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Saga Of A Music-Duo In Films - Part II

This is Menka Bhatia. One of my episodes in life has been recently published in “Indian Sex Stories” under a caption — ‘Saga of a Music-duo in films’ in ‘Couple’ categories. Sushmit is a like-minded friend of mine who knows about my stories and he wrote one and sent, without initially taking our permission. But it is okay with us. I or he will be sharing many now.

Here is another [recent incident] which I want to share with the ISS readers. I have two important males in my life, one is Babu, a music-composer and my mentor in the realm of ‘jingle-singing’, and Ajay, my man Friday. Babu has already fathered a child with me, although socially still I am known as a ‘single’

Sexually, I am multi-orgasmic, very horny, and fond of both ‘quickies’ and long sex trysts. On the other hand, Babu is also equally fond of experimental sex, especially voyeurism. Well, this incident happened thus: on last Friday we were recording some jingles in a small music-studio at Versova. It began from evening, and continued.

I was wearing a loose U-necked white top and blue jeans. Work was going on well and in full swing. The entry-door of the studio was shut and bolted from within so that no ‘outsiders’ could come in to disturb us. Music was already pre-recorded, I was only voice-dabbing. Inside were only 4 people — me, Babu, and the recordist Zafar, a young handsome boy of hardly 23 years, and one his younger friend, aged hardly 19, Sanjay by name. From the beginning I liked these two boys and desired them in mind.

And while at leisure after the 1st assignment I whispered to Babu what I was thinking of those two boys. Babu smiled and asked me in whisper: “Do you want them here itself ?” I winked at him, with a naughty smile. Babu now looked getting excited in anticipation. He further suggested me in whisper : “then go to toilet, and change a bit”. I understood what he was wanting, and I went to toilet, taking my small bag alongwith. There I yanked off my top, then took off my bra and kept the undone bra inside my bag, and again donned the top.

Through the mirror in my front I saw I was looking damn hot and sexy. And if I leaned forward a little, anyone before me could clearly see the contour of the pair of my full breasts, now slightly heavy and abounded with milk. I smiled to myself, and felt elated at the tremendous sex-appeal of my firm breasts, tipped with dark areola. I came back to recording chamber.

Now I started chatting with Zafar and Sanjay in a manner as if I had known them since years! Babu was smiling naughtily. I was sitting on a single chair, opposite theirs. And after some time, as planned, on a pretext to adjust my chappals, I leaned forward, thus facilitating those two boys with a sudden scope to see my full breasts.

Next moment as I leaned back I saw the clear lust in their eyes for me; their eyes were now fixed on my youth-overflown breasts. Seeing their lust for me I felt very horny and I was now already wet. The atmosphere in the room was gradually capturing a situational change. . . To create more sexual tension in those two, I leaned forward once again, now deliberately in such a was that they could make out that I was alluring them.

I leaned forth in a gesture that my breast-domes flattened against my thighs, so that the pressure on breasts could make them ooze my lactic fluid. And in a couple of seconds my breast-milk started oozing out from taut nipples. I knew about my condition and therefore was sure that soon the milk-flow would assume a continuous dripping, drenching the portion of white-hued cotton top-material around the front. And it began. . . I smiled to myself, and further leaned to ease them with full view of my breasts, once again, now lactating in drops. .

I remained in that position for at least half a minute, then again leaned back. Now the moment I leaned back the wet cloth-material simply got glued to my front down the bosom, poking my skin through the wet translucency (caused by milk-flow inside). I found their eyes popping out in a mixed emotion of amazement fascination and lust. I felt elated to have teased them in an odd fashion.

Suddenly Babu asked me to go to voice-dubbing chamber for the next jingle. By now evening had aged into early night. I got up, and cast a look at my ‘secret husband’ Babu; our eyes met and smiled together in tacit understanding. I walked out to the dubbing-chamber, situated behind the recording-chamber. My dubbing started. After two/three takes, Babu’s instruction echoed: “ make your tone more sensual, the sensual flavour is not properly reflecting in your voice, dear”.

I resumed singing. Babu again cut it, and then said out, “Menka, think someone is foreplaying with you. . .and you are getting aroused, and excitement overtaking your soul and manifesting in your vocal tone…” I laughed and (purposefully) yelled: “how can it be, when none is playing with my body! I am a singer, and not actress. In that case I need someone to help me capture such emotion”. Babu then talked out with all three, and said out, “ok, I am arranging it; do not get embarrassed and shy. Just try to assume the exact emotion”. I smiled and okeyed it.

Next moment I saw the recordist Zafar entering my chamber. I came and pulled me into his embrace, straightway, without any word. And his eager mouth came over mine. Immediately I responded to him by opening my mouth to let his lusty tongue invade mine. We lost in a French-kiss, in deep passion.

While kissing me, Zafar’s one hand came over one my breast that overflown his strong palm! He started cupping the breast, and the harder he cupped the more was the milk-flow; it simply squirted out in jet into his underpalm, and teemed down.

I was shut-eyed; my mouth was sealed against Zafar’s. And I did not know when the other two boys had entered the room. Suddenly I felt another hand rolling up my top, and exposed a breast fully, and a mouth engulfed its grapelike nipple. And in no time I felt a strong suction on that breast and a huge milkflow instantly gushed out into his mouth which he began consuming with a gusto. Although I was still shut-eyed, I knew it was Zafar’s friend tasing my milk.

After a prolong kiss Zafar cast me off. I opened my eyes and found I was right — it was Sanjay at my bosom. My face was resplendent with bliss; I always felt very happy whenever I breast-fed an adult mouth. However, then suddenly happened a thing for which I was not ready.

I was about to undo my top etc, but impatiently Zafar and Sanjay just grabbed my top and simply tore it off. I got tensed how I would go home back without a top! My thought faded out as by then two lusty athirst mouths occupied my breasts, one each.

Still in a standing position I continued breast-feeding them. Within a few minutes a tremble pervaded through my spine, and I felt my first orgasm overtaking me. In no time I yelled aloud, pressing those two heads at my breasts against my lactating bosom. I requested them to make love to me in a wild way.

Next moment Zafar uplifted me in his arms and carried me outside and place me down on the studio floor, on my back. And yanked off my jeans and panties. Now I was lying totally naked. Breasts were wet with a kind of foam containing my milk and their saliva. Pubic passage was lubricated with orgasmic outburst. But I was still hungry, and needed a lot of semen to fill my womb, brimfully.

Within next few minutes the full session — a foursome tryst — began with my hubby’s joining them. All were now clothless; Zafar was chosen by me to enter my body. He parted my thighs and his mouth came over my wet vagina. I was moaning aloud; my bosom heaving in pleasure; I was panting either.

As Zafar started eating my pubic nectar, Sanjay and my hubby (Babu) made themselves busy in drying up the milk in my breasts, which they were, especially Sanjay, kneading and pressing at random. Soon I was again overtaken by the paroxysm of another strong orgasm. . .which Zafar consumed with a gusto. I was in seventh heaven, being love-molested by three horny males at a time. I felt a bit pain in my breast-flesh as Sanjay was now biting hard into it.

Giving my full breasts to Sanjay’s liberty, Babu changed his position and knelt beside me and shoved his erection into my eager mouth. Finding Babu in my mouth, Zafar now shoved his huge angry erection into me; I felt his penis-head touching the wall of my womb.

And he started pounding me, with grabbing one my full breast with his strong hands. He squeezed the breasts in perfect rhythm of his thrust against mine. And my firm breast-flesh, with its full resilience and youthful arrogance, rebounded to his every strong squeeze, and milk gushed up against every squeeze and splashed around. Meanwhile Babu had ejaculated in my mouth which I gulped down. And he withdrew from me and was watching us from a little distance. I was tensionfree, that it was a ‘safe day’ and I could receive in my womb as much quantity of sperm as they could offer.

Gradually Zafar was enhancing his tempo of speed of pumping. . .and I felt from his mien and love-sounds he was on the verge of his first climax. My anticipation was correct; within another few moments he thrust himself within me as deeper as he could, and a jet of warm fluid gushed forth into my receptive womb, making me reach another shuddering orgasm with him. And I saw stars. . .and lost in ecstasy, almost senseless.

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Fucking Bestfriend’s Wife

Hi, this is Suresh again with the second part of our story on how my friend Ramesh’s fantasy of fucking my wife Bindu came true. Ramesh, if you remember was my old friend who had moved into Bangalore and we had a wild threesome with his wife, Priya.

It was one of the most erotic nights of my life and as we were planning to have more such occasions, Ramesh confessed to being completely besotted with my wife Bindu and wanted to fuck her very badly.

We were wondering how to do this as I also had the desire to see my wife being fucked by someone else. The problem here was Bindu, who was unlike Priya, who was open and forthcoming and really enjoyed our threesome. To explain about Bindu, she was 38 years old and had a voluptuous body. About 5’5” tall, she had all her vital parts in the best ripe stage with her best asset being her lovely round ass.

She had a 34C set of boobs topped with magnificent nipples. We have had a satisfying sex life and sometimes our sex sessions were wild, where she was insatiable.
Though she didn’t mind giving a blowjob, her favorite sex was when she masturbated in front of me, sometimes with two or three fingers insider her and the other hand squeezing and twirling her nipples.

Sometimes I also used to shove in my finger along with hers to give her maximum pleasure and she would moan and scream aloud when we did that. Though she enjoyed sex, she was wary about getting others into our private sex scenes and even though we have discussed about seeing her with other men, she was never very openly okay with the idea.

I knew that she would enjoy it, as sometimes when I was fucking her, I would tell her to imagine that it was someone else who was fucking her. Several times I have told her to imagine that Ramesh was fucking her and though she never said anything, she would go extra wild those nights and we would end up having the best sex. But getting in the other person into our bed always posed a problem.

Ramesh and I used to meet up often for drinks and the main conversation every time was on how to get Bindu to agree to a threesome scene. Things took a turn a couple of weeks ago, when Ramesh called me at office and invited me for a drink, saying he is very horny and wanted to talk about some things to just make the evening a little wild, I took along my Camcorder and a home sex video tape that I had made with Bindu a few months back. We had a couple of drinks in the Club and then I told him “Ramesh, I have a surprise for you. Let us carry a couple of drinks and sit in the car and have them where I want to show you something.”

