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My Aunt And Her Daughter - by Suresh!

Hi all Iss readers, I'm regular reader of iss stories, I liked lot of the stories that the guys narrate the stories on this. Its fun, so I like to write a story of mine, so Pls Enjoy my story and give reply at [email protected]

This is Suresh from Hyderabad Let me introduce myself properly before I narrate my stories. I love beautiful women's bodies especially the once in saris .I like older women I don't know the reason why but I like them there curvatures bodies and voluptuous figure always drew my eyes to them sometimes I can't resist myself and feeling like touching them .To start with I am 5.7"inches and little plump with an adequate size dick ………. And look l fair colored ho I forgot now I am 25years old .
Okay ,okay I am starting the story…………………

I'm working as System support engineer in a small company, I use to get holiday on Sunday only hardly I don go anywhere on that day and take rest. On one Sunday there was a pooja at my Aunt house, my family members all went over there and my has a daughter who's age is around 19 with good figure in black complexion. My aunt is looking to handover her daughter to me as marriage looks. As she use leave us both freely so that we can have some foreplay whenever we meet.

Ok coming back to story on that Sunday we all family members went to my aunts house there the pooja of durga devi. After completing the pooja the session of drinking the beers and some whisky bottles are arranged for the guest, who are invited over there. All have taken drinks and after completing all people have departure as I went out for drinking a beer, when I came back my family members were not there, my enquired about me, as I'm very much close to her I said that to have a beer that's why late she said nothing gave me another beer and told to sleep today night here as it late however, I said ok at 9.00 pm I went out smoke a cigar and back. All have slept except my aunt we chat for sometime and she also slept beside me as I'm watching tv and teasing my aunt daughter, like rubbing her boobs and roaming my hand over body. Suddenly I heared the sound of aunt getting up, slowly I slowed down, my aunt went to toilet as she gone I once again started my game with her daughter, as aunt is coming, I resumed my self and acted as watching tv. My aunt said to cut off the tv as the time to sleep and they have tired of heavy work I obeyed and cutt of tv and laid beside her, as conservation between me and aunt started again in the mean while she complained that her legs are painful, I said can I give small mallish to ur legs so that it will be bit relief she agreed. Only the bed lamp was on by which her legs are shining like any thing I slowly started massage her by lifting her sari slowly, slowly up to her thighs she don't know that as she had closed her eyes I get bowled and lifted my hands little up to her thighs and ....

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Fucked my Shy Cousin - by Nitin!

Hello friends, I am back with yet another experience of mine which happened when I was still a child. I used to study various journals, magazines and used to find out what sex actually is and what are its effects? This made me a little bit more mature than other classmates. Friends who knew me used to ask me about sex. So by the time I reached my engg. I knew a damn good about sex, but, I did not have a practical experience which I was raring to have. Now the actual thing comes to picture. My cousin sister Sanjh, who resided in gra got a job in Mumbai. We were all happy, since, she was one of the most loved in our family. She was the only child of the only sister of my father. I used to love her like my own sister. She got herself a room near her office and used to come to our place during weekends and holidays. We used to enjoy our weekends a lot. A year passed like this I did not have any bad feelings for her till then. As days passed I grew more affectionate towards her. I tried to be more close to her (out of affection). She used to come during late nights on Thursday. One Thursday night after coming she was changing her dress and by chance I passed her room and happen to see her nude back.

I was mesmerized by seeing the loveliest naked body in front of my eyes. I made a plan to trap her and have sex with her…. I was just waiting for a good chance and it came after 3 weeks. She came a little early that and I knew she is going to change her dress so I went in her room and started talking to her about her well-being and her work. After some time I pretended to fall asleep in that room. So she took her clothes and went to my room and changed her dress. After she came back she saw me sitting on the bed. I told her that I was sorry that I fell asleep. She told, "Koi baat nahi nitin" and gave me a peck on my cheek. I was overwhelmed. Little did Sanjh didi know that I have turned on my webcam on my room to recording mode and whatever she did in my room was recorded. I did a good thing that I had turned my monitor off and she couldn't recognize that my system was on. I was too lucky and was in my seventh heaven that I have captured my own sis nude on cam. I was dying to see the video but waited for everybody to sleep in my house. After everyone slept I closed my room door and started checking out the video. It was damn good. I was in all wet after seeing the video. It was no less than a full fledged porn movie.

