the room. While she went out to jot down in the register and ajay was asking the duration of massage and charges for additional massage if any.

Relax geeta so saying ajay went away. Madam would you like a aromo oil massage. Sheila asked me I said no problem I am having a massage for the first saying she handed me a towel and asked me to remove my dress and use the cabinet near the sauna room. I asked her do I need to remove my undergarments too she said yes and went away.

I slipped of my dress and stripped totally for a minute I watched myself in the full length mirror in the room and said not bad not bad for a 35 yr old. I had 34 b breasts which still were firm and 37 buttocks. Slight flesh on the hips: but nevertheless desirable.

So saying to myself I wrapped the towel. Sheila came in just then and asked me to lie down on the table on my stomach. She lighted a few scented candles and then put magnetic eye band and asked me to relax. Just wait madam.

Jaya would be here to massage you so saying she went away closing the door. I was lying face down with the magnetic strip over closing my eyes and heard the door opening. Sheila asked me whether I would like a relaxing body massage which I said yes and then she asked Jaya to take over. Jaya started by applying oil on my sole and slowing massaging the sole which was giving me trickles and kneading my toes and knuckling them one by one.

Slowly her hand started massaging my calf muscles in an up down manner on both legs. She moved the towel slightly up and started with my inner knees and thighs. My buttocks were now fully exposed as the she had put the towel on my back and was now slowly and softly kneading my bums. For a girl I thought her hands were quite rough nevertheless I was enjoying and getting relaxed. Jaya put more oil on my bums and was putting oil on my ass crack.

The oil was sandal and coupled with the aromatic candles the entire atmosphere was very sensual. A couple of times the fingers went between my ass crack just brazing my pussy.

The sensations were pleasurable and I was wet down under. Then she started with my back for some time she was nicely massaging my back and neck and sides below the armpits slightly touching my breasts and I was enjoying all the sensations.

Could you turn over madam a male voice gently commanded? I just sat up, turned around shocked removing the eye band, wrapping the towel covering my chest. Where is Sheila and who are you. I am jayasurya and people call me jaya. You seem upset madam. You are I stuttered.

Sheila didn’t tell me I did not find words I was slightly embarrassed and a bit overwhelmed seeing jayasurya other than my husband this guy had seen and felt my entire backside and also felt my nether region I was literally blushing he was a short and stocky male around 5’6” in height same as me. Must be in his forties clean shaven wearing the resorts customary blue pyjama suit he had thick muscular forearms dark and hairy and the man himself was dark.

Jayasurya coolly said madam shall we continue with the massage. I was dumbstruck and somehow had mixed feeling on this man and laid down again. Not wanting to see him in the eye I put the eye wrap and lay on my back covering my top with the towel.

Jaya slowly again started massaging my toes and calf and was deliberately lingering which started relaxing me. He came near to my head and started kneading my shoulder and neck and within a few minutes I was relaxed and enjoying a different sensation knowing that a stranger was skillfully soothing my body. I just started talking to him. So Mr Jayasurya, call me jaya madam.

Ok Jaya where are you from and how long have you been working here. Well I am from Sri Lanka but born in India. My srilankan mother was a masseur in a 5 star hotel and my father hailed from Nigeria .you know they got hooked and jaya was born. He laughed and said so that makes me an afrolankan but settled in India. Knowing I was relaxed he started massaging my knees and thighs. The towel remained covering my top half and his oily hands started massaging my upper thighs and grazing my nether regions.

I was wet already. I removed my eyeband and was looking at him massaging my body. He was extremely professional but I could faintly see a bump in his pajamas. Jaya you must have seen many women naked yes he smiled and went on with his job many German and European women like males to massage I asked how bout Indian. He said he had given relaxing massages to Indian ladies too. Jaya: yes madam why don’t you remove your top?

Let me also see how you are built. It’s against resort rules but since you ask I shall so saying he removed his pajama top. For a minute I was in trance. This guy was built like a bear. I mean he was literally hairy and when he moved to take the oil bottle I could see his back too was hairy. Tufts of hairs from the shoulders and chest fully covered with a tick matt of black hair.

He had slightly graying hair on his head but had a jungle on his chest and was well muscled with a slight paunch not a six pack the least Jaya had powerful muscular arms and I was amazed seeing him.

I was silently watching him and had mixed feelings in my mind I had all wild thoughts running on how it would be to have this beary man making love to me. He now came near moved the towel down and started with my shoulder and upper chest. My top portion was totally visible and he poured oil on my chest and gently started massaging my chest his eyes looking at my tits and my erecting nipples.

I was shy but still was looking at him he had some wild look on his eyes when he was moved his fingers over my breasts. Softly cupping both tits from the sides and circling the areoles with his oil stained fingers then immediately he came on the side and started massaging my stomach region and poured some oil into my navel and gently fingering and massaged my stomach till the hand was at the side and it accidentally touched his groin which I could feel was hard.

I wanted to grab his crotch just out of curiosity. To know how his dick would be. I was thinking all these thought when jaya came near my head and started massaging my breasts from top. His hands were moving in an up down motion from upper chest till my stomach and cupping and relaxing my tits. This way he was slightly leaning near my head and I could literally feel his erection near my neck and smell his body odour.

Surprisingly his sweaty odour due to the hairy body was just turning me on I told him Jaya you have now seen me naked now you fully strip he said no madam I: but when he looked at me he just undid his pajamas and was in his tight jockey undies. I saw the bulge and also his muscular and hairy thighs. I said gulping saliva Jaya don’t you shave your hairs he said I used to but now I have stopped. Due to shaving the hair growth on his body was faster and much thicker.

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Me And My Friend’s Wife Anita

Hello friends, this is Aditya from Delhi a well built smart guy with hairy chest 31 year old married. I got married about three years back. I am having great sex life and love my life. This is my first story, so please do not mind if I make any mistake. If you like the story please mail me at [email protected]

Let us come to the story now. After one years of marriage to keep ourselves fit, me and my wife Anjali joined aerobics classes at the most high class gym near my home. I used to do aerobics before my marriage and light exercises to keep my body toned. So, I am quite trained in aerobics. A lot of girls used to come to aerobics class which was trying for modeling career in that gym. Also there were couples in the class to keep them fit and active.

I was more interested in aerobics as I really used to enjoy the movement of boobs and sexy ass of females while they used to make moves on beats of the music. Sometimes, I used to get so much excited seeing those moving boobs and ass that it used to become difficult to hide my hard on under my tracks. The real story begins when a newly married couple joined our class. It was Raj and Anita 28-30 yrs old. Raj was smart and Anita was sexy.

They both were new to aerobics. Let me describe Anita, she was sex bomb with perfectly shaped boobs her stats was 34-28-36. I love small and tight boobs and she was perfectly my fantasy girl. Luckily this couple could not match up with the class so our coach gave me the job to take care to train the couple as she (coach) has to keep watch on the whole class. Slowly, me, my wife Raj and Anita became friends.

Whenever I used to see Anita moving her ass and boobs in aerobics it became very difficult to hide my bulge from tracks. Sometimes, I used to touch her accidentally in class but she never said anything. But, I was afraid of moving ahead as I was afraid of my wife and I do not wanted to spoil my image in eyes of Raj and Anita as I was afraid if she might say no or could resist.

But, I could feel that Anita was getting frank with me day by day and also I felt that she used to behave innocently in front of my wife but she used to tease me whenever we were alone showing that things were accidental. We both the couples started going to market, movies and started spending holidays together.

We went to a store to buy some clothes. She liked some leggings for herself and she went to change room for a try. Luckily, I was roaming near the try room and Raj and my wife were busy looking at some other stuff. She came out wearing new leggings and a top on it covering her ass till her knees.

She asked me Kaisa hai” (How’s the fit?) I said neeche se to achchha dikta hai par oopar se bina dekhe main kaise bata sakta hoon” getting a little naughty also I wanted to see her reaction.