Ramesh’s curiosity was piqued and we carried a couple of drinks each and took it to my car which was parked in a dark corner of the road. There I took out the Camcorder and told him, “I will show you something. If you want to go home and watch it, you are welcome”. When I told him that it was video of some sex Bindu and I had at home, he was completely excited and desperately wanted to watch it.

I put on the tape and on the viewfinder of the Camcorder, both Ramesh and I watched the erotic video which lasted for more than 20 minutes. It started off with Bindu in a nightdress and I squeezing her tits over the dress. Bindu was facing the camera when I slowly lifted the night dress over her head and removed her bra. Her lovely boobs were firm and perky and I slowly squeezed them and removed her panties.

Now she was in all her naked glory posing for the camera. I turned her around and her large, shapely ass was there for Ramesh to see. I looked over at Ramesh and in the dim light I could see him stroking his cock as his eyes devoured the sexy video show that was happening in front of him. I too was completely excited and hard, knowing that all my wife’s assets were being watched by best friend.

We continued watching the video where Bindu gave me a blow job and then her pink cunt was exposed completely to the Camera. The high point for Ramesh was when she started a long masturbating session with her right hand stroking her cunt and occasionally a finger going into the pink, wet folds.

She kept squeezing her nipples hard all the time and by the time the battery ran out in the Camcorder, Ramesh was breathing hard and I almost came in my pants.Gosh, she is wonderful, Man”, exclaimed Ramesh, “Priya does everything, but I haven’t seen her masturbating before. And Bindu’s nipples are worth dying for. When do I get a chance to bite on those nipples, da”, he asked. We will work on that, Ramesh”, I said, “Meanwhile, you take the tape and watch it to your heart’s content.

He took the tape, went off in his car, while I drove home, wildly excited. Ramesh called me the next evening on the phone. “Hey”, he said, “we watched the video together several times last night and I have some ideas”. I was shocked “Did you watch the video together with Priya?” I asked. “Ya, man”, he said “and she has given me some ideas on how to get Bindu interested in a threesome or foursome. Let us meet at the Mall by 7:30

I want to buy something, Ramesh was waiting at the mall when I parked my car and he took me inside where there were some lingerie shops. “To get Bindu in the mood, let us buy her some erotic lingerie. Once she wears them, we can slowly get her loosened up”. We went to one of the shops where the salesman seemed to know Ramesh very well.

After a short transaction, Ramesh had picked up some really Porn movie kind of lingerie a black nightie which was really short and a set of panties/bra where there were holes to get to the nipples and cunt without removing them. Ramesh winked “Give these to Bindu and tell her it is a gift from me.

Once she starts wearing them, she will give you the best sex ever and then one of these nights I will also join you”. Skeptically I took them home and left it in the car. After a couple of days, I gave it to Bindu, without the kids seeing it and told her it is a gift for you from Ramesh.

She was shocked when she saw them, but I could also see her cheeks turning pink and a small smile on her lips. She was actually excited without saying too much. That night after the kids had gone to sleep, she called me to the Spare bedroom, shut the door and removed her nightgown. I gasped in excitement. She was wearing the Panty/bra set and looked absolutely gorgeous.

Her long nipples were poking out of the holes in the bra and made her look slutty and sexy. The sex session that we had that night where I ploughed her cunt without removing her panties was one of the best sex nights we had. She was really wet and had multiple orgasms. Exhausted we went to sleep and when I woke up late there was a message from Ramesh. ‘Call when you are awake’

I went to the terrace and called him and the first thing he asked was “So how was it?”. “It was the best, da. I haven’t seen her so excited before!”, I told him. “Okay, now I want her soiled panties”, he said, “and tell her that you are giving the soiled panties to me. When I went down and told Bindu, that I am taking her soiled panties of last night and giving it to Ramesh, she was disgusted. “How can you do it, Suresh? You must be mad”, she said.

But when I was leaving to office, I was surprised to see a packet which she gave me and quietly told me “Okay, give it to him, if he wants it badly, but ask him to return it as I really like it”. This surprised and excited me and I called Ramesh on the way to work to tell him that it worked.

That evening, he took the panties in the car and sniffed it. “Ummm, it smells randy. Hot, sexy and slutty”, he said, “now what is the next step?

Give me a couple of days and I will plan it”, I said. As it so happened, that weekend Priya and their kids had to go to Kerala as someone was ill and Ramesh was all alone. I told Bindu to send of the Kids to my in-laws place for the night and invited Ramesh to come and spend Saturday night with us. Ramesh was all excited, “Did you discuss with Bindu everything? Are we game for a threesome tonight”, he asked excitedly. “I haven’t told her anything”

I said, we will see how the evening goes and if things work out, great. So Ramesh came over and we had a few drinks and dinner and it was time for bed. During dinner, Bindu coyly thanked him for his ‘Gift’ and asked when she could get it back. Ramesh, not to be outdone, said “I will return it on the condition that I get two more of the same in exchange. This brought out a few blushes and we parted for bed.

Now to explain the layout of the bedrooms, both the bedrooms shared a long balcony with entries from the Bedrooms to the balconies through big French windows. I quietly told Ramesh, that I would keep the door of our French window unlatched and pull the curtains, leaving a little gap. I advised him to keep quiet and slowly check after a while to see how we were progressing.

From her behavior and pink cheeks, I could make out that Bindu was in a Sexy mood. I told her,

Darling, since the kids are not here, let’s has a wild fuck tonight. You wear the black, short nightie Ramesh bought you the other night and let’s have fun”. “My God”, Bindu gasped, “what if he hears what we are up to? She asked. “Oh, don’t worry about him”, I said, “if he gets excited, he will jerk off and go to sleep”I dimmed the lights in a way that anybody outside on the balcony could see clearly inside.

In a jiffy, I had changed into shorts and Bindu was in the bathroom having a wash. When she came out I really gasped out. She was having her hair untied and was wearing the short black nightie which was lacy and only just covering her hairy cunt. Her boobs were visible through the lace and her white thighs were glowing.

She posed in front of me with her hands through her hair and twirled around asking So how is it? Do you like me wearing stuff like this”? I stumbled, “Gosh, you look really sexy”! I look sexy and I feel Horny’, she smiled, “Ramesh really has good taste, doesn’t he”?

She turned back and went into the bathroom and as I turned around, I could see Ramesh on the balcony, peeking from the side of the French window, through the curtains. I motioned him to keep silent and by the time

Bindu returned, I was back to my normal self. The nightie was just above the swell of her ass and her round; white ass looked sexy against the short, black nightie. She came around the bed and with her back to the French window, bent down to straighten the bed sheet. I gave a quiet moan, as I was sure that Ramesh, who was stationed just outside could see all her lovely ass in its full glory. He could probably see her cunt also as she was not wearing any panties.

I pulled her to me and with her standing with her back to the French Window, squeezed her ass cheeks and kissed her navel. Then I stood up, turned her around, again facing the French window and rubbed my cock on her ass, while squeezing her boobs. She gasped aloud. At first, I thought, she was getting extra excited, but then she turned around and whispered “There is someone standing in the balcony.

I think it is Ramesh! I thought to myself, this fellow has screwed everything! To salvage the situation, I told her “How does it matter? The poor fellow must be missing his wife. Let us give him a show. The maximum that he can is jerk himself of! Oh ho, is that what this is”? She asked wickedly, “okay, let’s give him a show. You lie back and I will show him what a blowjob is”. She pushed me on my back and climbed up on the bed on all fours with her ass high in the air.

She looked really slutty as she started kissing me on my belly and slowly ran her tongue down to my shorts. With her teeth she pulled my shorts over and pulled out my cock which was really hard, all the while moving her ass from side to side in a lewd manner. She then proceeded to give me the blowjob of a lifetime. She first slowly licked the head of my hard cock and then licked down the length of it several times.

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Waiting For Love

Hi Friends, I have visited Indian Sex Stories as a reader many times and this is my first visit as an author. I have read almost all the stories published in Indian Sex Stories. All are having a unique way of expressing love. Sex is the utmost feeling of love with someone. I wondered how anyone is getting an opportunity to interact with someone that ends up with sex. I spent many sleepless nights thinking of the same.

Finally I got an answer for that question which is my narration now. Before entering into the narration, let me introduce myself. I am Rohit, 22 years old, now working in an MNC in Bilaspur cg. I am loveable, charm and highly passionate guy. I like to take care of my friends and other people. The following is a real incident that took place to me 2 years ago. It was a hot sunny day in Bilaspur, where I was enjoying my vacation in relative’s home.

My relatives went to their jobs. I was alone in the home. Although we pay the Electricity bills regularly, we have to face power cut for 2 hrs regularly. After one hour of power cut, I couldn’t sit inside home and hence I went to the lobby. It was hot there too but I can feel some air. I was in my banian and lungi. What else I can do, just scrolling the inbox in my mobile and reading the messages and forwarding it to my friends mobiles.

My relative’s home is in a colony where the infrastructure looks like single staircase that separates into two in the midway which enters into two homes. One is my relative’s and other is the neighbor’s. I was standing exactly opposite to my neighbor’s door in our lobby. Suddenly the neighbor’s door got opened and water was poured into the staircase which is flowing step by step. I saw a big and fruitful ass in the nighty.

It was the neighbor aunty who came backwards cleaning their house. She was cleaning the steps of the staircase too. I was seeing her ass over the nighty. Since she is coming backwards towards me, it gave a good shape to her ass and is a good lunch to my eyes. She was stepping down the stairs cleaning the steps and was about to fall. I suddenly went and prevented her from falling by holding her waist with one hand; losing the support I used another hand to hold the staircase.

My hand got slipped and I fell on the staircase and she fell over me. No one else was there to help us. She suddenly got up and showed me hands to pull me. I got up on my own and saw scratches in my elbow and palm. She said achacho, thanks pa. Come to my home; let me apply some ointment for you. My lungi got untied and was about to fall, so I neglected it and went to my home holding the lungi and took rest.