Now my plans to get her started…. I first made the video into a full fledged movie and posted it in her mail with a sweet and daring message "Be Mine or be Everyone's". I asked her to check out her mail. The next week after she came to my house I asked her whether she has checked her mail. She told that she is going to check it "Today". Inside I was laughing out and waiting for her to check and come. She went to check her mail in the afternoon and came back with a gloomy face. I was sure that my job was done. My mother asked her what had happened. She told that she was tired and needed some rest. She wasn't making an eye contact with me. After an hour, when everybody went out she came to my room and asked me "Ye sab kya hai Sintoo? Ye kaisa mazak hai, abhi ke abhi vo file delete karo!". I told her clearly,that "I love you didi aur main aapko paana chahata hu, chahe kuch bhi ho jaaye agar aapne meri baat mankar apneaapko mujhe nahi saupa to main ye video kissi bhi site par post kar dunga!". She warned me that the results won't be good and told me to behave well. I knew she will come to me so I waited for her. After 5 days ultimately didi same to me and said, "nitin, sirf ek baar, theek hai!" Hearing this I was madly excited, "ok didi, jaisa aap chahe!"

We waited for the right time to come. 2 weeks later my parents went for a marriage at Delhi. I stayed back because of my exams and my sis assured them that she will take good care of me. I was delighted that I will get to fuck my dream girl. She to was happy but didn't show it in her face. That night after my parents left she came to our house cooked the food and we had our dinner...

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Wife Ka Group Sex

I was really shocked to hear the words from my hubby's boss.

"I will not". I replied.

It all happened 3 months ago. My husband Rohith was transferred to Delhi soon after we purchased a new 3 bedroom flat in Bangalore. He lived there for only a week when he was transferred. He tried his level best to cancel the transfer order, but his boss Mr.Sharma was unyielding.

After he left for Delhi my son (5 yrs studying in I Std) and myself were left alone in the flat. Rohith will come once in a month and will be with us for 3 to 5 days before going back. We also could not go along with him to Delhi due to my son's school and moreover I don't want to rent out the new flat to somebody else.

Rohith's absence was creating its own problems. I started missing him very much and our sex life also. Even though I am 30 now, I'm considered to be attractive and have always taken good care of myself. I'm proud to say most men find my pretty face attractive, but my full breasts (36d), flat stomach, and my firm bottom get the most attention, although I have to admit I've never really dressed to show them off. I'm not really old fashioned and I normally used to be in the traditional south indian saree, salwar kameez and occasionally in Jeans and top.

As per one of Rohith's friend suggestion I visited Mr.Sharma to request him personally about bringing back Rohith. Two weeks later I got a call from his office to meet him. I saw that Mr Sharma had a very large office with a private room next to it. Mr Sharma called his secretary to bring the transfer documents for his signature. He intently re-read the papers and showed me the transfer orders waiting for his signature.

"You got nice black long hair, Sheela. I love long hair." Mr Sharma said and I was totally surprised. In fact I did not know what to say.

"And Sheela er... you.. are.. very beautiful...". I was feeling embarrassed by this open statement so I just smiled at him. Maybe because of this he was encouraged him to say, "You are so beautiful, you look like that new heroine Aishwarya Rai".

" Oh... No sir . I am not that beautiful"

"Of course you are. You are very fair, I meant you are sexy looking like Aishwarya Rai", said Mr. Sharma.

Then he got bolder and started saying "You are very beautiful, your face is soo sexy and your figure is very sexy too. Seeing you makes me very uncomfortable".

He continued now looking directly and openly at my breasts "You have a beautiful body and making love to you will be like making love to a goddess. My heart was pounding very fast now, and my body became tense as my fear grew.

I felt angry at his openness and felt nervous as my gaze settled on his lecherous eyes. "I have been thinking about you for the last 2 weeks. You know that?"

"Real nice boobs," he sighed. "Nice body, in fact. Even though you have a child but you have a nice body. Hard to see what your boobs look like with that blouse on though. Why don't you open your blouse and let me see."

I was really shocked to hear the words from my hubby's boss.