She smiled and said naughtily “ koi baat nahin main top utha deti hoon neeche se bhi dekh lo” and she lifted her top and my god I could see her full perfectly shaped ass covered by those leggings and I could see her outlining of her pussy lips as it was very tight and body hugging . I could not believe my eyes. I felt like fucking her then and there. But, I controlled myself.

I said bahut sundar hai aur tumhari perfectly shaped body par jata hai. Then she said okay main ise le leti hoon. She returned to the change room but, my blood started boiling and there was a bulge in my pants and even I started sweating. In the mean time Anita came from the changing room and my wife came and my wife asked why u sweating so much. I said nothing and Anita also behaved normally as if nothing has happened.

After this incident days passed and we behaved like good and decent friends. There was a dance party in the city and my friend was organizing it and he gave me passes for two couple. When I told them, to go for dance party both of them really got excited as Anita was crazy for dance on Bollywood numbers. But, Raj got in fever on that day. As Anita was excited to go there, Raj forced her to go with us and enjoy the party and he will take care of himself.

We went to their house to pick up Anita. When she came out in that western I could not believe my eyes. She was looking damn gorgeous, sex goddess. I got instant reaction between my legs. She said hello to us and got seated in the back seat of the car. She was wearing low neck and she put on a perfume which was making me crazy. I thought if my wife was not here I would have fucked her right now.

But, you know the image of decency stopped me. Then we reached the place and entered the party place. Slowly, I started taking beer and both the ladies take soft drinks. After some time the party came on full swing and it was very much over crowded and the music was playing high and I was also feeling high after taking some drinks. We all three also started dancing.

Anita and my wife were really enjoying dancing and I was enjoying every movement of Anita and her boobs were peeking out of her low neck. After sometime my wife gone naughty and started dancing with me by rubbing sometimes her ass and sometime her boobs on me. I got excited and I also hold her and placed my dick between her ass crack and keep on dancing. I also used to touch Anita whenever I got chance on her ass and other parts of body as the place was very much overcrowded and she used to respond with smile.

Anita was also enjoying as she also co-operated me in touch her at places. But, my wife could not get the hint of it. After sometime my wife feel like going to washroom to pee. She left and I and Anita were left alone. Now, I started taking liberties and I was a little high. First I hold her hand and started dancing with her. She said nothing. Then I hold her in such a manner that I my hands were very near to her boobs and I placed my crotch between her hips.

But, she danced in that pose for a minute then moved herself away. I was not able to judge her behavior. As it was overcrowded I could get the liberties to touch her on hips, boobs, her tummy. She did excellent dance with me. My cock was trying to tear my jeans and come out. Like this I enjoyed her body for ten minutes. But, everything was happening in a hidden manner and nothing was open.

I knew she was enjoying and she knew I was enjoying but, both were trying to act innocent. After sometime my wife came back and we all danced for some more and then got back home. We all four made a plan to go to Goa.We packed our bags and reached to the sands of Goa.Now, we all guys became really frank. As we left from airport of Goa, there came across a lot of bikini cladded foreigners. My eyes were on them, my wife said naughtily “Kya dekh rahe ho”

I said “Darling is foreigners ko dekh raha hoon”

Raj said “Bhabhi ise control main rakho nahin to nikal jayega”

All started laughing and Anita said “ kyun bhabhi hum in foreigners se zyada sexy hain”

Then we reached to hotel and our room was resort type. There were two bed rooms and one common room or you can say sitting room in that. We both couple settled our room and took rest for two hours. Then we planned to go the beaches.

I wore a pair of shorts, my wife was wearing Capri & top and Anita was wearing a tight short white top and those leggings which she purchased from that shop. The leggings were so much tight that you can see outlining of her pussy lips, Hum log beach par pahunch gaye. Wahan pahunch kar meri to aankhen dekhti hi reh gayin bahut sari foreigners topless leti hui thi and kuchh ghoom rahi thi.

Main aur Raj foreigners ko paglon ko dekhte rahe. Humne Anjali aur Anita ko wahan rahne ko kaha aur hum donon ghoomne chale gaye. My and Raj’s tool was trying to come out of our shorts. We roam around for half an hour taking tonic of small/big tits of foreigners and came back. Jab hum wapas aye to dekhte reh gaye. Meri wife aur Anita wahan beach par topless lete hue the, in full sunlight. Oh my god kya boobs the Anita ke main to dkhta hi reh gaya.

Raj bola “yeh kya hai”

Anita said “yeh wohi hai jise dekhne ke liye tum log bahar bhatak rahe ho”

My wife was also looking awesome, as I have never seen her in such a bold pose and attitude. Mera man hua ki Anita ko pakad kar wahin fuck kar doon. And Raj was also enjoying the glimpse of my wife’s boobs.

Then we all laughed and me and Raj lowered our shorts and took off our T-shirts and entered the water to have fun and enjoy. Wahan maine Anita ke boobs ko khoob nihara and Raj ke Anjali ke boobs ka maza le raha tha. Hum donon ke briefs ko dekh kar koi bhi bata sakta tha ki hamare dicks ka kya hal hai.

Phir maine Anjali ke pas gaya woh pani ke ander khadi maza kar rahi thi maine use pakda aur pani main dal diya aur uski panty main hath dal kar maza lene laga kyunki pani ke ander koi dekh nahin sakta tha. Mujhse control hi nahin ho raha tha. Aur Anjali bhi mere dick ko oopar se sehlane lagi. Main kabhi kabhi uske boobs ko bhi daba deta. Udhar Raj to itna pagal ho gaya usne wahin letkar Anita se body massage karana shuru kar diya. Yeh dekh mera aur bhi zyada khada ho gaya. Main sochne laga kash Raj ki jagah main wahan hota to maza a jata.

Now, I made firm idea to fuck Anita. Maine socha jo hoga so dekha jayega. Main mauka dekhte hi Anita ke sath sex karoonga. Jab mujhse control nahin hua to maine kaha “Chalo hotel wapis chalte hain”

To Anita Boli “Aap donon ko hotel ke room ki zyada zaroorat hai, aap joa hum baad main ayenge” aur hansne lagi, Humne taxi pakdi aur hotel par wapis a gaye. My wife was also very sexcited. Mujhe to taxi main bhi sabra nahin ho raha tha. But, Anjali stopped me from doing anything. Jaise hi hum apne room main enter hue, maine apne shorts utar diye and apni wife ko apni taraf khich liya.

She said “Thoda to wait karo, tum Anita ke boobs ko kaise ghoor rahe the”

I said “Tum toh Anita se bhi zyada sexy lag rahi thi aur Raj bhi to yumhare boobs ko ghoore ja raha tha”

She said “maine to apne bra tumhare liye utari thi”

I said “lekin aur log to tumhare boobs dekhkar pagal ho rahe the, par kapde utarne ka kiska idea tha”

She said “Anita ne mujhko bola, ki in logon ko hum dikhate hain ki hum kya cheese hain aur foreigners se bhi zyada sexy aur bold hain, toh mujhe bhi excitement hua, kyunki maine kabhi zindagi main nahin socha tha ki main aise public place main kabhi topless hokar ghoomoonge.”

Aur puchha “tumhen maza aya”

I said “main to excitement main pagal hi ho gaya tha, agar who public place nahin hoti to main tumhen wahin fuck kar deta”

Yeh kehkar maine apni wife ka top utar diya aur boobs suck karne laga. Usne mera brief neeche kar diya aur pahle mere dick, jo ki 8” bada hai excitement main 9” ka ho gaya tha, ko apne hath se sehlane lagi. Main ekdum out of control ho raha tha. Maine uske honth suck karne laga. Who aaahhhh karne lagi. Uske nipples ekdum hard ho rahe the. Phir usne mera dick apne munh main le liya aur suck karne lagee.