My back was paining. I applied some ointments in the scratches and slept in the bed. My eyes were filled with her ass. I was scolding myself for not agreeing her to apply ointments. I thought about her and her ass made my night, a sleepless one. The next day, where no one was there in my home, I was in my lobby expecting her. The door was locked and I felt like missing her. Then I heard the Scooty PEP’s sound.

I saw, it was she in Jeans and tight tops climbing up the stairs. Her wardrobe exposed her shapes clearly. I was noticing both her front and rear shapes. While she was unlocking the door, she saw me and smiled. I smiled in return. She asked how I am feeling now. I said its better. Then I asked, How are feeling? Did you get any scratches or pain? She said her back was paining heavily.

Then I asked why she didn’t take rest and where did she gone. She said that she went to leave her son in his school. I asked her where is hubby and what is he doing. She said why can’t you come to my home, let’s talk inside”. I said Ok, Let me lock the door and come. I was so happy that she invited me to her home. I wore a boxer and a loose t-shirt, locked the door and went to her home.

I knocked the door and opened it. I was stunned to see that she was wearing bra and changing her costume from jeans and tops to saree. I said sorry and standing outside. She said “its ok, 2 mins please I said that was fine and was waiting outside her door. After she finished with her dressing, she opened the door and invited me in. I was shocked to see her in saree. She was marvelous and dazzling beauty.

She was good looking in all the costumes nighty, jeans and saree. I thought how would she look without any costumes and smiled wickedly. She asked me what. I said nothing. Now it’s time to introduce her beauty. She is Archana, 30 years old. She is a stunning beauty with 34-28-36. She is not so fair but attractive. She has a juicy boobs and sexy ass. Her lips will invite anyone to kiss and her hip has many folding, which will attract any men to pinch.

She is good in her costume selection and sexy in her wardrobes. She asked me to be seated in sofa. I did so. Then she asked about me. I answered her. Then she showed her hubby’s photo in the wall frame with garland. I was shocked to see that. She said that she lost her hubby in an accident 3 yrs back. I felt so pity and asked sorry for it and said am leaving. She asked me to stay back for some time and asked me what I want coffee or tea. I said nothing.

She compelled me and then I said coffee. She went into kitchen and prepared coffee for me. And then she brought an ointment and asked me to show the scratches. I showed her. She felt sad on seeing those scratches and said that it’s because of her. I said no. Then she started applying the ointment in my hand. It was so irritating that I couldn’t bear. So thought of removing my hand, I fell on the sofa. She also fell on me.

Now my mouth is touching her cleavage. I thought of kissing her but left it undone. She got up but her saree pallu fell down and I saw her firm boobs over her blouse. She noticed it and corrected herself. I said sorry and left the place. We were interacting much better then. After one week, she called me, Raj, I need a help. Can you come to my home? I went to her home. She was wearing a light colored saree.

She asked me to hold the stool over which she was standing and cleaning the house. Now I could see her hip clearly. I felt like pinching it. Then she said thanks. I asked her for milk. She said she doesn’t have milk, so she asked me to wait so that she could shop for milk and prepare it for me. I said “I don’t want milk from shop but I want Archana’s milk”. I didn’t know where did I get the courage from but asked.

She stared at me and said “you naughty boy and pinched my cheeks. She asked me whether I want juice. I asked for black tea. She agreed and went inside the kitchen. I followed her after 2 mins into the kitchen and called her by name. She turned back with a smile and said “Don’t come here, you naughty boy. Go and sit in the sofa. I will bring you tea”. I didn’t hear her words and went hear her. She said “I know you, you are.

Before she completes her sentence, I held her hip and pinched her. I cupped her boobs from behind and was massaging her boobs and circled her nipples. She turned towards me and said “I am missing it for past 3 years. I am so hungry. Can you satisfy my hunger, Raj? I said “Sure Archana. I am here for you. Will you be my wife for today? She said “I am so happy Raj. Why one day? I am your wife whenever you need. I am all yours.

Come on Raj, master me and ride me”. I hugged her tightly so that her boobs are fighting against my chest. Hold her ass and caressed it. My tongue is exploring her mouth. She said that she want to feel the heat of the body which she was missing for 3 years. We turned off the stove and lifted her in my arms and carried her to the hall. She showed me the way for the bed room. I said that we will enjoy in hall for few mins and then go to bed room.

She agreed and said that she is ok for whatever I say or plan. On hearing this, I planted a deep kiss on her lips. Then all of a sudden I removed her saree, blouse and petticoat. She was left with white bra and pink panties. Then I asked her to undress me. She removed my t-shirt and boxer and was left with jockey. She said that she liked my hairy chest and was sucking my nipples. I said

Come on Archana, let me show you the heaven and removed her bra and panties and removed my jockey too. Both are standing naked facing each other. My tool has got a good erection by then. She took my dick in her hand and said I like your dick, Raj. It’s going to satisfy my hunger. I adore you, I love you and I am your slave for the life time. Do whatever you want to experiment. Make me to feel like a complete woman.

I said some nasty words in her ears and hugged her tightly so that her erect nipples were pushing my chest. We were hugging for around 20 mins and our body got enough heat by then. Meanwhile my tongue was exploring her mouth, one hand was caressing her ass cheeks and ass hole and the other hand was caressing her pussy passing through her ass cleavage. Her hands were in my dick giving a sensible massage.

Her pussy was hairy and dark, that it looks like a cave containing glory, joy and fulfillment. I started combing her pussy hairs with my fingers. My tongue was all the time busy in exploring her mouth and we exchanged our saliva. It tastes really good and we were still hugging tightly. Once we were satisfied with the heat our body has generated, I asked her for bathroom. She showed me the way.

I carried her in my arms and reached the bathroom. I said, “Hey darling! It’s time to reduce hotness of our body. Let me take care of your body and you take care of mine”. She smiled and kissed my cheeks. I turned on the shower, untied her hair and we were enjoying the cold water shower with naked bodies. I was cupping her boobs and pinching her nipples and it got aroused.

I cleaned her entire body from head to toe, and her pussy and asshole with my fingers. She was massaging my dick with soap and water. Without draining the water from our body I took her to the bed room and put her on the bed. Wow, what a show, water was drizzling all over body, flowing from her chin to neck, from nipples to tummy and from pussy to bed. She showed me hands and then I fell over her, sucked her boobs, circled her nipples with my tongue and bit her nipples for 20 mins.

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My Sex Encounter With Manju

Hi ISS Readers, I am Rajesh, 28 years old, fair, 5 feet 6 inch height, normal built, unmarried. I have been reading stories for the last 9 years in this website and I am proud to write my first experience which had happened few years back.I am working for a MNC based out of Bangalore and my profile is such that I have to travel to Chennai and Mumbai very often for business visits.

The below narrated incident has happened in one such instance with my fellow colleague who was working based out of Chennai. My colleague name was Manju and she happened to be my best friend in office through phone and both used to share our likes, dislikes, career growth options and so on. She joined in this company earlier 2008 and I used to be her best friend through too many official trainings that I have provided to her on various functionalities of different systems.

When I visited Chennai, we have agreed to meet once and to go out for dinner post office hours. We visited on a Friday as per our plan and went out for dinner. Believe me; till I meet her in person I had a different opinion about her. After seeing her, my thoughts got distracted to an extent. Her figures were quite seductive. 34 – 30 – 36 and wheatish in color with 5 feet 2 inch height.

We had a decent chat on our first occasion ended that day with a hand shake.From the next day, I could feel few changes in the way she talks. I asked her about the uncomfortableness and she told me that she liked me a lot. I told her that even I liked her but its not love since I was in love with sm1 for the last 5 years. She was little disappointed on hearing this and told me that she loves me a lot. I told her that I will not be able to accept her proposal.

She took few days to come out from the shock and later she started talking to me very officially. Only about office things: and stopped discussing other personal stuffs. In the meantime, my project didnt get launched as per schedule and it has been extended for a month’s time in which I have been forced to stay in my friend’s house (some other friends of mine). After several discussions I convinced her that we will be friends forever.

She told me one day that she wanted to meet me once again but not for lunch / dinner but for a talk. We planned for the meeting and due to some local strike it was holiday at chennai and we were planned to meet near my friend’s house in a park. Due to some personal work, I informed a day before to her stating that we will not be able to meet as scheduled.

She started to cry on the phone and told me that she wanted to meet me desperately and told that she will whatever she can do to meet me but she dont want to miss the opportunity. Trick started playing in my mind and I asked her in fun whether is she really ready to do whatever I want to do. She stopped crying and said in a firm voice ‘yes’ she is ready. I made sure that she understood the questions in right aspect for which she said she will sleep with me if I want.

This made me very clear that she will go to any extends to meet me. I am not a fool to miss this golden opportunity and postponed my personal work for a while and told her that we will meet as per our plan but with one condition which is she has to come to my friend’s house instead of the park which we have planned earlier. I asked her to come in saree and our plan was to meet at 7 am in the morning since my friends who were staying in that house used to go on early shifts and no one will be there on that time.

The day has arrived and it was raining heavily. She called me sharp by morning 6am and made sure that my friends have left to work. I informed her that yes they have started and its time for u to start if u have to reach here at 7am. She called me again at 6:45am and told me that she has reached the railway station and asked me the directions to reach my friend’s house. I gave her the directions and avoided to go out to pick her in person since it was raining heavily.

Finally she reached my friend’s house with little difficulties in an auto and entered the door. I welcomed her and closed the door. Fun begins from here. I am a person who dont want to rush up everything immediately and I know the timings by when my friends will come home. I asked her to stand still for a while and smiled at her and had a glance on her from top to bottom. She was quite stunning with the saree that she was wearing which was little deep tied below her navel (may be 1 inch). She felt little shy of my looks on the private areas.

I wanted her to be little comfortable before I could start of. Made her to sit in the sofa and served her some water and asked her whether she was really ready for what is going to happen. She gave me a terrifying look telling that she has come all the way along to please me with my desires and told me that she wanted to have sex even if she doesnt get chance to live her life as my wife. I was happy to hear this and asked her where to start.