" I will not". I replied

"You will not? I am not hurting you Sheela. I am not touching you. I just wanted to see your nice boobs, that is all. I wanted to see if you got nice tits like you got a nice body."

"Leave me alone!" I cried, got up from my seat and wanted to leave the room.

"Pleeease Sheela, pleasee can I see your breasts, please just once, I promise I will only look, please I am desperate to see your big breasts please....." he carried on and on.

And then he dropped the bombshell " If you leave the room without showing your boobs to me, I will not sign these transfer papers. Sheela, if you leave now, and don't show me, I'll make sure that your husband will not return to bangalore as long as I am here. He'll be transferred to Delhi, Mumbai and Chandigarh for another couple of years. Now sit down." Mr.Sharma said calmly. I glared at him, then sat back down. "How can you do that!" I cried.

I sat in the chair without knowing what else to do, trembled and began to cry. "I'll never do it! I'll tell your wife, I'll tell General Manager! You're crazy if you think I'm going to show my breasts to you!!" I glared at him with hate in my eyes.Read FULL STORY here

Virgin Sister

Hi! My name's Sahil. I want tell you guys this funny incident that happened with my sweet little innocent sister Neha. I was 22 and Sweta was 15 when it all started. Once I heard Sweta yelling at mummy. I was in the bedroom shared by Sweta and me. I stood hiding behind the door to find out why she was yelling at mummy. I overheard her crying to mummy that she is not a small girl anymore. It seemed she was insisting on mummy to buy her bra for her fresh little tits and mummy was telling her that she's too young and her breasts are too small for wearing bras. After quarrelling with mummy for a long time sweta walked angrily to our bedroom. I acted like I was doing my college studies.

Sweta in her sweet innocence always shared all her secrets with me. That day she came and sat beside me very quietly. I told her that I had heard what happened with mummy outside. Like a mature brother I tried to make her understand that her breasts are not even 30 in size and bras are not manufactured below that size. She got very angry asking what she should do to make her breasts larger. I asked her why she is so desperate to wear bras. Immediately she revolted that she is a grown up big girl now and not a kid anymore. I felt like laughing at her innocence. Then she softly added that she had heard from her other girlfriends that guys are most easily attracted to females with good boobs and the sight of a bra. I asked her why she wanted to attract guys so much. She cutely said she wanted to have maximum attention from guys wherever she goes to make all other girls jealous.

I inspected her closely. She was wearing her usual light pink nighty. It was a short nightgown running little below her knees. It was quite thin so her panty was also visible. We used to sleep in the same bed but I had never got so attracted to her physically before. Her tiny tits were pretty appealing to me with the nipples poking through the thin material of nightgown. I took her to the bed and sat close to her. Then I encouraged her saying that I can help her become the hottest girl when she gets into college, but on once condition. She asked what condition. I said she should not tell anyone our secret and never to stop me from any action. She assured me that she has full faith in me as a big brother and that she knows whatever I do I will do for her good only. Then I explained to her that breasts take time to grow big. For some girls it grows big at an early age naturally. Otherwise a girl must be trained to exercise it.

She didn't understand. I explained to her in detail that just like I go for my heavy weight workouts to the gym to build my muscles, like that she should also be trained. She asked if she should join a gym. I told her that for building breasts there are no gyms. But I could train her properly. sweta was very excited and happy. She begged me to start right away. I said ok. I told her to immediately take off her nightgown and inspect her tits properly. She happily shed away the nightgown sitting in only her light pink panty with red hearts printed on it. She looked damn sexy in that position. I touched her tiny tits as if I was seriously inspecting them but I was enjoying the soft sensation of her tender nipples. Her tits were very small and still just sprouting to maturity. I gently massaged them with my warm hands occasionally pulling and twisting the nipples. She loved the sensation too. It had all started with the idea of only helping Neha develop her boobs.
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An affair of lifetime - by Anubhav!

Hi friends! My name is Anubhav. I am a regular reader of the stories from this site. I enjoy a lot reading the stories. So, without wasting any time, let me begin with my story.

I am a 24 year good looking guy and this is a story when I was 18. I was in class 12th that time. My personal interest was in MILFs. My house is a big one in the colony and there are five houses neighboring our house. To my left lives Singh uncle with his mom, 6 years old daughter and the sexiest woman in the world his wife.