Pata nahin mujhe itna excitement kabhi nahin hua tha pahle. Phir maine uske honth suck karne laga dhire dhire main uski pussy tak pahuncha. To dekha who itni wet pahle kabhi nahin hui the. Maine apni ungali se uske pussy lips ko parting ki aur jeebh se chatne laga. Usne zara sa touch karne par itna juice nikala main to dekhta reh gaya aur who zor se moan karne lagi. I bet, agar koi room ke bahar khada hota to use meri wife ki moaning ki awaaz khoob sunai deti.

After sometime she lost her control and shouted “Please fuck me I cant control myself” Maine use bed par seedha litaya aur apne dick uske pussy par rakh diya. Mujhe aisa laga jaise maine kisi heater par apne dick rakha hai. Main dheere se use push karne laga toh Anjali se apne poore zoron se hips uthaye aur pura dick ander kar liya. Maine socha ise thoda sa tadpaya jaye, toh maine apna dick nikal kar thoda so ander kar dheere dheere hilane laga.

She shouted “Please mujhe mat satao aaahhhhhoooooohhh please fuck me hard” Then I inserted my dick with full strength and it was fully inside her in one stroke. She started shouting and moaning loudly oooaaaahhaaaaaa please do it fast. Mujhe use teases karne main bahut maza a raha tha. Then I was also out of control and started giving her faast strokes she was moving her hips in rhythm with me. After ten minutes of fucking she said that she is cumming

I was also ready to shoot and finally we both came together and my god the whole bed sheet was wet with her juices and my cum. What a relief man I can’t tell you I think I was never so much excited in my life. Phir hum panch minute bahon main bahen dal kar lete rahe and then I got up. Put on my shorts and opened the room of the door and went outside.Oh my Raj and Anita were sitting in the sitting room as in hurry we forgot to lock the sitting room door.

They started giggling at me . I understood that they have heard the noises of our love making. Immediately Anita said “Main ander jaker Anjali ko help karti hoon I was worried that the whole bed sheet is wet and she will see if she goes inside. But, till I would have uttered a word to stop her, she right away went to the room and I could hear the conversation between my wife and Anita

Anita “ Are Anjali yeh bed sheet kaise intni geeli (wet) ho gayi”

Anjali started making excuses and said “kuchh nahin yaar Aditya bathroom se nahakar nikle aur seedha bed par late gaye isliye geeli ho gayee”Anita said “ main samajhti hoon, bahut ganda bachcha hai Aditya theek se nahin karta sara bed par pani pani nikal diya hai” and started laughing. She continued “Anjali tumhen kuchh hua kya tumhari bahar awaaz a rahi thi? Anjali said “chup ho ja idiot” and both females started laughing.

Then I called the waiter to change the bed sheet. There was swimming pool in the hotel and I could see some topless foreigners sitting there. I and my wife went to the pool side to enjoy. There I ordered beer and started enjoying the show. After sometime I remember that I have forgotten my cell phone in the room.

So, I asked Anjali to sit there and ran to room to collect my cell phone. But, as I entered the sitting room, I heard moaning sounds from the room of Raj and Anita. I went near their room and luckily saw that the curtain of window is a little parted and window is open. But, the view was not very clear but I could see both were lying on bed fully nude. But I could hear their conversation.

Raj said “Anita tum wahan beach par topless kyun ho gayi thi, Aur tumne Aditya ko dekha who apni wife ki jagah tumhare boobs ko kaise ghoor raha tha.”

Anita said “Apni wife ke to woh rozana dekhta hai mere boobs to use aaj hi dekhne ko mile the. Tum bhi to jakar wahan nangi foreigners aur Anjali ke boobs ko dekh rahe the aur agar kuchh der hum wahan beach par ruk jate to tum donon ki undies to phat hi jati”

Raj said “tum Raj ki undies main kya dekh rahi thi”

Anita said “jot um Anjali ki panty main jhankne ki koshish kar rahe thi ahaha”

Raj said “lekin darling panty to main tumhari utar raha hoon.

Anita said tauntingly “koi baat nahin tum Anjali ki panty utar lena main Raj ka under wear utar loongi. I understood that Raj was serious but Anita was in jolly mood she changed the topic and said “batao na tumhen mere boobs zyada achchhe lage ya Anjali ke”

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Modern Rich Housewife – Part I

This is a not true story and its fiction. It was just an imagination of me and my friend. My name is Prerna and I am a rich married housewife aged 42. I stay in a multi storied building with my husband and two kids. My husband is always busy earning money and so I am left bored. He never has any time for me and when he returns from work he is usually so tired that he falls asleep soon.

When we married, we had sex regularly but now it’s just once a month routine. He cannot satisfy my physical needs anymore. Even that one time when we make love, both of us do not enjoy it anymore. We do it just to prove to each other that we are married. Well, so about five years back from now when I was 37, I decided to look out for sex. I was just interested in sex with no emotional involvements.

But it wasn’t easy. My first attention was to my husbands friends. But since most of them were married, I thought it was better to leave them out. I then diverted my attention to neighbors but again it was too dangerous lest my hubby comes to know. Some of my relatives like my jijus were handsome young men but then again I thought it was better not to target them.

So my search ended with no results. I took refuge in masturbation. I had bought myself some dildos and vibrators on my many visits abroad which I started to put to good use, fantasizing about all the hot men out there. My hubby s friends, relatives, neighbors, film actor’s even strangers, etc. So here I was a rich housewife who was to the world a sati savitri, but deep inside a slut for hot young

Men, someone who use to masturbate everyday fantasizing dirty things. I dare not show this side of my nature to anyone not even my husband. I usually wore sarees that reveal some of the mid portion of my body with my big round navel always exposed. While at home, when I was entering the lift I found myself surrounded by three servants who worked for different people in the building. I felt uneasy inside the lift.

Suddenly there was power-failure and it was completely dark inside the small lift. I was standing at the front part of the lift and the three servants were behind me. Involuntarily I murmured “Oh Fuck. I didn’t think anybody in the lift understood its meaning though everybody must have heard it because of the silence. Then it happened. I suddenly felt a single hand on my buttocks. It was light touch first.

I dared not shout; in fear that the other two servants may join him so I just stayed quiet, hoping that the security guards will soon put the generator on so that the lift may start again. Then that hand started roving around feeling the softness of my butt. Thans! I was wearing my panties that day. But the man had no shame whatsoever. He started with the other hand too. With one of his hands he started exploring my ass crack.

I was wearing a saree and it was difficult for him to access my ass crack. He proceeded to knead with both hands and took a handful of the fatty flesh of my butts. He then pulled the plastic band of my panties from the thigh part. I could not take it anymore and so I shouted, ‘ Kya ho raha heaa yeh security guards generator kyon nahin chala rahe hea. I thought that this may fear away the servant who was molesting me in the dark.

He removed both his hands for about few seconds but again he started doing obscene things.

Suddenly I felt one of his hands on my hand pulling my hand behind me. That bastard had the guts to put my hands on his throbbing big hot cock. He made me hold it and then forcibly held my hand. He then started jerking his cock. I had for the first time in my life held such a big fat hard and hot cock.

So I was in a twin shocked¦ one, of the reality that this guy had the nerves to take my hand and put inside his lungi and force me to masturbate him and second of holding such a big fat cock. I tried to pull my hands away but he was way too powerful for me. I could feel the sweat of his cock and his hand on my hand. With a few jerks I could feel the tip of his cock oozing out with pre-cum.

Well after a few jerks he released my hand but to my surprise I continued to masturbate him forgetting that he had released me. Maybe I was shocked and forgot what I was doing or did not want to release such a powerful tool. Oh what an idiot I was. I immediately released it and brought my hand back. Then for a few seconds nothing happened, maybe that Haraami servant expected that the lights might be on any moment.