She said I am all yours for the next 4 hours and does whatever you want to do. I knew that she was virgin till now since she was little conservative and will not speak to many guys who wanted so flurt. I sat next to her and touched her hip in the place which was not covered by saree and she hissed a little. I moved my hand in that area for a while and turned her towards me for a lip lock. She closed her eyes and moved her face towards my face. I gave her gentle kiss first for which she hugged me madly and then a deep lip kiss.

She responded back well for that kiss even she found little difficult in learning it later she has started to inserted her tongue in my mouth and we enjoyed tongue kiss for about 5 to 10 minutes. Later, I just lifted my hand which was still there in stomach a little above and touched her breast over blouse and bra. She shut her eyes closely and started giving little moaning sound. We started exchanging kisses for a while in both our faces from chin, cheek, lips, forehead and so on while my hand was busy in fiddling her breasts above the dress.

I made her to stand next to me and kissed her stomach and started licking her navel area for 5 minutes. She was not able to control it and started moaning out. After which I removed her saree pallu and had a good look on the breast area with her blouse and bra which was still on its place and ready to be opened anytime as per my need.

We both stood there for a while and she in return wanted to remove my t-shirt which I have understood from the way that she lifted my tee. I helped her to remove my t-shirt and she was happy to play with my hairy chest. She continued her play which made me little aroused and in return I started removing her blouse and removed all the four hooks. I made her to remove the blouse in front of me.

I started inserting my index finger in her bra and touched her breast and went deep further to find the nipple. She was in heaven and was moaning loudly. People from outside wouldnt have heard her moaning only because it was raining heavily. Otherwise we would have caught red handed due to her moaning sound. Once I touched the nipple, my penis which was 6 inch was not able to hold further inside my trouser and started creating a big tent inside by trouser.

I have inserted my thumb as well inside the bra and pinched her nipple gently and then a little deeply. She was not able to control my pinch which created an electric shock in both our body. She asked me to suck her nipple immediately for which I turned her back and started removing her bra, her back was really astonishing which I have noticed only on turning her back to remove the bra. I gave her kisses here and there in the back area for which she told she wanted me to suck her boobs immediately.

I removed her bra and threw that to one corner and turned her facing me. We both were in heaven and were not there in a position to control our emotions. I put her right boobs in my mouth started circling her nipple with my tongue while my hand was playing with her other boobs without my instructions. She was kissing my forehead while I was playing with her boobs. After 10 minutes, I made her to sit next to me on the bed and continued my sucking for another 10 minutes.

I am a breast lover and interested in seeing peeking through whenever I get a chance. For me if I get a chance to suck one virgin’s breast then imagine how much I would have enjoyed it. Since she was sitting next to me on the bed, she started keeping her hand on top of my cock over my trousers which made me to go the heaven which I should say. I requested her not to play with my cock for a while till we have more time to play and I dont want things to get rushed up.

She understood my plan and allowed me to play with her boobs. After few more minutes, I moved a little down and removed her saree completely and removed the inskirts knot which was really tight. Both fell down together and she was only in her panties and it was wet. I removed that panty too and made her to lean on the bed in such a position that I can give her a tongue fuck for sometime.

She did the same thing and I gave her a kiss on her clean shaved pussy for which she started moan the same way what she did earlier. I inserted my tongue by adjusting her clitoris and started giving tongue fuck. She couldn’t resist for too long and gave her orgasm within 2 minutes which I cleaned it using a towel and gave her another orgasm using my tongue.

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Aim One Get Second Free

Hi friend’s this is Mansoor here I am a great fan of ISS from past 3 years I never left a single story in this site this is a real incident and my first encounter which happened just 4 days back with my two of my batchmates Minnu and Dolly. Minnu is a sexy gal with white complexion and 36 28 36 stats and Dolly is with stats 34 26 36 she has a sexy ass which everyone wish to have a look at this incident though was a pre planned

One by me to fuck Minnu but due some unexpected circumstances even dolly had to join us in coll we are a batch of 4 boys and 3 gals of whom all were jealous of, because we enjoy the most in coll and even Minnu and Dolly are the sexiest of all in our coll. We are addicted to partying, we party for everything and we drink a lot of vodka and whiskey. Once my other friends introduced me to ganja and I felt I was like in heaven.

I got a naughty idea of making Minnu have those, so that I can fuck her wen she is in half consciousness in the party all were having drinks and I was having cigarettes with ganja mixed in it. I gave one to Minnu and even dolly had some from it unexpectedly both were out of control and were dancing like anything (that is the effect of ganja, you will forget everything). This created a little tension among others

As they never saw such behavior from them since no one was in my home I suggested to take both of them to my home as they would get recovered my morning when we reached home there was a power cut and I took both of them to each of my arm and took them to my room. I could feel their boobs and even their hot air which gave me some tickling. After entering the room saying it was too hot and sweaty I removed both their tops and immediately power came.

I was shocked seeing their sexy curves as this was the first time I have seen a gal in bra only. I wanted to crush the boobs of Minnu but controlled ans they might create a fuss if i do forcibly. I told them to take a shower for which they accepted immediately and both of them went at the same time. Dolly slipped and fell down as the floor was slippery and they could do nothing. I said them to open the door and when

I went inside Minnu was covering her with a towel but dolly was naked on the floor. I lifted her into my arms and I brought her out of bathroom, suddenly she started to smooch me, I was shocked to this unexpected action but recovered myself and in return smooched her back. Slowly I made her sleep on my bed and started to smooch. Minnu was shocked to dis unexpected action of ours and shut the bathroom door.

I continued smooching dolly and started to rub her ass and she too responded well. I caressed her boobs and she was mourning in ecstasy. Slowly I got down to her love whole and started to lick her there by this time the effect of ganja reduced and she came back to senses. I said my desire to fuck Minnu to which she readily accepted to help me. I went and banged the washroom door and warned minnu that she might slip.

With fear she opened the door, she was covering herself with towel and was looking like sex goddess coming from bath she didn’t recover from Ganja as the dosage was very high for her. I immediately smooch her, she rejected a little but i forced her and suddenly dolly came from behind and started to press minnu boobs she got into mood after I slowly licked her earlobes and neck area. I opened the shower and we three of were under it enjoying slowly

I lifted minnu and started to eat her boobs she was mourning so loudly that i had to keep my finger in her mouth to lick. Dolly came from behind and started to pump my dick, I was in heaven as it was the first time someone touched my dick she sucked my cock and balls and I was caressing ass of Minnu eating her right boob and was fondling her left one we came out of wash room and settled on our bed.

I was eating Minnu cunt and in turn she was eating Dolly’s cunt the room was full of sexy loud mourns so I switched on the TV in my room so as to reduce the effect. I got onto dolly started to fondle her boobs smooch her. Minnu sucked my dick, though it was her first time she was very good in it. I felt I was in heaven, after 20 min of smooching with both of them I removed a condom which was under the mattress.

Dolly kept the condom over my 6 inch dick and I just rubbing it over Minnu’s pussy teasing her she begged me to enter it and after teasing her for 2 min I entered her. It was very tight and painful as it was first time 4 both of us she was crying in pain so I entered a little and gave her time to relax. Dolly slowly smooched Minnu and I fully entered into her pussy she was crying I pain and ecstasy.

I fucked her slowly for few min after which she was asking me too pump as fast as i could she was using foul language which I like a lot and fucked her with full speed after fucking for 4 min I lifted her and fucked her in standing position fondling and sucking her boobs since it was my first time I couldnt stay long and ejaculated in 10 min we fell silent 4 a sec and then dolly got over me sucking my dick. Minnu was out of world exhausted.

I changed dolly into 69 positions and licked her pussy. She came twice while I was licking and when my dick got back to life she started to ride me. I couldn’t bear the pain as well as feel I was getting because of the ride she rode me for a few min and later we changed into doggy position to fuck her from behind since I ejaculated a few min ago I was able to stay a few more min and fucked her hard my balls were banging her belly and I fucked her with full force fondling her boobs.

By this time minnu recovered and she started to smooch dolly getting below her reducing the sound of moans. I ejaculated a little later and I was totally exhausted by that time it was around 2 in the morning and we slept in the same bed. I was fondling minnu’s boobs continuously we slept 4 2 hrs and i got up due to a sudden sensation of someone sucking my cock. Dolly was sucking my cock and it was standing erect. I said my desire to fuck her ass to which she readily accepted.

I took another condom and tried to insert her ass it was very tight so I slowly inserted my finger into her ass one by one I inserted 3 of my fingers and she was yelling due to pain. I later applied some Vaseline to my cock and also some to her inner wala and inserted again. I could enter a little but not more than half she was crying in pain and after few min I totally inserted my dick into her lovely ass and fucked her while fucking I said to her that I actually was a very big fan of her ass and even became very close for the sae(to fuck her ass).

Minnu woke up due to our wild moan and I couldn’t control any and released in her ass she was very happy and satisfied. I slept on the bed and she came on me we smooched again and Minnu was sucking my cock in order to get ass fucked. I fondled dolly ass and sucked her little boobs.

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Dad’s Friends – Part IV

Hi everyone, this Sheela, sorry to keep you all waiting for so long. This time I am going to tell how I got exploited by my Dad’s boss and how he used me for his client. This is the time when am in India for my vacation with my dad. After the party incident where I was fucked repeatedly for 4 days was too much for me. I fell ill and had to be on bed (this time alone) for a complete week. After a week’s rest I was feeling healthy (and ready to get fucked).

As dad would be out everytime I was getting bored sitting all day at home. I wanted some work where I could engage myself. One day while at home (dad always kept me nude at home), I even told this concern to my dad, to which he said could asked his boss (Rocky) to find me some work. I got afraid and said “Dad, it would be better to stay at home instead working with your boss.

He is a brutal fucker. I don’t think he would let me sit idle for at least an hour if I work with him.” Dad came near me and took me to terrace balcony and replied “Well dear I cannot guarantee that but dont u think that would keep u busy? I said “but dad, I didnt mean being busy like this”. Dad tied my hands to balcony bars with me facing out. It was night 10pm and dark. (Dad had done bondage sex with me many times but in open this was the first time)

I said “dad what you doing, leave me, instead lets go in. Dad parted my ass cheeks and straight way push his cock in my ass aaaaaaaah daddd. I shouted daddddd please. Hearing this dad spanked my ass and said ‘Sheela, u are the best slut any man could dream of”. He pushed his cock deep in my ass and started to give hard long shots aaahhh aaaaaahh daddddddd. I moaned but couldnt move as my hands were tied.