Her name is Sujata. She is a fair lady with big eyes, dark & thick lips, round, big and tight tits and a tight ass. Her figure is about 38-30-40. She is very friendly by nature and really sexy by attitude. I had been watching her since she shifted to the first floor. My room is on the second floor in my house. Her bedroom and bathroom both are clearly visible from my bedroom. I used to watch her taking bath, peeing,doing shit etc with my binoculars. I saw her many times entering the room, closing the doors wearing really short nighties without any inner-wears and used to wait for uncle. When he used to come they would fuck real hard. Many times aunty used to perform sexy dance for uncle. When uncle was on tour she used to watch blue films and masturbate. She used to squirt. The whole scene was visible as they had no curtains on the ventilators. Whenever she used to come to my house I used to examine her from top to bottom.

This whole sequence was going on like never ending. She bought a laptop for her. Since she was not very used to with computers, she used to ask me for help wherever she needed. Once she called me to her house and said that some virus has infected the laptop and it isn't working. When I had a look I saw a list of hundreds of non-sense porn sites were visited. I asked her very frankly that did you visit these sites. She felt really embarrassed and shamefully said yes. I convinced her that there is nothing in this to be ashamed of. That more than 95% of the net users visit these sites. She asked-" Do you visit these sites? ". I said yes. Daily. She very innocently asked then why doesn't your computer gets infected with virus. I told that I visit standard sites and then she took a list of good porn sites and visited them and next day when she came to meet my mom, she indicated that the sites were good. When mom went in the kitchen to make some tea she said that she had seen many pictures videos etc. and read five stories of young boys fucking their nieghbour aunts. I thought that yesterday she was feeling so shy and now she is discussing porn with me. And why did she put stress on YOUNG BOY FUCKING THEIR NIEGHBOUR AUNT? I don't know what was in her mind but this instance took away all the shy thing between me and her. I was really happy. Many times it happened that she gave me some link to download the movie. Many times it would be playboy movie or something like that. Whenever she had any problem, she used to call me. I used to fix it slowly in order to spend more time with her. Often I used to format her computer in the meantime we used to watch movies together. She used to sit besides me in her salwar-suits. I don't know which perfume did she used but the aroma was the best. Whenever she used to bend her sexy cleavage would be clearly visible. Although I had seen her nude for a thousand times but seeing her while standing beside her were very astonishing moments.

One day when I was peeping in her bedroom with my binoculars. I felt like she was staring at my bedroom window and suddenly she called me in her house. I was really nervous and thought that why did I ever did this but was diteremined that if she asks me, I would agree to it that I was looking at her. When I reached there, I was surprised. She acted very normally...

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My Neighbour Horny Aunt - by Raj!

This is a true story. I live with my family here in Mumbai. This Is my neighbour Who Stays In The Opposite Apartment And A good Friend Of My Mom And I Call Her Aunty. She does have a huge pair tits and a round, shapely ass, she is 36 years. She also is having good shaped tits and good figure. But the uncle is short, not having a good figure and might be impotent. I always use to look at aunt's body whenever got time and often masturbated by thinking of her. She is really a beautiful and a very sexy lady. I was in the neighborhood. And just thought I should visit my aunt. I was at my aunt's door and rang the bell. My aunt was surprised and happy to see me told me come in and since Uncle is also on official tour, she is also alone in the house, and my cousins had gone to college and would be back late evening.

She made some tea and as I was sipping we talking about our good old days. She was looking quite sexy in the nightgown and I was wearing blue jeans and t-shirt. We were also watching movie on cable as talking to each other. She shifted the topic to my future plans and about marriage. I told her no plans for marriage at present since I had settle in my professional life however any good proposal came for girl having qualities like to you, I will consider the things. She asked what qualities I like about her. I told her that she is well educated, settled, working, beautiful and sexy. She was said I consider her as sexy I told her yes. She came close to me and started kissing me on lips, checks and neck. She said your Uncle has are not been able to satisfy her and she is sex hungry for long time, she wants me satisfy her sex urge. She slowly removed my t-shirt and started kissing on my chest as well as sucking my nipples. After few moments she shifted her attention downwards and told me let me see your tool. She removed my jeans as well as my underwear and now I was nude before my sexy aunt. She said help me to remove cloths, I gently removed her nightgown. She was wearing black bra and a white panty underneath the gown. I removed her black bra and started sucking her big tits. I placed her on the bed and started sucking her right nipple first, it became hard and erect.