Soon the lift started and it seemed as if nothing ever had happened. I looked behind wanting to see who had the guts to act in such filthy behavior. I was angry and embarrassed. But all I could see were three indifferent faces. I looked for about few seconds but my floor had come and so I had to come out. I felt so helpless that I could not even identify the culprit servant who did all this.

I opened my flat with the keys I was carrying in my purse and locked myself inside the flat. I took a big sigh and started crying. I felt the wetness on my right hand which had held his cock a few seconds before. The second cock I had ever held in my life. I brought my hand to smell it. Oh it was awful. His cock sweat and his cock pre-cum mixed with his own hand sweat.

I immediately went to the bathroom to wash it all away. I was angry. How could he do that to me? Me. I was the wife of one of the richest industrialist of the city. I moved around amongst page 3 parties. I was well known amongst the richest section of the Society. The celebrity knew me. How did he have the guts to molest my butt? And to make me hold his dirty smelly wet cock. Oh.

I thought of telling my husband and getting him arrested on charges of molesting and attempting to. Whatever, I will not spare that bastard. I thought of killing him. I was still crying and washed my hand thoroughly with the soap. Then I looked myself in the bathroom mirror. Oh why did this happen to me. How can that bastard do this to me? Saala haraami son of a bitch I shouted fuck, fuck fuck. I opened my saree and then my blouse.

Thankfully he had not felt my tits. I stood there for a while watching myself in the mirror. I felt like a dirty whore. I needed a bath immediately and I removed my bra. What I saw in the mirror amazed me. My nipples were erect. I could not believe my eyes. How could this happen? It was not possible that of all women in the world I would have enjoyed it. I pinched them trying to soften them but it became harder. I pinched again and suddenly I felt a tinge of enjoyment.

Did I enjoy this molestation? No not possible. It cannot be. I immediately removed my petticoat and then I saw, to my horror. Did I enjoy this molestation? No not possible. It cannot be. I immediately removed my petticoat and then I saw, to my horror that my white panties were wet. I pulled down my panties and fingered my chut. It was fully wet with the excretion of my sex juices.

I could not believe myself. Was I a slut in the deepest core of my heart? Are there two sides to my personality? How could I be so angry and excited at the same time? Gosh I felt the need to take a bath but also the need to masturbate. I could still feel his hands roving around my fleshy ass. I looked myself in mirror again. I saw a hot lady with a figure of 36 30 and 38. I was 37 years old but still had a good figure and nice smooth fair skin.

I immediately opened the small almirah of the bathroom where I hid my dildoes and vibrators. I always used the brown dildo but never ever did I use the black one. The black one came free with the brown one, and since I always fantasized brown men I used the brown dildo the black one. I did not know why for the first time I took out the black dildo.

Tore open the packet as it was still sealed. I took it out and put it in my mouth as to suck it deep. It had a strange smell maybe because of being unused for two to three years. But still I wanted to suck deep as if it was the same cock I touched minutes before. Gosh! I could not believe myself. All I knew was that at that moment I wanted it.

I sucked hungrily for a while and then I let the black dildo roam around my body. I rubbed my tits and then my hard and erect nipples with it. I took some more saliva on the dildo and then again rubbed my nipples with it. Oh I was in heaven. Then I felt my bellybutton with it and then slowly took it down to my chut. I inserted the fat black dildo inside my pussy slowly fearing it will not go inside easily.

But my pussy was wet with my sex liquids and it slided inside. I started fucking my chut with the dildo and yes I imagined that it was the same cock which I had felt minutes before. I fantasized about that dirty dick and I shouted in Hindi abusive and filthy words. Oh oh oh saala haraami aao naaa pelo apne lund se apni maalkin ko aaa kutta kahin ka aaa.mere haath mein apna lund pakadwaata he saalaaa ab aao saala kamina mota mota lauda pelo meri

Phuddi meinaa apni maalkin ke phuddi meinaa ohhhhhhhh and then I had one of the best orgasm of my life. I was drained out of all my energy. I felt tired but at peace with myself. I sat down on the floor naked for sometime surprised about what I had experienced. I wanted to think nothing. Just enjoy the moment I told myself. I got up and then took a hot water bath. My husband would just be coming I thought and so I changed into my night dress.

I was feeling light after a long time. I ordered my servant to give me a hot tea and then I thought about whether to tell my husband about the whole incident or not. I had to think about what course of action to be taken. One thing was clear. Although at the time of being sexually abused and molested inside the lift I was angry. I could not deny the fact that I enjoyed masturbating thinking about the incident.

I decided not to say anything about it to my husband. But another thought kept me engaged the entire night. Who, out of the three servants, was he, who did the dirty thing with me?
There was a knock at the door. It was my servant who had got tea for me. I asked him to come inside. While he was serving tea to me I suddenly looked at him. I had never in the past years ever looked at any servant least of all my servant.

But today after the lift incident I noticed my servant for the first time. He was wearing a t-shirt and shorts. Could it be possible that he too was sporting a huge dirty filthy cock as that haraami who molested me? My servant Raju was about 28 years old I guessed. That made him nearly 10 years younger to me. He was smart and had an athletic body. Oh! What was I thinking? Because of my strong sexual unfulfilled desires I was thinking sexually about my own servant.

I immediately removed all such dirty thoughts out of my mind. No I will not think like this.
I had the tea Raju had brought. A thought crossed my mind. I called Raju and asked him about the three servants. But I could not describe them properly. There were so many other male servants too in the building complex. How could I give him a proper description of the three servants in the life with me? I did not even know their names. Moreover I concluded that if

I persist more he could suspect something fishy and probe more into the matter. After all he was also a servant and he might know the haraami whose cock I held. My husband came after a little while. I had already made up my mind that I would not tell anything about him. We had our dinner and then watched TV. My mind was far away from TV but I sat with my husband pretending to watch. Then we came to our bedroom and slept.

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Sex Is Life

Though sex in marriage is satisfying but outside marriage is just wonderful, it takes you to newer heights and you are at your best. I’m sharing this with you without the permission of girl I had this experience with, so

I’m not revealing the real names and locations; but yes the facts are very similar to what I have written. I don’t know how good a writer I’m, but here I go. I have a fairly active and satisfying sex life. To describe me, I’m in my thirties and quite athletic, a regular at Jim with height of 5.10 and being north Indian as I’m KK from Kashmir. I believe it is not right for one to say that I’m very handsome; it for people to decide and vary from person to person, so I just gave my basic physical details.

We do have girls at work place and we do talk freely but I generally find it difficult to open up beyond a point. This Story that I’m going to narrate happened just a week before. For work I have to travel to different parts of the country but it is not for longer durations. On one of these occasions I have to travel to Mumbai. Though sex in marriage is satisfying but outside marriage is just wonderful, it takes you to newer heights and you are at your best. I’m sharing this with you without the permission of girl I had this experience with, so

I’m not revealing the real names and locations; but yes the facts are very similar to what I have written. I don’t know how good a writer I’m, but here I go. I have a fairly active and satisfying sex life. To describe me, I’m in my thirties and quite athletic, a regular at Jim with height of 5.10 and being north Indian ‘m fair too. I believe it is not right for one to say that I’m very handsome; it for people to decide and vary from person to person, so I just gave my basic physical details.

We do have girls at work place and we do talk freely but I generally find it difficult to open up beyond a point. For work I have to travel to different parts of the country but it is not for longer durations. On one of these occasions I have to travel to Mumbai in Uttarkhand. Our branch head had left all of a sudden and I had to look for a replacement and also manage the branch till that time. So I had no idea for how long I have to be away from home. It was May and the weather was perfect for mountains.

Only good accommodation that I got there was the house where our earlier branch head was staying. The ground floor was occupied by the land lord and on the first floor it had two apartments. Both were vacant and I took one. The two apartments were inter-connected through a common door (which was locked) connecting the drawing room of both the apartments. The other apartment was also vacant, so I was all alone on this big floor. I used to spend most of my time in the branch, working late evenings as I had nothing to do after office.