While fucking my ass he pushed his hand through my legs to my pussy and inserted 2 fingers directly inside. I shouted moreee ooohhh nnnnnnn. Now he was finger fucking and ass fucking me. My big boobs were hitting the balcony bars. Dad dialed his boss while fucking me. Dad “hi Rocky, how are you?” Rocky “hey man, am as usual horny and after fucking your daughter my dick just can’t stop dripping cum.

They both laughed. Rocky heard my shouts on cell, Rocky “it seems u having good time you are one lucky bastard”. Dad laughed “Rocky, can we get some position for Sheela in our office? She gets bored all alone at home. Dad pushed third finger in pussy aaaaiiiiiieeeee no dad. Rocky Oh sure, you dont need to ask that bring her to office tomorrow. Now can I speak with sheela? Dad put the mobile on speaker and asked me to speak.

Me: “hello sirrrrrr Rocky “hey sexy, wat are you doing. Me: nothing, sitting with dad? Dad pinched my pussy inners walls with his 3 fingers inside. I screamed. Dad “tell him exactly what we are doing Sheela. Me: “Rocky sir, dad has his dick in my ass aaaahhhh and his 3 fingers are inside my pussy aaaaaaaa. Rocky: I am so horny for you dear I am stroking my dick here why dont you and me cum at a time? Come on lets start.

Hearing that dad started to ramming my ass more. I started to moan louder and after about 30 minutes I started to cum and so did Rocky on phone. Dad too cummed inside my ass and left me with hands tied to balcony and went inside. He spoke with Rocky for while and then returned. I stayed in balcony sitting on floor nude after dad came he picked me up and made me sit over the balcony bar with legs on either side. Dad was nude too and stroking his dick.

Dad asked me to move to and fro to rub my pussy over the bar. Me “oh no dad, it pains” He spanked my ass and boobs”. I cried and started to move rubbing pussy over the bar. While I rubbed pussy he tickled my pussy button with thumb pressing it over bar ohhhhhhhh dadddddddd please dont do this to me. He didnt listen, caught my ass and made my ass move faster.

I screamed my pussy got read because of rubbing and after some time I started to cum. He untied my hands and took me to bedroom. Dad “You can now sleep well honey, you are the best. Tomorrow I will leave you to my office, good night”. I was so exhausted that was unable to speak a word and went to sleep. Next day I got up late, took bath and wore tshirt and jeans. Because of my big assets any dress I wear would reveal my curves easily.

Dad then arrived and seeing me came and kissed me with one hand straightway onto my pussy. He picked my pussy over the jeans and kept pinching till he finished smooching. It pained but did not stop him. He smiled and asked me if I wore bra panty inside. I nodded my head in no. Dad “that’s my slutty girl, common we are already late”. We then left to office, while on our way dad asked “honey can you please give me blowjob till we reach office?

Me: “but dad we can do this at home also.” Dad “who knows when return and he laughed. Me: what you mean dad. Dad “oh nothing, I was just kidding”. By the time we spoke he had pulled out his dick. He then holds my head and pressed it with force to push that in my mouth. His dick had never fit in my mouth and it always gagged. I tried hard to suck it getting tears in my eyes. I kept stroking and pressing his dick so that he cums fast and played with his balls.

We reached the office parking but still he had not cummed. He kept me sucking his dick in parking for at least 15 minutes and then he cummed inside my mouth. I had to drink it all seeing no other option. We then adjusted our clothes and washed my face to clean my tears. As we entered office I could notice the complete staff staring me. We entered Rocky’s cabin, he got up from chair and hugged me hard and pinched my ass.

I saw a black person sitting in his cabin and he saw what Rocky was doing. Dad left from there and Rocky asked me to sit on sofa. Rocky then started discussing with the Black man; from their talks I could guess his name as Dan. They talked for about 30 minutes and till then Dan kept peeking me, especially my boobs, I could notice the nipples that were pointing thru tshirt. After their talks they both got up and came towards me,

Rocky “Dan, meet my new secretary.” Dan took his had forward to greet me “hello miss”. I smiled and shook hands with him. Dan smiled and pulled me closer to hug me. My boobs were almost crushed on his broad chest with the tight hug. I let out a small moan. He left me and smiled looking directly on my boobs “you got big boobs miss and soft, except your nipple part, they are hard.

Be careful they could hurt anyone” Dan said smiling lustily. And he handed over me car keys. I was amazed to see the keychain which was actually a dildo [I would guess it to be 6"]. I blankly asked him “how do you manage to carry such big keychain everytime Dan?” To which he replied well that’s easy dear, just stick it some hole and your work is done” I was struck with his answer and in some way liked it too. I smiled. Dan left and I too went out.

After some time Rocky called me inside. Rocky come in slut, I want you to write a letter for me” Me: Rocky, cant you speak with me in better way? Rocky, ok dear pussy I am sorry now come here and write this letter” he pointed to a chair next to him. I went there and I was about to sit he pulled me over his lap. Rocky “sit here pussy” his one had rested over my pussy and other went inside my jeans wow so my dear slut is not wearing panty inside you seem to be always ready don’t you?

Rocky pushed his finger inside my pussy aaaaaahh “Rocky please, someone will come in” I moaned. With other hand he unhooked my jeans button, unzipped it and pulled down my jeans. Me “Rocky, what are you doing, stop it? I tried to shout. His second finger went inside my pussy aaaaaahhh. Rocky “dont resist my dear, I will keep doing this until you finish the letter that I told you to write” said while doing fingers in out.

My jeans were completely down from legs and he held my left boob nipple and started playing with it. I was trying hard to write letter while he played my nipples and pussy fingered. Rocky “speed up dear” and pushed third finger and pinched my nipples oooooohh Rocky, nnnn I stopped writing and fell over the table. Rocky asked me to kiss him once. I somehow got up and turned my head and gave him kiss.

Rocky lowered his hand and went below my tshirt and held my bare erect nipples and started pinching. He kept playing me this way and after few mins I said “Rocky plz faster your fingers, am about to cum” Rocky “yeah, you are a slut” and he increased his speed and I started to cum. He held a glass below and collected all my cum in it. After I had done, he drank all the cum from glass.

He got up went to washroom and I kept sitting over chair lowering my head gasping and without jeans. Just then the door was knocked “who is it?” to which I got reply “it’s me Javed” Javed entered and saw me sweating and breathing high. Javed “Mam, where is sir?” Me “he is washroom, you have any work? Javed “I wanted to give this file to him.” Me: ok, keep it on table.

Javed came near table and noticed my poking nipples which were almost visible through my sweating top. He kept file and went near the door and came back “Mam, may I say something?” Me: Not now, you may go.” Javed replied “I love you mam.” Me: Whatttt?” Javed calmly replied “Am sorry to say my feelings so easily but I have seen you the first time and dont know but for some reason I feel a lot about you.

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Horny Housewife

Hi, I’m ayush from Hyderabad n settled in Vizag a 20 year old guy.I got a mail from Sita after chatting with her. Her husband (Mr. Ram) was a businessman. They had a daughter also due to business work Ram had to visit different places in order to monitor and promote the sales of their products. She cannot have sex as much as she likes and at the time, she wants because her husband was always towards his business and do not take care of her and her feelings.

However, she can go to trip with her husband but she never liked to go so she used to stay at home. Her daughter was in a hostel she mailed me with her feeling and told me that she want to have sex with me. She send me her pictures through mail so seeing her pictures I could say that she is a very horny woman with stat 37-27-38 and she told me her stat too who was hungry for sex.

She was from Hyderabad and Im in Vizag can’t met but we waited for luck and one-day luck was on our side she mailed me saying that her husband had a 2 weeks trip to Vizag and she was also coming here with him.

However, I have fucked many gals and woman before too but seeing her pictures I had a dream to fuck her. I was very excited and waited for her arrival. She on approaching at Vizag mailed me and gave me her hotel address, room no and her telephone # where she was staying and asked me to call her on Tuesday as her husband would be on business meeting that day and they might be leaving on Wednesday.

I got her mail on Sunday and there was two days left but I felt that two day as a 2 decade and at Tuesday, I phoned her and asked her to come at the gate of the hotel where she was staying.

It was a cool Tuesday willing for rain I then took my motorcycle and went to receive her. There was no difficulty recognizing her as I had already sent me her pictures she was waiting for me. She was in her black sari and a matching black choli. She was a woman in black ready to eat me. She was looking very sexy in those clothes. Now I will tell you about Sita. She was in her mid 20s. Sita was stunningly beautiful woman.

She was very fair. She had very proportionate figure that made her look was very inviting. She looked very sexy in the sense; her boobs were well developed, amply swollen, luxuriant, quite shapely, bulging, protruding, opulent, curvaceous, firm looking and what not. She always made it a point that her breasts should be projected well and should look firm to attract any young man, as I felt to look at her boobs.

So In all, Sita’s boobs were very muck captivating, inviting, tempting, and luring. Her figure was 37-27-38 as she told. So her bums were a bit bigger and wider than the normal look but of course very sexy looking. She had a pair of pouting lips too, looked very fresh and juicy. Thus, altogether Sita looked gorgeous, sexy, exciting, inviting young woman. I stare at her from tip to toe, particularly her boobs. She too recognized smile and me was shared. Sita sat behind on the pillion seat close to me so that the tips of her boobs were just touching my back

I was already excited. On the way, we just talk about our family and out interests. When we came to the main road, she came a bit closer to me holding me by my waist giving more pressure of her fleshy and spongy boobs on my back. It was a positive indication to me on her part. After some it started raining heavily all of a sudden and both of us were drenched completely. Sita had clung to me from behind.

Her boobs were fully pressing on to my back. I was feeling the softness of her full sized spongy boobs that were being crushed between her and me. I and was getting excited. We went to a lodge and got into a room. Only she and I were in the room now and both were hot. She bolted the door immediately as all her clothes were completely stuck to her body making her look more sexy and inviting.