I touched her boobs tenderly and then tried to size them up by moving my palms all over her boobs. She was looking at my hand moving on her boobs. I caressed them slowly and massaged them. Then I increased my force and pressed them hard and I could hear her moan. I played with her boobs to my satisfaction and then sat down on my knees to take them in my mouth. I sucked her nipples, chewing them, and then I took her full breasts in my mouth and sucked them one by one. She was moving her hand lovingly through.....

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Accommodating Sister - by Shahid!

She grabbed hold of his hand and twisted his finger hard, He nearly cried out in pain.

She pushed him away and turned on the bedside lamp.

Simi was furious as she turned towards her younger brother Karthik. You fucking pervert. What the fuck do you think you were trying to do, sneaking in here and groping me.

He shrank back in shock and fear, any minute now she would scream and all hell would break loose. He grabbed his wounded hand in pain and looked at her in fear. Simi was 6 years older than him, at 22 she was in the prime of her youth, all her assets nicely developed and it was the thrill of seeing his beautiful sister naked, or atleast the chance to feel her round tits that had driven him to creep into her room at night to have a grope.

He had been comming in her for the past 3 nights, timid at first, only looking at her sleeping form covered only in a thin nightie, then as confidence grew, he was touching her. Yesterday, he only gently pressed his hands on those supple mounds, today, he had risked squeezing then and had been caught.

What were you thinking Karthik she asked softly. She couldn't bear to see her brother in pain. She loved him dearly and his tearful gaze broke her tender heart.

I couldn't help it sis, he replied. Since you came home, something about you has been driving me crazy. I mean you look so beautiful. I can't get your breasts out of my mind.

Then you should have told me, asked me.

I was afraid you would be mad. You would tell mom or dad.

Sweetheart, have I ever refused you anything?


Then you should have asked. creeping in here and violating me is not a nice thing to do.

I'm sorry sis, he sobbed. I didn't mean to hurt you.

Nor I sweet brother. Show me you hand.

He held it out and she kissed it, then placed it on her right breast. She held it there for a while, I didn't move it...

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Sexy SHRUTHI - by Ramakrishna!

I am a 24 year old guy from Bangalore. I am a great sex lover and have a high libido and sex drive and I believe in enjoying my sex life thoroughly. I also watch lots of XXX movies and from which I have learn lots of positions for having sex. But more than watching XXX movies I love to have sex with girls, specially with married women. As I am a good looking guy I had girls getting attracted towards me and as a result I had sex with girls in my past.

Recently i had written about a sex incident happened in my life in ISS and i got so many mails regarding that story. One day when I again opened my e mail box to check my mails I saw that there was a mail from a a lady named Shruti in which the subject was,'Please Help Me'.I got excited and immediately opened the mail to read that what Shruti had written.I immediately got an erection in my cock when I started reading that Shruti had written that she had read my sex story in ISS and she liked the way I had sex with a 25 year old woman and her friend.Shruti had written that she was a 29 year old married lady from Bangalore with two kids (A 7 year old daughter and a 4 year old son) and was happily married.Shruti wrote that she was married at the age of 21 years and had her first kid at the age of 22 years.She had written that she was interested to have sex with me and wanted my 12 cms long fat cock in her vagina,because it was long time that husband did not have sex with her,as her husband was a rich businessman and had no time for sex,as he was a busy man traveling from one place to another and Shruti mentioned that she was a kind of person who would love to have sex every day.So,she was desperate to have sex with me.Along with her mail she also gave her telephone number and asked me to maintain complete secrecy about the extramarital sex life.