After about a month the landlord told me that the other apartment has also been let out and a manager of an insurance company will be coming there. I was a little happy that I might get some company after office. The day after when I came back from work, the door of the apartment was closed, I thought that I will meet my new neighbor the next day morning. Next day as usual got up early and went for a jog and while I was coming back I saw a very pretty newly wedded girl in my balcony (balcony for both the flats was common).

I’m from Delhi and Delhi has pretty faces everywhere but she was just too beautiful. Milky white, full breast and round bottoms, blackish brown straight silky hairs almost touching her bottoms and she was about 5? 3” tall, wearing a red suit with chunni on her head and wrist full of red bangles filling most of part of the wrist (wearing chooda if you understand that). Some time you are surprised that how much you notice in just a few seconds of look.

I could have said at least “hi” but with her beauty I couldn’t get the courage, just the sight of her made blood rush in whole of my body, and I straight went in. She was putting clothes on the wire for drying. She did take a look at me from the corner of her eye but was normal otherwise and kept on with her cloths. I kept with my routine and was getting ready for office and after about an hour someone knocked on the door; I thought it must be landlord. It was a handsome gentleman, my new neighbor and husband of ‘the fairy’

I had seen a while ago. We introduced ourselves and he told me that he is working for a leading insurance company and working as a Sales manager and has been transferred to Mumbai. I was happy as he was looking like someone I could talk to, when I come back from work. His name was Junaid. He also told me that he has been married about a couple of months back and his wife Sakeena is with him.

I told him that my family is at Kashmir and I’m here for a short while may, a week or two more. He was quite friendly and since I was alone he invited me for dinner. I was a little uncomfortable as we just have been introduced and he had a fairy in there and I was not sure how to behave with her; I knew the moment I’m in their home, it will be just impossible for me take my eyes off that gorgeous looking Wife.

When he left I noticed something wrong the way he was walking; something you too must have noticed while some people walk; it looks like as if they are homo; but that walk always is not related to someone being a gay, I have known people with that walk but still are straight. The whole day in office I was thinking about that lovely face, I have just seen her for few seconds, and was looking forward for the dinner.

At 8.30 in the evening I knocked at my neighbor’s door and Sakeena answered it; I extended my hand saying hello I’m KK(sometime you do behave awkwardly, I know I should not have extended my hand for a hello, in Delhi it could have been fine but not here). She did extend her hand I got a touch of most soft hand I have ever touched. I was conscious of what I have done so retreated fast. I asked her about Junaid and she told me that he is taking shower.

I said then I will come back in bout 10 – 15 mins, she said no it is fine and I should come in. I was sitting there and looking at her every now and then, moving my head one way or the other. She was noticing this too but kept busy with cutting her salads. She broke the ice, it is generally easy for the girls I think, and asked about my family and it all began from there. We started talking I eased a bit, the blood pressure was coming back to normal, summersaults in tummy were settling down and I was talking to her not making her conscious.

Junaid arrived after about 15 mins and things were normal thereafter; though even now every time I was looking at her she was making me conscious as if I’m doing it for purpose. Dinner was fine, in fact was too good for a person having home food after a long time, I did complement her for her cooking. Junaid said we can have at least one meal together at night if not more. I was overwhelmed by his invitation, a little embarrassed too for looking at his wife the wrong way. Here were two very nice people and we became good friends.

At times I too used to cook for them, what every little I could. Life was a little better in this sleepy little town. One of the other things that I noticed was something missing in relationship between Junaid and Sakeena. They were not acting as a newly married couple, something was missing while they were talking to each other; they were sort of too formal between them. That anyways was none of my business and I never took liberty of probing.

She was very cute and chirpy while she was alone with me and a healthy friendship grew between me and her and with Junaid as well. Sakeena and I had some common interest in music (western as well as Bollywood), books and travel and I copied all my music collection on her PC. We used to talk long hours on these. I didn’t realize it then but I was actually falling for this beautiful girl.

Junaid used to come late at times and if we were having dinner together, we used to wait for him. At times he used to be as late as 10.30 – 11 at night. By mid June rains had arrived in the mountains (rains are generally very heavy in mountains) and on one of this rainy day Junaid was not back even by 11.30 and we were a little worried. His cell was not reachable. Then we saw the headlight of his bike from a distance, he was driving very slowly and as soon as he reached home he could not park it and fell on the ground along with the bike.

We both ran down; Junaid had met with an accident. On this rainy day his bike had slipped on dark wet road. He had bad burses on this left arm and leg and even his head bleeding (fortunately not heavily). We took him to hospital in my car, finding a doc in a small town in the middle of night is not easy. Doc worked on him and came out after an hour, we were waiting outside. He said Junaid had no serious injury and should be back to normal in about three to four days but at that time he running high fever.

The Doc suggested keeping him in the hospital till next day morning. He also told us that since there is nothing serious with him and as such there is no place for the attendant we can go back now and come at 9 in the morning. With this both came back; it was about 2 in the morning and sleep was gone so was hunger. In the mountains even in the month of June, with rains, you start shivering and we both were. I offered to make coffee for Sakeena and she agreed. I bought two big mugs of coffee and we started chatting; just chit chatting.

Then Sakeena asked about my kids and I told her that our first one came in the first year of our marriage, wasn’t planned. I asked her what they are planning. Sakeena was uncomfortable with this question, all this while she was looking at me while talking, but now she was looking at the floor and I saw a strange sadness in that bubbly cute face. I said I’m sorry I should not have asked but she no, it is ok and there is nothing wrong in what I have asked and with that her eyes were wet. She said they can’t have kids.

I was taken a back; they were married only for a couple of months and I asked her the same. She was quite for some time and as I was about to change the topic, she started talking. She said it is very personal and embarrassing to share with. I said it is ok, she doesn’t have to if she is not comfortable. But she was looking for someone to talk to and looked at me with those helpless eyes. I so much wanted to hug her. I went close to her and held her hand and I think she felt trusted.

She told me her small little story and the mystery that they had in their not so hot relationship (between her and Junaid) unfolded; what she has been holding for all this time from me and the entire world. She told me that on the day of their wedding night they did try to make love but Junaid could not get erection and he seemed to be uninterested and then he slept after an hour of wasted attempts. Junaid didn’t show much interest since then and when she asked him ‘what the matter was’ he said that he is not interested in sex is a very spiritual person.

She asked him then how will they have kids and if there is any problem they can consult a doc. But he replied that nothing is wrong with him and he is not interested in kids either. He had given some hints to her that he could be gay but she doesn’t know much about it so she can’t say what actually the matter is. All my friendship, caring for Junaid turned into rage and I asked her that didn’t she ask him that ‘why did he marry at the first place’.

She said she did ask him and he told her that his parents wanted him to get married, a standard reply in such cases. My blood pressure was going up, how could someone ruin the whole life of such an innocent girl; it wasn’t a matter of a day or two not even a year or two it was killing someone every day for rest of her life. How could he do it, I just couldn’t digest the fact. She was still looking at ground and tears rolling down from those lovely eyes. I still couldn’t get the courage of hugging her. I asked her that hasn’t she thought in terms of divorce.

She said she can’t even think of divorce; she is from a very conservative family and is the eldest of the three daughters of her parents. If she divorces him, ever one in the family will disown her and no one will ever be touch with her. She said it is better for her to live with this marriage and be with everyone and live rest of the life the way it is. She said Junaid otherwise is decent person and generally reasonable. I was so moved hearing all this, felt so helpless; may be for the first time in my life (and may be the only time ever)

I felt I wish I had met her before I was married (even when I’m quite happy with married life).
I took the courage and wiped off the tears from her face and she looked up, looked up to me as if I could do something and things will change for her, looking at me with those expected eyes. All I could do was take her in my arms and hug her. She had her head on my shoulder and her arms on my back but the crying didn’t stop, don’t know for how long and I held her tightly. I never wanted to let her go out of my embrace.