Every curve, ups and downs of her sexy body were clearly in my sight. Her boobs were looking more inviting than ever. Her dress was all wet and I could see she was wearing a netted bra. The curves of her boobs were in my sight clearly. I was tempted to see the circumference of her boobs. The roundness of her fleshy heavy hips was also being revealed to ignite me further. I was looking at her lustfully from tip to toe.

She was in a state of half blush-half smile. I went forward and took her in my strong arms. She just whispered in a very low voice ouch and smiled looking in to my eyes. I started kissing her. I kissed her lips, cheeks, neck, etc. Her lips were very juicy. I rubbed my lips on hers. She looked in to my eyes sexily. I took her juicy lips in my mouth. I sucked them. Ohh, her lips were very soft, red and like piece of orange. I went on sucking her lips.

She came closer to me holding tightly in excitement. Her eyes had become pink in excitement as if she had drunken wine. I placed my hands on her boobs. Wow, they were marvelous. I pressed her boobs from over her sari, blouse, and bra. It was really a great touch on my palms. Her breasts were fully swollen. I pressed them for quite some time and kissed her lips, cheeks, and neck.

Then I started removed her sari. I could see that she had put on a panty through her wet petticoat (saya, it is worn under sari). Her boobs were clearly visible through her blouse and bra that had become almost sees through, as they were completely wet. The blouse she wore was very low cut. So much of her boobs were left uncovered. Her cleavage was looking simply killing. I kissed her boobs all over. She was making all sexy sounds.

Then I took her to the bed nearby I again started kissing her. I kissed her for quite some time. She kept sighing in excitement. Then I unhooked her blouse and removed from her sexy body. I kissed her boobs again. I rubbed my mouth on her fleshy boobs. She was just moaning. I slowly pulled down her petticoat (saya). She was then left in her bra and panty. I removed my Tee shirt and pant also, and was in my underwear.

She was looking at my front. My cock had become hard and stiff by that time. Its length was also increased in excitement. She was looking at the bulge on my underwear, which was due to the increase in size and stiffness of my penis. She smiled sexily. I took her in my arms and again kissed her all over. I again pressed her boobs. Then I quickly unhooked her bra and removed it. I also pulled down her scanty panty.

She was then stark naked from top to toe. She told me so you have made me completely nude akhir tumne mujhe puri tarah nangi karhi diya main janti thi. It was exciting to hear such words from her. I told her, Sita you are very bold, free and frank. Then I pulled down my underwear also. She looked at my fully erect stiff cock stood in front of her. She smiled and twisted her lips looking into my eyes showing that she liked my erection, length, thickness, etc.

I looked at her nude sexy body from tip to toe. She asked me in a special sexy style oohhh, yun kya dekh rahe ho I told her, Sita you are looking very beautiful Sita, in your full nudity you are looking very very beautiful, sexy, and inviting you have a very proportionate figure you have not bore any extra flesh on your sexy body your boobs and hips are simply marvelous you have maintained you boobs very well your boobs are quite shapely

In spite of the fact that your boobs are fully swollen and very fleshy they have stood firm even without the support of any bra the roundness of your boobs are still there without bra they are still bulging and opulent I have rarely seen such heavy boobs in such a good shape even without bra. I like such breasts very much, Sita and I continued by saying Sita your hips are also killing they are quite heavy they are projected backwardly so much that it is enough to ignite a young man yes

Sita your hips are very inviting they are simply arousing She told me thanks for the compliments, dear you flattered me too much I told her that I was not at all flattering her, she was really looking very sexy, voluptuous, and gorgeous and inviting. Then I took her in my arms. Oohh, her body was really hot, soft and silky. My cock got further erected and stiffened. As I moved my mouth towards her lips,

Sita herself moved her pouting lips towards my mouth and offered them to me closing her eyes in ecstasy. I took Sita’s pouting and juicy lips in my mouth and sucked her lips. I kissed her lips for quite some time there. She also kissed me in great excitement. At the same time, I was caressing her boobs. Wow, her boobs were marvelous. I pressed them with my hands. They were very firm and tight. I went on playing with her boobs.

I moved towards her succulent boobs. I kissed her boobs. I liked them. I rubbed my mouth on them. Then I took her nipples in my mouth. Her nipples were very pointed too. Her nipples were hardened by that time. I sucked her nipples. I went on sucking them for few minutes. Sita was getting excited more and more. I kissed Sita here and there frantically. Then I moved down towards her crotch, thighs, hips, etc. and kissed her there.

I again kissed and sucked her juicy lips encircling my arms around her narrow waistline. Sita co-operated me very well encircling her arms around my neck keeping her very closely hugged while I sucked her pouting lips. Her breasts were being crushed badly against my chest. My hard cock was being rubbed against her sexy smooth crotch. After kissing and sucking her lips in that posture for some times

I held her from behind in the same posture I mean in standing position itself and placed my hands on her bulging breasts from under her armpits. I started caressing Sita’s breasts. She was again in her excitement as earlier. I moved my hands gently on her fleshy plump breasts. Then I pressed them slowly. Sita was moaning in a very low suppressed voice hhhuuhhhh uuuuffffff aaaahhhhh

I further increased the pressure of my palms upon Sita’s pair of firm breasts. I was feeling great in pressing her luxuriant breasts as they were very much tight. (I have already mentioned about the tightness of her breasts above.) Sita was holding me putting her arms back around my neck and that way giving me full opportunity to press and squeeze her breasts with ease. She was caressing sometimes my neck, sometimes my hairs in her excitement.

I started squeezing her breasts with pressure. She was sibilating, hissing and moaning. After sometimes Sita told me to increase the pressure of my hands on her breasts. I did so.

She further encouraged me to squeeze her breasts harder and harder. I started squeezing her superb pulpy breasts as hard as I could. Sita was in great excitement. She was encouraging me with words like oooohhhhh aur jore se haan dear aur jore se dabaao Meri choochiyon ko badaa maja aaraha hai mujhe your hands are quite expert you know how to squeeze breasts dear press my breasts more hard aaahhhh yes I like it and I went on exerting as much as pressure onto her firm and tight breasts.

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A Close Friendship

I’ve been a regular reader of online stories and know exactly how it feels when people marinate their stories with impossible scenarios like 69ing in a loaded bus, or sucking cock during bungee jumping etc. They of course cover it up by adding realistic dimensions of their genitalia, because it’s such a common thing to have a dick that is 4 inches wide in diameter, anyway. Do write to me if you like my story at

I’m 24 now and about two years ago my friend Swati had a not so pleasant break up. We were very close friends and probably I was the only guy friend she had. She had an elder sister but she was married and now in the US. So I was the guy who comforted her and gave her company whenever she wanted to go out. We never had any sort of sexual attraction between us.

We were both settled in Bangalore, though we are North Indians otherwise, and were working in the same field of Advertising but in different companies. We did our graduation together in Delhi and moved here for work. She moved here first as I first got a job in Delhi itself, then shifted to Bangalore being greedy, sniffing a 30% hike in another company.

Getting drunk and sleeping over at each other’s place was a pretty regular thing for us. We knew and didn’t care that the neighbours thought we were a couple or whatever. But one day we went out drinking and had a lot of beer. We wanted more but I told her that we may not feel it now but we might suddenly get high and won’t even realize it.

She agreed and we came back home to my place. Where we decided that it was fine even if we got drank now as we were safely home. So we started drinking Vodka with Sprite. We played a movie on my laptop while we lay down and suddenly she pause it and asked “Why are you scared of relationships?”

I thought I knew where this was going because she had tried to fix me up a lot but I had politely declined because I know I couldn’t stay faithful. I liked to be in physical relationships but I could never hurt a girl. Lie to her; tell her that I loved her just to sleep with her. She knew this and for the same reason used to blindly trust me and respect me a lot.

I simply smiled and said “Please not again.” She took me off guard when she asked “What about me. You think I’m attractive? Why didn’t you ever try to do it with me?” I thought I’ll play around and hugged her tight and said “Oh sorry. Ok lemme try now.” We both laughed and she tried to free herself from my arms and turned to me and kissed me briefly on my lips.

I was shocked and got up and was angry. I said “Swati! You are drunk, please sleep, I’ll join the two chairs and sleep on it.” She asked me not to be ridiculous, and sit down. She tried to make me understand. “I have had a lot to drink but haven’t we had a lot more than this before? You think I’d do it if I didn’t want to? If you want to hear it, I’ll say it.

I’ve tried to tell you before, I don’t want to lose you as a friend but I miss being physical. And I don’t wanna go lie with some random guy who won’t even care once he’s done. I know you won’t treat me that way. Please.” I felt her voice to be really hurting when she said this. I just turned off the light and shut down the laptop and lay next to her. It was pure darkness around.

She turned towards me and kept her bent knee on my legs and her hand on my chest and we kissed. God! How would I ever know what an amazing kisser she was! We kissed for about an hour, it was just magical. Then slowly put my hand inside her top and touched her bra. It was soft, I kneaded her breast gently. But I definitely wanted more.

So I supported her back as she partially sat up. I took off her top and turned her gently as she was lying back. She was now facing down on the bed. I kissed her back and unhooked her bra. I could feel little dents on her skin where her bra clip would have been. I kissed her there and licked it. She hummed a bit at that. I wasn’t sure if it was right to go all the way with her.

During this time I had stopped kissing her and she understood I was busy thinking about something. She sat up and said “Vicky, I’m not drunk. I want this.” Then there was no stopping us. We kissed briefly and I went down to her breasts. Oh how soft were they. Her nipples even though hard felt so butterlike to my tongue.

I circled her nipple and in between brought her breasts together and tried to lick both nipples at once. She loved every moment of it. I crawled down the bed and brought my face to her bellybutton while I tried to slip off her skirt. I tongued her bellybutton while she so elegantly lifted her hips to allow me to remove her skirt. I suddenly wished I hadn’t turned off the light.

As I slipped off her panty, I cheekily sniffed it before it left her feet. I don’t think she realized that. Oh if theres one thing I love, it’ to sniff panties and to eat pussy. Don’t know if it was shame or excitement she sprang up, but started undressing me. She kissed and licked my nipples too but was too fast and wanted to get to my penis I suppose.