She was going to have with me. Now my sex encounter starts from here.As I got Shruti`s phone number in her mail,I did not waste any moment and I immediately rang her up and fortunately Shruti had picked up the phone and I introduced myself and she was happy to hear me on the phone. Then I and Shruti decided to meet eachother in a park in Cormangla the next day as she lived in a pent house in Cormangla,as she was a rich lady.Shruti told me that she would be wearing a blue sari.The next day I quickly went to that park to meet her and I reached the park on time and saw that Shruti was also waiting for me wearing a blue sari.I saw that Shruti was a sexy lady with a fair complexion and a figure of 36-26-34 and was a very goodlooking lady with round boobs and sexy ass which was waiting to be pressed and slapped.In short she was a sexbomb.She was happy to see me and we sat besides eachother like lovers and started talking about sex and when I touched her hands I felt that her skin was like butter.Shruti told me that she had all the comforts of life excepting sexual satisfaction.

After chatting for about 2 hours,then Shruti gave me her address and asked me to come to her house the three days later,as her hubby was going out of India.The next two days we spoke to eachother on the phone and finally the D day had arrived for having sex with Shruti.I rang up Shruti and asked her could I come to her house,she told me to come immediately as there was no one in her house. Now my 12 cms long cock was filled with sex very badly,as there was an erotic tickling sensation was happening inside my penis,because I was getting the sexy feel that I was going to have sex with a married woman.Now when I reached Shruti`s house,I saw that she had a nice pent house with an imported car parked outside.I could very well make out that Shruti is indeed a rich lady.Now I rang the door bell and Shruti welcomed me.I saw that Shruti was wearing a yellow coloured salwar kameez in which she was looking damn sexy.

I and Shruti enjoyed a cup of tea and then I asked her about her kids,Shruti replied that she had sent her kids to their friend`s place for the whole day.I wondered that it was indeed a smart planning by Shruti to keep her kids away from home while enjoying her extramarital sex life.Then Shruti placed her hot erotic hands on my bulge and said,...

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Chachi Ko Choda - by Rohit!

Hi guys this is Rohit here.i have been a reglar reader of sex stories fro this site .i find it quite fascinating to read about people fucking their chachis , bhabhis ,mamis and i would like share my experience with my chachi.enjoy!!!!!!!!.

It happened a 2 years ago.i never saw my chachi(named-sarita) from that prospective until this day. it was a sunday and so i , my uncle and chachi planned to go out for dinner .it so happened that i sat on the side my chachi was sitting and my uncle sat alone on the other side.we placed the order for the food and patiently we had dinner my eyes suddenly fell on a place completely new to me.i was watching my chachis cleavage.i was stunned to see two great boobs breathing up and down and being held just by a plain blouse.well that aroused my but i controlled my feelings.i masturbated 5 times that night thinking about my chachi.i had made up my mind to give her a good fuck some day or the other.i used to stay with my parents and she stayed with my uncle in a different apartment.

My chachi used to pay regular visits to my mom and whenever she used to come i used to sit near her just to get a glimpse of her great chachi made no attempts of hiding them as she thought me to be a innocent boy but by then i was as horny as one could get.i decided to make the first class 12 exams were over and i was on the brink of a 3month my holidays began i paid visits to her house daily prending to meet her and just spend time.she had no resevatios about that as she was quite friendly with me.i used to go at about 11 o clock in the morning as by that time my chachi used to be alone in her home. i used to sit and talk to her while she did her daily household work . i used to get a good sight of her lovely ass and every time she used to bent down i saw her two great first aim was to give her feel of my lund and whenever she to be in the kitchen cocking i used to stand very close to her pretending to be curious about learning cooking but actually i used to press my hard cock against her ass.i did that for a week and surprisingly had no reactions from her.

My next step was the deciding was a Monday and my uncle was out with some business work and was supposed to return late.hence i was ordered to stay with my chachi for that day.i was excited and had made up my mind to fuck her that day itself.i went to her house as usual at about 11o clock.she was groaning in pain with a terrible back ache.i suggested her to lay down as i applied the balm on her back.she first hesitated on my suggestion but then agreed.i took the balm and applied on her back. as i applied the bam i could see her breathng heavly.this was a golden moment for me as i managed not only to get a feeling of her back but i also allowed my hands the delicacy of her lovely waist.i continued to massage my chachi for about 10 mins after which she turned around said"vivek ca you lift my blouse a bit upwards so that you can apply balm on the area which is paining the most"i was shocked to here own chachi asking me to lift her blouse!well that aroused me but i had to obey her. so i did as she said and appled the balm by lifting her blouse....