She stopped I don’t know exactly but may be after half n hour; I wiped her face, her head had now moved from my shoulder on to my chest and I could see her face in the slightly dim light of the table lamp. Her silken hairs touch my face and I kissed her head two three times. She looked at me and I really don’t know what that innocent face was asking me but she was looking like the most beautiful women in the world to me; her deep eyes still wet, bold pinky lips, a bindi on the forehead,

I generally am not short of words but that day I really don’t have words to describe her beauty. I don’t know how but my face came closer to her and she closed her eyes and our lips met. I very softly took her lips into mine and had shivers in my spine. She had very soft and warm lips. I started kissing her, her mouth slightly open and I was exploring her mouth. Our tongue was touching and I was licking her lovely lips. Our breath was getting heavier and we were now holding each other tighter.

I was holding her with my left hand and was caressing her silky hairs and her face with my right hand. We were getting hot and she started responding and our tongues were now groping deep inside. Still kissing very softly and I was transported into a different world. May be the best moments of my life. It was all love, no lust in it, no feeling of guilt, two human being loving each other and it was just wonder. We must have kissed for may be 30 to 40 minutes and all this while Sakeena’s eyes were closed. I’m not sure but I think this was the first lip kiss for her (knowing her back ground and present circumstances).

Our lips parted and she opened her eyes; she looked at me there and was a smile on her face. Our embrace loosened and she got up and looking down at the ground she went to her apartment without saying a word. It is 4.30 in the morning and with a feeling of giving a few happy moments to someone I went to bed too. I didn’t want to sleep but was so tired with the night’s ordeal that I didn’t know when I sleep. I woken up by some gentle knocks at my door; it was Sakeena with a smile.

It was around 9 in the morning and time to being Junaid back. I hugged her as soon as she entered and she too hugged me back. Without saying a word we were in each other’s arms for about 5 mins, it was a very nice feeling. She broke the hug and said we are getting late, we have brought Junaid back. We reached the hospital; he was still in half sleep.

In about a couple of hours we brought him back home; he was doing fine but for some bandages, his fever was gone and after about four days of rest at home he was back to work. My feelings for him as a good friend had changed but I was still trying to be as normal as possible.

Since Junaid was at home we too maintained our distance. I was missing home badly and went back on a weekend. Came back again and was looking forward to meet Sakeena again. It was month ending and Junaid was coming home late, that was normal for him. The very next day that I arrived, I got that gentle knock at my door in the middle of night. I opened the door, it was Sakeena and it was raining heavy out there.

She said she got a call from Junaid about an hour and a half back saying that all this while he has been in a nearby town and waiting for rain to stop. Since it was a heavy pore and the accident that he had, he said he would prefer to stay at his friend’s house who lived in the same town. May be trying to read my mind (thought I had no questions there) but she said she is feeling scared of sleeping alone. We have not been alone, real alone, for some days now and we have not hugged for some time.

Without thinking about anything I closed the door and took her in my arms. This was the time where I wish the world to stop, the clock to stop clicking. I thought I could spend my entire life in her arms, think somewhere inside me I was in love with this girl. I do love my wife and I do get all the love from her but sometime I think you are / can be in love with two at a time; it happens. And I just couldn’t control and said Sakeena, said replied in a low ‘huuum’ and I said ‘

I love u’. Don’t know how and don’t why I said that but yes I did. She looked up and had tears in those deep big eyes. It was a very emotionally charged moment for us. She buried her head in my chest and tears kept rolling. I wish I could do something, I wish I could change things for her but I couldn’t play God. I was wiping tears from her soft cheeks and running my hands through her lovely hairs. I pulled her chin up and kissed her and we kissed passionately.

I had my left hand on her back the right holding her head moving gently in her hairs. She too was holding me tight with her one hands cupped from below my arms to my shoulders and the other own holding me from back. We were exploring each other’s mouth and the feeling was wonderful. It is been about three years since then but thinking about that day I still can visualize every single details and get very emotional about it.

My right hand was on her back and was caressing it all this while and I moved down to her bottoms. Marvelous; that is the only word I have for it, perfectly round, firm and must have been size 36. I’m man who is more aroused by perfect bottoms than breasts. She was wearing a pink nighty and I was feeling her over it. I pressed her bottoms and pushed her closer to me so that our bodies were touch all over.

I was in my Bermuda shorts and t-shirt and I’m sure that she must have felt my hardness. My hands were exploring further now and I was touching the parting of her bottoms and pushing her closer and closer to me. Our lips still exploring each other’s mouth, bodies pressed against each other and my hand exploring her, it was a feeling and I just didn’t want it to stop. May be after about 15 – 20mins we detached and she looked at me and I could see all the love she had in her eyes. I took her to my bedroom.

I sat on the bed and made her sit on my lap and we were lip locked again. I was holding from beck with my left hand the right was free to explore. I was moving my right hand over her very pretty face, her silky hairs her neck and don’t know when I placed my hands on her breast and was caressing them, one by one. The size was one handful, not very big nor too small. Now she was getting aroused and our kisses were getting more passionate and hotter. She was holding me from my back and responding to my every move.

Our lips parted for a while and we again hugged tight, my both hands on her back now and right one moving down to her thighs; moving up and down on her thighs and bottoms and feeling her softly. I wanted to feel her more and moved her nighty up with my right hand. Think the people of the hills have a habit of wearing more than required; she was wearing a white salwar below nighty. I had to pull the nighty up to the knot of the salwar and one hand was not enough to open the knot and to pull it down.

I made her half stand and pulled the salwar down with the right hand. She was flowing with the current and I think had decided to let things happen, have the best of the moments of love. At that time it wasn’t that I’m married and it wasn’t that she too is married; it was just two of us; two people in love and making love and world beyond this didn’t exist. I pulled her nighty up to her waist. She was fair, very fair but what I saw then made me realize that she was not just very fair but she was actually milky white, in fact her skin was slight pinkish white.

I placed my hands on her thighs and started caressing them; she was wearing a deep red panty and when I touched it, it was very wet. I wanted to smell it, I wanted to lick it, and I wanted my lips between her legs. Her breath was getting very heavy now. I took off her nighty and she was now just her panty and bra. I took my hands behind her and unhooked her bra and was about to take it off but she got up from my lap and went to bed, taking the sheet on her.

I took off my Bermuda and t-shirt and went to bed with her in my undies. I started kissing her all over, starting from her forehead to her eyes, her soft cheeks, her neck, her ear; Sakeena had her eyes closed and now moaning very softly.

I could hear her heavy breath and very faint ummmmmmm and hummmmm. I moved down to her breast, still covered with bra. It was unhooked and I just took it off. What a sight it was, those lovely boobs, probably untouched till now by any male species.
Absolutely erect and pink nipples. She stopped me and told me to switch off the lights.

I put off the bedroom lights but let the living room lights on; I wanted to see her. I went back to the bed and tugged inside the sheet Sakeena was having. Again we were in each other’s arms and started kissing passionately. I was caressing her erect boobs one after another, they have become quite firm. I slowly started moving down and my lips came on to her breasts. I started licking them gently and slowly took those pink nipples in my mouth.

I wanted t take the whole of the boobs in my mouth, like a man who is hungry for ages but certainly those were just too big to be take all inside my mouth. My tongue was doing things on her and now she was holding my head with her both hand and pressing it on her boobs. Her breath was getting heavier and moaning very audible now, her legs were moving side by side and she was losing controls, actually getting out of bounds and I think at that time she too wanted to have the best of moments.

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Seduction Of A Conservative Sexy Hosuewife

I am Raj, a happily married man of 32 years age having one child and have a very strong sex drive.