As she took off my boxers, she just dived into my dick with her mouth wide open. During our frequent candid conversations we had discussed sex too. And she told me how her ex used to ask her for a blowjob all the time, so unwilling, she got really good at it. And that I could tell! And when she told me that he never used to lick her, I had exclaimed loudly “Never!

And told her jokingly how I would have made her pussy sore by continuous licking if I was her bf. After about 5 minutes of getting a blowjob I got up and made her lie down and said “Wait. Tonight is not about me. It’s for you. Lemme show you what you have been missing.” Saying this I lowered my mouth to her pussy and licked her sides. And kept licking her clit for a while.

In between I inserted my tongue into her vaginal opening and tried to push it as deep as I could. Then I slowly inserted my finger while licking her clit and that made her crazy. She started twisting and turning and bouncing on the bed. Suddenly I could feel her stomach in a spasm. She held my hair and said “Ohh.. Stop stop. I think I had an orgasm. My second ever

I got excited because I remember her telling me about when she had fingered herself to an orgasm some time ago. She was sexually active with her ex but she never climaxed. It was always about him. If he finished in 2 minutes he would expect her to keep quiet and sleep. Saying this, she said, “ok Mister, and guess it’s your turn now”.

She went back to sucking my dick but I wanted her pussy again. So I asked her to turn around for a 69. She was excited but didn’t really know how to position herself for it. I guided her as she slowly lowered her pussy to my face and there was no need to tell her what she was supposed to do. We both got to work. And maybe because she was new to this, she came again!

Whereas I stopped her before I came as I wanted to save it for the sex. While she got her breath back, in the meantime I went to my bag to get a condom and switched on the light. It suddenly felt like lightning but as our eyes adjusted I admired her naked body. Smooth and shapely. She was shy and smiled. I entered her slowly as it had been a while since she last had sex.

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My Landlord First Time Fucking

This is a real story of how I became a bitch from a man. This happened long ago but it changed my life forever. I was staying on rent in a place with 7 rooms. I was doing postgraduate diploma and doing part time jobs to pay for the room and studies. The landlord was staying in the last room and there was a kitchen in front of his room that we could use for making tea or making snacks.

The landlord was a middle aged dark stout man whose family frequently stayed at his village. He was a very friendly guy and sometimes we chatted and played carom.

He always had a prominent bulge between his legs that was quite visible in his pants or even when he wore a lungi. I was somehow fascinated by it and sometimes my eyes would drift to his bulge and he would just smile if he caught me looking at it.

Sometimes when we crossed in the narrow dark lobby he would press his crotch against my crotch or bums as if by accident or pat my butt and slide his hand around my waist and tummy to show friendliness. I did not object as I also enjoyed the feeling.

I had no previous experience in gay sex but had read some books and had seen photos. These excited me a lot but I never had the courage to try anything.

I would frequently fantasize about being taken by a man in a lonely beach or in a hotel room and enjoyed it a lot. Everything was ok till I lost my part time job and I had no money to pay for my rent as I was able to barely meet the needs for my studies. The landlord saw this as an opportunity to take advantage of him and started saying that I must find some ways to pay him quickly.

I was being extra nice to him so that he does not throw me out. One day while crossing each other in the narrow lobby I turned sideways and away from him so that he could pass. He stopped behind me slowly pushed his crotch into my butt and brought his lips near my ears and whispered when are you going to pay me chikoo.

His hot breath against my ears and cheek was very exciting and I inadvertently pushed back my bums into his crotch while saying that soon I would find someway to make some payment at least. He firmly thrust his crotch into my butt pushing me against the wall and said he hoped that would reduce his tension.

I could clearly feel the tension of his semi erect cock pushing against my butt and new what was in store for me if I gave in. There was some movement in one of the rooms and we went our ways.

Later I asked one of the older guys staying in one of the rooms about the landlord. He told me that it was a common knowledge that the landlord likes cute feminine looking guys and it is visible that he has the hots for you. I said I’m not interested in guys but only in girls and left it at that. However in my heart I was secretly waiting the moment when he takes me in his strong arms and make me his bitch.

The Holi festival came and it was 3 holidays together and by evening all the guys went away to their homes except me as I had urgent project work to submit. I was preparing snacks in the kitchen and the landlord was in his room watching an adult movie and he turned the volume so that I could clearly hear the sounds. After a little while he switched off the TV and came into the kitchen. I clearly saw the huge bulge in his lungi and turned back to my work.

He came behind me to remove some utensils from top shelf and pressed his bulging crotch into my back and said “aha u are making nice snacks and I have some chilled beer, lets enjoy together and maybe we can find someway to reduce the outstanding rent payment”. I was nervous but didn’t want to offend him so I meekly said yes. He removed the utensil but did not move away from behind me.

He whispered in my ears that if I was very nice and cooperative then he would certainly help me and may even give me some loan. With that he put his hands around my waist and hugged me from behind and brushed his lips against my cheeks. I shivered and asked him what he wants from me. To which he replied “nothing that you will not like to give”. He put his hands inside my shirt and cupped my almost feminine breasts.

It was then that I feebly objected and told him that I was not such a guy and what he was doing was not correct. I tried to get out of his embrace but he was very strong and I whimpered and requested him to please leave me and I’ll do anything to clear the payment at the earliest. He said that I don’t have to do any thing except be nice and co-operate as he was definitely going to take some payment tonight and with that he lifted me and carried me to his room.

I was struggling weakly and because my struggle his lungi became loose and fell down on the way. He stopped in front of a mirror and said see you are just like a cute girl only…so feminine and shy. I felt very shy as I knew I had quite girlish features, developed breasts, thin waist and bigger hips. In contrast I could see his naked muscular thighs and hairy legs in the mirror and him holding me easily in the air excited me a lot.

But I told him I’m a man only and pleaded for him to leave me and put me down. He just laughed and said after today night I will never feel like a man any more. He said let me show you how a real man behaves and he gave me a tight slap on my face that made me cry out with tears. He said if I don’t cooperate then I will get thrown out of the house. He carried me to the sofa and while sitting down he pulled down my shorts with one hand and pulled me into his lap with the other hand.

I weakly struggled but sat in his lap. I felt his bulge throb and grow against my butt and felt the heat of his thighs against mine. His growing pulsating cock was clearly telling my ass what was to come and I was scared also and didn’t know what to do.

He then switched on TV and DVD player with the remote and selected a gay adult movie. He asked me to watch carefully as this was my first time and I would learn how to quickly be a nice bitch that I was meant to be and how to please a man.

The movie was showing a feminine looking guy in skirt and blouse sucking the cock of his lover. After some time the feminine guy got on to the ground on all his fours and raised his skirt to his waist and offered his butt to his lover. We both were excited and I lay back against his chest and put my cheek against his cheek and the landlord started kissing my cheeks. I naughtily asked him how much payment he would overlook for taking my virgin cherry.

He smiled and said it all depended on how much enjoyment I gave him. He asked me to feel his cock and I put my hand behind and caught his cock over his undy and messaged it slowly. His cock was growing bigger and bigger and stiffer with every moment.

He was trying to lower my undy. I raised my hips to make it easy for him and my undy fell to my ankle. My naked ass cheeks parted easily and his cock even though still inside his undy, nestled in my quivering ass cheeks.

I shivered in anticipation of things to come and turned my head sideways making it convenient for him to kiss my cheeks. He put his arm around my neck, turning my head more backwards and started kissing my cheeks vigorously and biting them sometimes.

With the other hand he opened all my shirt buttons and started fondling my breasts and pinching my nipples. His cock had grown enormously and its tip started protruding out the top of his undy and I could feel the hot bulb of his cock against my naked back.

After sometimes he made me get up and remove my shirt and he also removed all his clothes and we were both fully naked. The sight of his cock excited me as well as scared me. It was a bit thin but 8? long. It had a knob that was very wide at the base and pointed sharp at the tip. His cock looked like an arrow that could easily open and pierce any hole. I told him I was scared that his cock was too big and I had never been fucked earlier so his cock might damage me.

He soothened me by saying not to worry and that he was experienced and had deflowered guys previously and new what to do. He brought an oil bottle and asked me to turn around and bend forward against the table. As I did that he poured oil in his hand and applied it liberally on my butt hole and slowly pushed his oiled finger into my pucker. Instinctively my butt hole tightened and made it difficult for his finger to move in out.

He asked me to relax my thighs and open my bums with my hands and relax my asshole. I put my chest on the table and opened my legs wider and messaged my own buns and slowly moved my fingers over my asshole, exciting myself. This relaxed my ass quite a bit and I asked the landlord that he can try fingering my butt hole again. I opened my bums with my hands to help him. He put more oil on his fingers.

He slowly pushed his finger into my butt hole and I consciously relaxed my asshole muscles. This time he was able to glide his finger in out and properly oil my ass outside as well inside. After playing for a little while he put his two fingers together into my butt hole. It pained a little but I was able to force my ass muscles to relax and take his two fingers without much difficulty.

He fingered my asshole and excited me so that my asshole became relaxed and a little bigger. After sometime he pushed his groin against my bums and pressed his cock in between my ass cheeks and bent forward and put his hairy chest on my back. I knew I was totally his now. Rent or no rent, I wanted to feel his cock inside my asshole at the earliest. I was fearful also as this was my first time and he had a very long cock.

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Honeymoon And Subsequent Escapade

I’m Shusmit Patel, aged now 27; handsome dark, working as a Marketing Manager in a Chennai-based multi-national. And my loving wife Sudeshna is 3 years junior to me in age; very beautiful to look at, endowed with a voluptuous figure (34 C/29/35), very fair in complexion, tall in height (5’7”), and a happy housewife. Ours was an arranged marriage, held only two years ago. But she’s not a Gujarati girl;

She is a Bengali girl whose father had been my father’s colleague and close friend at Ahemedabad. However, as wife, she’s, ab initio, been very understanding and cooperative, though in the context of lovemaking she was initially a bit shy and timid. But then gradually I made her open with me or moulded her in my eroticism. In school days I was in the hostel, and since then I developed a ‘peeping Tom’ habit in me.