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Bhai Ki Mardanagi

Hi i am Huma, a woman from punjab. i am sexy, with a voluptuous body, oozing sex appeal and extremely hot.

Now coming to my actual story which is a real happening in my life when i was aged 20 years. Let me tell you about my family. I have a brother two years younger than me, Farhan and my mother, Saima, 45 years and my youngest sister Nazo younger to me by 5 years So here it begins.

Main us wakt 20 saal ki thi aur apne college main padhati thi. Main 5 feet aur 4 inch ki height wali sexy larki hun, sundar jawan hun, rang sanwla, aur jism gadraya hua hai. meri chuuchi badi badi hai aur chutar bade he matwale hain. Mera Bhai Farhan bahut hi risht pusht jism ka 6 foot ka jawan hai, chauri chhati, sudol tangen aur lohe jaisa kadak 9 inch ka lund hai. Main apne bhai ko bahut pyar karti hun. Meri behan Nazo bhi bahut sexy hai, uski height 5 feet 5 inch hai, rang gora, bhari chutar, bhare bhare stan, patli kamar. Mera ishk meri class ke ek larke Shamim ke sath chal raha tha aur vo mere sath chher chhar karta tha. Ek di usne mujhe apne ghar bulaya kyon ki us din uss ke ghar main koi nahin tha. Main wahan gayi to ussne mujhe jaate hi pakad liya aur chumne laga. mere boobs dabane laga aur meri saan aani mushkil ho gayi. Main bahut hi utejit ho chuki thi aur meri chut chudwane ke liye tarap rahi thi. Shamim ne mujhe naga kar diya aur meri chut par lund ragadne laga. Vo abhi ragad hi raha tha ki uska fowara foot para aur uska sara paani meri chut par gir gaya. Maine puchha ki kya hua to vo bola" Main to jhad gaya hun" Lekin main to aag main jal rahi thi. Shamim ne mujhe vapis ghar bhej diya. Uska muhn lataka hua tha..

Main ghar chali aa rahi thi aur upper se ghane kale badal asman main chhaye huye the. Maine ghar mein parvesh kiya to baarish hone lagi lekin main to aag main jal rahi thi. Mera jisn dahak raha tha aur mujhe lund ke siva aur kuchh nahin soojh raha tha. Ghar mein pehla kamra Farhaan ka tha jaha se ajib si awazen aa rahi thi, " Huma meri jaan chuso mere lund ko did, tu bahut sexy ho, emri behna, ab chudne ko tayar ho jayo apne bhai se" Mian hairan ho kar dekhne lagi. Farhaan apne mote lund ko nikal kar muth mar raha tha. Main samajh gayi ke vo mere ko imagine kar ke muth mar raha ytha. Jab maine apna naam uske mukh se suna to dang hi reh gayi. Meri chut lund ke liye pehle hi taras rahi thi. Kaamvasna iss had bad gayi ki main bhai behn ke rishte ko bhul gayi aur Farhaan ke kamre mein chali gayi." Ye kaya kar rahe ho Farhaan? Mere naam ki muth mar rahe ho, tujhe sharam nahin aati? Main teri behan hun aur tu kalpna mein mujhe hi chod rahe ho?" Vo sharma gaya aur apne lund ko dhakne laga," Maine usse dhamki di" main agar ye sab ammi ko bata dun ' vo mere pairon par gir ke maafi mangne laga. Main bhi to yahi chahti thi. Maine usse kaha " ek sharat par chup reh sakti hun, agar tum apni behan ko vakya hi chod kar thandi kar do to" Uska muhn khula ke khula reh gaya. Maine usko puchha" Farhan kiya kisi larki ki chudai ki hai" Vo bola" Nahin par dil abhut karta hai"Maine jawab diya " to fir der kiss baat ki hai, mera yaar to harami namard nikla ab dekhen bhai kitna mard hai".
Us din bhai bahut hi bechain tha. Main matak matak kar uski taraf badhi.vo chal rahi thi. Usne mud kar darwaza band kiya, bahar barish pure zoron par ho rahi thi aur vo mere boobs ki jhalak dekh raha tha. Maine apni Kamiz uttar di jiss se se meri chhati nagi ho uthi.
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