After reading so many stories on ISS, I felt that I should share my sexperience which I had long ago, at the age of 26. That time I was in Mumbai, staying with my uncle at Andheri, for getting a certificate in A/c and Refrigeration through a institute from Dadar,

After passing out of a diploma course. Now, I will come to the point. I met a gentleman of age 37 yrs called Sandip(name changed for safety) in the institute, who was a instructor in electronics trade, in that institute. He was belonging to my caste and hence he had a special attention towards me. I was calling him as ‘Sir’.

After one month during course, which was of six months, one Saturday he called me to come to his home.

Since I was respecting him, I agreed for the offer and told my uncle that I am going to a friend’s home to stay till Sunday evening and went to his home at Thane with him after the classes.When we reached his house, one lady in sleeve less blouse and saree opened the door. After entering the house,

Sir introduced me to that lady as she his wife Smitha. I greeted her with a smile and she also smiled back. She was 29 yrs, 5’5” with milky white complexion. The flat was 2BHK on second floor and I was shown the second bed room for settle down for the day. I went to bath room, got freshened up, wore a bermuda and came to the hall,

I was surprised to see Smitha has changed to a half sleeve blouse. I tried not to show my expession, but I think she noticed the change in expression of my face.

Everything went fine and we had the dinner at about 9.30 PM and The couple, sorry for not telling that they had a son of 1 year old, Suhas, retired for sleep along with their child. I was watching cricket on TV for the name sake and thinking about Smitha. Even though she was in sleeveless blouse, when we entered the house,

I could not see her open body, except hands, as she was covering body very well with saree. But, I could feel that, she had a good figure and was thinking that how can I see her assets. At around about 11.30 PM, Smitha came out and asked me that ‘why you are not sleeping’.

I told her that ‘Bhabhi, I will sleep after this match’. She also watched the match for a while, during which I was watching her left boob through blouse, which was now little open due to loose pallu and found that the size of it was like big size MOSAMBI.

It was firm and round, may be due to bra. Looking at that, my member in the bermuda started getting a hard on. Since it was bermuda, she could not see my bulge. When she turned to look at me, I was watching the TV and she could not notice my survey of her boob. She told me to sleep and went to sleep.

I immediately put off the TV, went to toilet and shagged thinking of fucking Smitha. To tell you friends, it was a great feeling to shag thinking of fucking to her. I shagged twice and went to sleep.

Next day when I got up at around about 9.00AM, I found that ‘Sir’ was not there and Smitha told me that he has gone to the institute for some work and will return by Lunch, at about 01.00PM. She served me with the breakfast.

She asked me whether I am feeling lonely due to Sir’s absence. I told her that ‘when you are around, why should I feel lonely?’ She was blushed and just smiled at me.

After the breakfast I took the plates and started cleaning them. She immediately closed the tap and told me that ‘you are guest in this house and you should not do all these things. This is my job’.

I told her that ‘I am comfortable doing all these thing as I do same at my uncle’s place’. She told that ‘You can do any thing at your uncle’s house. Here you are a guest and should not do all these things’.

And told me to go to hall and watch TV. I asked her ‘Is there any problem to you if I stay here? It is better to be with you than watching the TV programmes’. She looked at me in a different way and told me that ‘Your Sir does not like men to be in the kitchen when women are working’.

She had cleverly hinted me, without uttering the words, that, she did not have any problem for my being in the kitchen, if it is not known to

Sir. I told her that ‘do not worry bhabhi, before Sir’s arrival I will be in the hall. He would not come to know that I was with you in the kitchen. I hope you have no objection for me to be with you’.

She just smiled and continued her work. She gave me some job of cutting the vegetables and during the time I told her so many jokes, all family type, which she enjoyed a lot. I was totally enjoying her beauty, which was clearly visible due to her loose pallu and lifting the saree up for ease of working.

Upper portion of her breasts and leg portion was clearly visible. She had very fair and smooth skin. It was a great feeling and my cock was hard as rock in my undies, which she could not notice due to bermuda. So many times I felt like hugging her from behind and pressing her boobs while grinding my croach to her protruding bum cheeks. Somehow I controlled my self and went to toilet and shgged.

By that time it was 12.30 PM and she told me go to hall and watch TV, as it was time for Sir to come. She told me that ‘Thank you for your company. I did not know how the time passed, which otherwise I would be waiting to finish the work’. I told her by bending, with my right hand on my chest ‘It is my pleasure.

You are most welcome’, in my mind I was saying that ‘Try my small brother once…You will always want company of my small brother’ and I went to hall and started watching TV.Sir came at about 01.30 PM and smiled at me and told me that ‘ sorry that I could not tell you that I am going to institute. Did you have any problem?’ I said ‘ No Sir, I was watching the TV programmers’

He told me not call him Sir at home, but to call him as Uncle. We had lunch and slept. In the evening I left to Andheri after having tea.The actual story starts now. On Thursday, Sir, whom I started calling as Uncle, told me to come to his house on Saturday and to stay for 10 days, as he was going to outstation for official work.

He also told me that earlier he used to leave his wife and child at her sister’s place in Dombivali, who was staying with her husband, two children and her mother in law in a 1BHK flat.

Since this time duration is more, his wife suggested my name to stay with her as I am grown up enough to take care of her and the child, in case of any emergency. I said OK and told to my Andheri Uncle that I am going to my friend, who met me after very long time and I am going to stay with him for 10 days, as I did not want him to know where I am going and went to Thane Uncle’s House.

On reaching there both uncle and bhabhi welcomed me, even the child, Suhas recognized me. I gave him a chocolate. It went normally on that day.It was decided to go to VT with Uncle to send him off and while returning to go to Dadar for buying some vegetables, as they are cheap in Dadar market. As decided after sending off Uncle, we, me with bhabhi and Suhas went to Dadar, bought the vegetables and came to the station to catch a local to Thane.

It was 10.45 AM. We were waiting for local. I was holding Suhas all the way. I asked bhabhi to go to ladies bogie with baby, for that she told me that she will come to general bogie with me as I am there to take care of her and baby.

She said it would be difficult to go in the ladies compartment with the baby. We boarded the train at about 11.00AM and got a place to stand near the door against the partition wall. She was standing against the wall facing me holding the vegetable bag in left hand and I was standing in front of her covering her. I was holding the baby in my right hand and holding the rod on the partition wall with the left hand.

I was keeping a safe distance so that I am not pressing her with my body. But, in the next station more people entered the train and some how I had to press my self to her. Still I shifted a little bit to her right side as her left hand was down holding the bag.

Now my right thigh was pressing her right thigh. The pallu of bhabhi was flattering due to wind and I was getting a nice view of her bulge of milky white boobs inside the pallu due to which my cock was hard and bulging in side the pant. She noticed flattering of pallu and with her right hand she tucked her pallu to the blouse.

By this time Suhas had slept on my shoulder and I just moved my hand to hold him properly. In the process, back of my right palm just brushed her left boob. She suddenly looked at me in surprise but she realized the why I did that. She told me to hand over Baby to her and tried to take him. I did not allow her to take Suhas and I told her that ‘You came with me in general compartment for ease of traveling and when I am along, you need not worry about Suhas’.

During this process she suddenly brought her right hand down and passed between our bodies to hold the vegetable bag from left hand. I did not had enough time to give a way for hand to pass through, which brushed my hard bulge on the way. I did not know what to do and started looking out of the train.

Now her right hand was down with the vegetable bag. In the process her pallu again got loose and started flattering, which even after knowing she left it for flattering and again I was getting full view of the bulge of her milk mound. She turned to her left to see inside of compartment which made her right hand to again brush my bulge. In this position her right side ass cheek was pressing my bulge and I knew that she was feeling it.