And often, stealthily, I would peep into girls bathroom or whenever scope came up and with growing up I strangely developed a liking for voyeurism. And when our marriage was fixed I thought how Sudeshna would react to my sex-mind or such strange erotic desires. On wedding-night (suhag raat) I straightway spoke my mind to my bride, stating my likings-disliking etc, everything.

I thought she would turn angry with me, but instead, she smiled and lovingly said she would do anything and everything for me as it is her duty as wife is to fulfill all desires of her husband for a happy and warm conjugality.

Her words made me happy and relieved of. Thus began our conjugality as per her wish we went to Puri in Orissa on honeymoon. And we checked in a sea-side hotel. She was thrilled as usual to go into sea for a bath. Then I suggested her to wear an outfit that could reveal her a lot. She laughed and blurted would you want your good looking wife to be little exhibitionistic for you today on the beach, I smiled. She continued, ok dear, as you wish.

But what should I do if any stranger man ogles at me and gets eroticized or touches me? What, I will be was my reply, indicating my green-signal for her blind-date or such escapade, if takes place. She wore a Bermuda and a white cotton T-shirt of thin materials, while I was also in same outfits. Moments later we were walking along the sandy sea-beach, hand-in-glove, towards

Panthaniwas spot because that spot was not much over-crowded. Soon we jumped into sea. Some stranger couples and boys were around us in the sea. I did not let her go deep into water; she was hardly in shoulder-deep water. After 15 minutes or so I asked her to get up from water.

She was now a bit hesitant, for she knew the moment she would come out from sea those strangers could clearly see her elated breasts which jutting out through the wet transparency of her T-shirt and I too knew that, and it’d already granted me an erection.

And we came out from water, and the eyes of some strangers on the beach spontaneously turned glued to my wife’s exposed or visible breasts…and she, without paying a heed to their lusty eyes, collected the towel and wrapped it round her top. In our hotel room we made a wild lovemaking thereafter, while we talked out on the beach-episode, she confessed she’d enjoyed this fun a lot.

Encouraged by her bold attitude I suddenly proposed another fun and it was to share her with another man. To this she didn’t agree instantly, but she blushed. I understood she needed more persuasion. At night while taking our dinner she suddenly asked, “Have you already singled out this third companion for me? I was taken aback by her abrupt words, and felt thrilled in anticipation.

No, darling, not yet but, I was replying to her. She interrupted, “Mind it, I am your honeymooning bride and not on the pill now, and I am allergic to condoms. Hmm! I exclaimed, thinking what to do now. I did not gather up courage to go with such venture any longer least it, I thought, might invite trouble for us. Nothing happened next two days. On the third day while we were walking along the beach at evening, we came across a local

Orriya boy: who claimed to be a good masseur. He was very dark healthy and ordianary-looking, obviously poor. He offered us his service at Rs 200 only. I looked at my wife’s face she smiled at me, indicating her consent to what was on my mind then. So I asked that young boy, who was hardly 19 years, to come to our hotel room after sunset. His name was Ravi Dass. He came at 7 o’clock. He was in Shirt and lungee.

I was in a Bermuda and bare-chasted, and he massaged me with oil for an hour or so. While he was almost finished, I asked if he could body-massage my wife. He looked a bit surprise, and delighted. After all, it was beyond his imagination or expectation to massage such a beautiful young woman with voluptuous youth. He nodded his head in affirmation. I hinted at my awaiting wife. She entered bathroom to change clothes.

Next moment she came out in petticoat, wrapping a towel on her top. I could guess she did not wear brassier underneath her towel. She, at the boy’s instruction, was now lying on the floor on her stomach; he began oil-massage her body, from her toes. And gradually his hands rolled upwards pushing her petticoat upwards accordingly, thereby unveiling her legs thighs etc, little by little.

On the other hand my wife was enjoying his massage, and sighing at times in pleasure. And I watched away silently with a full erection under my Bermuda. That masseur boy had also by then obtained an erection, which’s obvious through his ‘lungee’. His expert hands embrocated along her thighs, then inner thighs, and the moment his fingers touched upon her pubic area Sudeshna moaned and trembled.

In a whispering tone she blurted out she’s already wet, and now getting wetter as his naughty fingers had by now started taking liberties with her, making her hiss in bliss. Ravi now asked her to overturn, and as she did Ravi pulled her towel off her front, thus making her topless. Ravi turned agape; her exposed breasts, tipped with honey-brown areolea, remained elated in its youthful arrogance.

She trembled as that boy poured some oil over her bare bosom, followed by his grabbing the pair of my bride’s firm breasts with his palms. She sighed and he assumed oil-massaging her lovely breasts, dead in front of my voyeuring eyes. The view granted me an immense pleasure. I lost my control, and I simply yanked off my Bermuda and started massaging my warm angry penis by myself. Looking at he Ravi turned bolder.

He yanked Sudeshna’s petticoat, thus denuding her completely. Then he also took off his shirt and lungi. We saw his huge erection. He looked up at me with lust and excitement written in his eyes. I winked at him so now he unhesitantly came over my wife to eat her nectarine youth. . He went on squeezing her breasts, taut nipples, to his heart’s content, and finally his mouth came down on a breast-top.

Sudeshna now moaned aloud, pushing as much of her warm breasts-flesh as she could into his eager mouth. He continued sucking up her breasts, by turns. Both sweating away in the warmth of sex. Now I came near them and sat beside my fore-playing bride. Finding me closer Ravi pulled me closer to her heaving bosom, and spontaneously I took one breast to mouth, while he carried on with the other.

My wife was trembling like a reed as two different male-mouths were now at her breasts, at a time, one each. She was hissing at random, and suddenly her love-sound stopped. I looked up my head and saw Ravi now sealed her mouth with his, and their mouths are now sealed in passionate kiss. I resumed fondling her boobs. Minutes later Ravi broke off her and proceeded to her thighs; her pulled them apart a little and placed his mouth over my wife’s wet vagina.

Sudeshna moaned as he now shoved his tongue into her pubic gate and began sucking her up. My wife’s comely face flashed with bliss as being sucked wildly. In no time she also turned wild; her love-moans echoed around the room. She now pleaded Ravi to fill her womb with his seed. Her words surprised me a bit as I knew she’d not been on the pill. So I blurted out wouldn’t it be a little risky for you to take his sperm inside?

She laughed, saying let his fill me, I need it now. Tomorrow I shall take I Pill tablet. Don’t worry, dear.” Now at my instance, the masseur entered her with a thrust; her tight wet vagina paved the way to him, and he filled her, and started pumping her deeper, Ravi, deeper”, she pleaded. Ravi enhanced his ramming-tempo, little by little. On the other hand, I shoved my erection into her eager mouth. It was a unique threesome fun that continued.

Her face flashed red, indicating she was now closer to her orgasm. And she underwent it in no time, while Ravi was ramming in her in full swing. She reached another orgasm. And little later Ravi moaned and turned stiff, and both my wife and our third companion trembled and sweating Ravi fall upon Sudeshna’s bosom, spent. I felt his gush of sperm was filling Sudeshna’s hungry womb.

And when he withdrew from her; some sperm overflew from her vagina. My wife was fully satisfied, and she now asked me to take her. But instead, I wanked on her breasts; Ravi massaged my sperm over her breasts till it dried down her skin. I gave Ravi Rs 1000, instead of Rs 200 to his utter surprise and joy. My wife stood up and hugged him and planted a long kiss, full on his lips, as a token of Good-bye.

That night we made love wildly. . .
Next two days we made no such adventure. And then we came back home.
The memory of this promiscuous adventure during our honeymoon kept us warm in our regular conjugality. Months elapsed, and meanwhile she conceived. And a few months ago, in last September, she gave birth to our first child in a noted nursing home at Chennai.

During her pregnancy-period she had gained a little weight, but that did not matter. Rather it may have increased her sex-appeal more; her breasts became little heavy, now full of milk. The only problem with her that milk-flow in her breasts was huge, or so much so that often it drenched her top to her embarrassment. She would often request me to suck her breast-milk, but I declined.

So my poor lactating wife used ‘pump’ to pump out her excess flow of milk when she is home.

On last Navaratris, or three days before the 1st day of Navaratri, we reached to Ahmadabad to meet my parents, and Sudeshna wanted to witness and play ‘Garba” festival. Well, she wanted me to get her few new sets of traditional ‘chania-choli’ for her participation in the nocturnal gorba-dances.

So I suggested her to get her dresses stitched in lieu of taking some ready-made ones. She agreed. So next afternoon we went out in search of a ladies tailor’s shop who could deliver her dresses in two days. Our house is situated on Stadium Road, and in that locality we found no such tailor who could deliver things so early.

Finally suddenly we found one very small tailoring-shop, run by an old, septuagenarian, Muslim ladies are tailor who agreed to stitch her ‘cholis’ by two days. This tailor, named Kashim Muhammad, was medium in height, dark and appeared to be senile, who had a minor assistant named Sultan to run his shop.

However, it was around 4 o’clock (afternoon). And incidentally, we were the only two customers at his shop at that time. The senior tailor instructed my wife to enter the shop’s anteroom /trial room.

She entered it, followed by Kashim’s young Junior Sultan and me. Kashim asked me to stay out as he would measure up her body, all alone. I obeyed him. He closed the door but not fully, it was left ajar, and I could easily see inside through its gap. Contextually, Sudeshna, my wife, was in traditional Sharee and blouse etc. The oldman now looked at standing Sudeshna, silently and then fixed his eyes on her breasts.

And before assuming his job he asked my wife if she wanted a ‘perfect fitting’ of her Cholis ? She was a bit taken aback by his words, and said out, “Certainly perfect-fitting; why? What’s up ?

He smiled, and placed one his hand on her shoulder, in front of his young assistant who was aged hardly 18 years! And yanked her ‘pallu’ aside, thus revealing her blouse-covered front. My wife face turned crimson in coyish embarrassment, but she did not resist such advancement of that oldman.

He observed her with a smile on his lips, and then resumed his job with a measurement-tape in hand and while massaging her neck, sleeve, back, arms etc he want on to dictate to his boy the measured-sizes to jot down.

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