Still, she did not move and also I noticed that her ass was moving a bit so as to caress my bulge. At this moment back my palm holding the baby was touching her right boob and I found that her nipple was hard. This time she did not made any attempt to see me as if nothing happened. I thought she is doing all this purposely and pressed my right hand little hard on her right boob, while looking outside, as if I do not know any thing. I think she looked at me, but I could not know.

She turned to face me and while turning the right hand again brushed my hard on. Now her right hand, with the vegetable bag, was on my right thigh just inches away from my bulged cock. I was surprised to know that why her hand is on my thigh? If she wanted, she could have held it back so as to avoid touching my thigh.

I also acted as if nothing happened and kept a watch on the feeling of her hand on my thigh. I could feel that her hand was slowly moving towards my cock. Within short time it touched side of my erect member and kept it there for some time, may be to see my reaction. Finding no reaction from me, it again moved further and completely rested on the middle of the bulge with pressure.

I just turned to see inside of the compartment with a innocent look on my face and noticed that she is also looking inside compartment. To confirm again, I forcibly throbbed my cock 2-3 times, which she must have felt, but still her hand did not move from the place. It was evident now that this sexy lady wants a good time with me. I was now sure that next 10 days will be like journey to heaven with this young sexy lady. I also started free movements of my body.

I placed my right hand, holing the baby, directly on the side of her left boob and pressed hard, but did not look at her. I slipped my forefinger and middle finger inside her pallu and pressed hardened nipple between them. She shivered a little bit and pressed her hand on my cock little hard and held the cock in between back of her fore finger and middle finger and pressed 2-3 times.

All the while we were looking here and there, without having eye contact of each other, as if nothing has happened. I spread my legs a bit & shifted my waist to my right side and pressed my erect dick on her front side on her pussy. With the motion of the train, I started grinding my bulge on her pussy.

She was breathing heavily due to all this pressing, brushing. Meantime Thane station arrived and we had to get down. While getting down I just said ‘Bhabhi, How fast we reached? I never knew’ She said ‘We have traveled almost one hour’. I told ‘time passed like anything’ She just smiled bent down her head.

After reaching home, she was behaving as if she is some other lady than who had traveled with me by train. She said that first she will make food hot, which was prepared before going to VT and then feed Suhas before serving the lunch. I said ‘OK bhabhi.

I will bring PAN for both of us’ She said that she never eats PAN as it makes her feel giddy. I told her that it is because she eats PAN very rarely and if she does not eat PAN then I will also not eat. After some deliberation, she agreed to eat MEETHA PAN. I decided to make her to eat that special PAN which contains some drug, which enhances the sex urge in multifold, because I realized that she is a lady with dual nature.

One of her nature is to be conservative lady, faithful to her husband and second one is to enjoy variety in sex, which she is not able to, due to conservative nature of her husband. I wanted to bring out her second nature during my stay and enjoy the beauty of this charming, sexy but conservative, shy lady.

I went to the railway station to bring the PAN as I did not want any nearby PAN vendor to know with whom I am staying so as to keep the secrecy of identity. I asked a PANwala, near station, to give me two MEETHA PAN. As he started to prepare PAN, I asked him any special PAN for ladies and winked at him. He smiled and told me that It will cost more. I told him that make one that special PAN.

He prepared two MEETHA PAN, one of them was that special one and packed separately for me to recognize later. He also told me that to make the lady to feel about the sex, which will increase her urge to have sex. I came home, had lunch with bhabhi during which she was very normal as if nothing happened in the train. I gave her that special PAN and went to hall started to watch TV.

After some time she came to hall sat on the sofa chair opposite to me. We talked many things in general. Suddenly she asked me ‘is there any problem for you to stay here?’ I said ‘No bhabhi. Why are you asking this?’ She said that I would have been enjoying the company of friends at Andheri, which is not possible now. I told her ‘Bhabhi do not worry about it.

Infact I am thankful for recommending my name for staying here during uncle’s absence, as I like you very much’ She blushed and kept quite. I asked her ‘Bhabhi, I noticed on first day, when I came here, you were wearing sleeveless blouse and after some time changed to half sleeve blouse. Why?’

She felt shy and said that ‘ My husband does not like to wear such dress in front of others’ I told her ‘Bhabhi if you like, you can wear sleeveless dress. It suits very well to your figure. You look great. Donot worry about it. I will not tell any one’.

She again blushed and put her head down. I wanted her to feel sex, but the subject was not coming up. I told her ‘ Bhabhi, you look 4-5 years young than your age in that sleeveless blouse. Why do not you wear?’ She looked at me with a confused look and I think that hit the target.

She said that at this young age I should concentrate on studies rather than on such things. I asked her Bhabhi, what do you think my age is?’ She said it must be 18-20. I said why are you thinking so? She said because you are still studying and you do not have facial hairs. I told her that I am 26 and I have completed diploma and I had joined a job for two years. Also I told her why I am doing this course. As far as facial hairs are concerned,

I told her that due to some reasons I am not getting facial hairs but hairs at other places are at abandon and showed my arm pit. I asked her whether she wants to see herself the other place from where she can see the hairs as well as can see my exact growth.

She blushed and told me that she is feeling sleepy and told me to sleep. I told her that ‘I will sleep when I feel to. At present I am wide awake’ and looked at her straight. She just got up and went to bed room and closed the door.

I went to balcony of the hall and started counting the minutes, as I knew she has to come back to me very soon due to the effect of special PAN. Within 10 minutes she was at the door of the balcony and asked me ‘what are you doing here without sleeping?’.

I was surprised to see her in a sleeveless cream coloured blouse with a chiffon saree with her pallu spread on the chest. It was clear that she was not wearing the bra as the bra strap was not visible. Top of her breast bulge and the cleavage was clearly visible through saree as the blouse was of low and wide neck.

This gave me instant hard on, which luckily was hidden in my bermuda. She stood near me on my left side from where open portion of her right boob was visible. I told her that I was thinking of our journey by train today. She looked at me in a nervous look and went in side & sat on sofa. I also went in hall sat next to her keeping my left hand on the back of sofa behind her. I asked her ‘what happened?

Why you are so nervous?’ and placed my left hand on her left shoulder. She looked at me nervously and asked me ‘you are calling me bhabhi and why you are doing all this’ and pushed my hand from her shoulder. I told her that ‘I call you bhabhi because no one should mistake us. As such I was treating you as a bhabhi till today morning.

After the train journey today from Dadar to Thane, I totally changed and looking at you as my sweet girlfriend. I know very well you also like it’. She told me that she never had any boyfriend in her life and it is difficult to accept me as one, since she is married woman and elder to me. I told her that in such relation factors like marriage, age, etc does not come in way. Only the liking to each other is counted. I asked her do you like me or not?

She said I like you, but I can not allow you to do all those things because I am married and you are not my husband. I asked her ‘were you not married when you enjoyed mine in the train journey’ She was nervous and with meek voice she said it was accidental due to rush. I put my left hand again on her left shoulder and said, ‘bhabhi, accident can be once or twice. But you were brushing, pressing my dick all along the journey and were enjoying my pressing your boobs.

I know you liked it and have many fantasies which you want to experience, but afraid of getting caught. Do not worry bhabhi, this will be a secrete between me and you. During these ten days you can be free with me and enjoy your fantasies in real life has given such a great opportunity to both of us to fulfill each other’s fantasies.

Come on bhabhi….be bold and continue the enjoyment of train. Now no one is here…you are free to feel me…no need to do it hidingly’ and started caressing her shoulder which made her pallu be loose and I got ample view of her cleavage and the bulging. My cock was throbbing in the undie. I wanted her to hold my dick. She was almost in the trans of sex & was not knowing what to do.

I told her to feel me as she was feeling me in the train and took her hand put on my left thigh. She was trembling due to nervousness, as it was her first time with a man other than her husband. The trembling hand was slowly caressing my thigh. I slid down my hand along with her pallu. She immediately held the pallu and looked at me and told that please do not do this.

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