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Story of Bank Officer by Dissjhon!

Hi, I am John, I am writing here for first time, please reply comments. I am a young person of 20; I am narrating my experience with a bank officer. I was enjoying my holidays but was getting very bored. So I was helping my father in his business, I would do small job with him, as per necessity I would help him in banking also. Everyday my job was to collect all the cheques that our customer gave and deposit them in my father's account in a nationalized bank. Every day I went to the bank and met with a woman of near about 30 she was an officer there. Soon after going daily, she became friendly with me. She was a very attractive woman. She would wear saari in which she looked very sexy. She had very nice boobs, which were seen, from front of her table.

Now coming to the incident directly, as per daily shed I went to bank in evening, I reached to the woman officer to get her sign on the bank sleep. Today she was wearing a shiny blue colored saari, which was sticking to her body and showing her body curves. She was looking damn sexy that day. It was very rush in the bank, I went to she smiled seeing me. I too smiled. Because of the rush she was too much busy in work when I forwarded my cheques to her, but from the rush behind one man came to her and demanded some form, in the hurry she signed on my sleep and stood to get the form. I collected my cheques and started to go to the deposit counter. In the way, she was standing and finding the form. It was a very narrow pathway. She was standing with her back to me.

This was the first time I saw her from back. She was wearing a blouse, which was showing her most back. I then turned my to her ass this was the first time I got to see her sexy round asses.The asses were so much sexy that I got hard in my pants. I never had think about her in this manner but now I was eager to have sex with her and fuck her ass very badly.

I then decided to do a naughty thing; I just went near her from back in the narrow passage and desperately touched her pass from behind....

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Stuffed in Staff Room by Veekay

we slowly started talkin other things than studies in our extra classes and that was the point when she started telling me how much she misses her husband n how much it hurts her when she lost him and she even used to tell how he used to love her a lot. She said that she missed that love and she started crying and kept her head on my shoulder. I could feel her tears dripping on my chest, her heavy breathing near my neck and then i saw her cleavage and huge boobs moving up and down. I love working out so i have a strong body, i tried to cheer her up, and she calmed down and said that i have very hard shoulders and she started feeling my arms and shoulders. BUT HOLD ON GUYS!!!! This is not where it started, at that time i was just enjoying hor soft touch on my body.

We continued the classes but we rather had a nice long chat than studying. One day she was asking about my working out, and then she asked that are all my body parts this strong? She suddenly realised that she said sumthing with a double meaning and she started laughing naughtily.

She usually stays after classes for correction. In the evening i was called from my hostel room to the staff room.The weather was really hot and I usually wear a sando and i went like that in the staff room. I knew why she had called me. I went there with my head held own, on entering when i looked up i couldn't believe my eyes, due to the hot weather she had shifted her pallu to the side and her soft boobs were beautifully visible. She caught me staring at her boobs and scolded me that this must be the reason why you dint score well. I said sorry and i told her it was not like that. She scolded that only if ur brain was as strong as the fest of your body, you would have scored. She then calmed down and then held me by my shoulders and told me to settle down, I got current through my body as she touched my bare shoulders with her soft hands, she started rubbing my arms, held me close to her body and told in a soft tone thati must work hard and asked me the reason for me not scoring well and she again started rubbing my thighs, but this time it was really close to my dick. My dick instantly got hard and she saw it...

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Hot Blooded Bang

This is my first attempt to write something like this ever.
I'm 22 by the way, 5 feet and 8 inches tall, weighing 52 kgs and I am proud to have a very sexy body. My body stats are 34-24-26. I have a very fair complexion, with brown eyes and shoulder length brown hair. I have very delicate features. I've won many modeling competitions and have been a model for many products as a hobby. Overall I've been told I'm a gorgeous looking girl. I've always been the pretties of my girl friends. You would call me a rich spoilt snob if you ever saw me in public.

Being born in a very rich Punjabi family in Delhi, you're automatically chained for a list of things. For example not going out late nights, not interacting with boys, not drinking etc.. Although I never had a steady boy friend, I did lose my virginity to a friend in school. After which we had sex only a couple of more times and later I put a stop to it. Pertaining the circumstances of my family I never could get more opportunities for some easy unattached sex.

Although, I looked like a very innocent girl and gave an impression of someone who would never let a guy touch her before marriage, I was very wild inside and always wished I could explore more before I settled down finally. You may call me a slut or whatever, but I did want to experience a few things in my life. And one day I got such an opportunity.

One day I received a call on my cell phone, which seemed like a marketing call. A guy on the other end said that he was speaking from Hutch and wanted some information from me. Everyone is sick of such calls and hence I tried to do what was natural and said that I was busy and should call me later. To which he responded:

"Kya aap kissi aur ke saath ek raat guzarna chahengi?"

This guy had a very uneducated touch to him and seemed from very low class strata of the society. Hearing what he said I was really amazed shocked and frankly very insulted. I replied,

"Excuse Me?"

He repeated himself and added:

"Kya aap kissi aur ke saath ek raat guzarna chahengi? Extra pocket money ke liye?"

I still couldn't believe this guy on the phone and was speechless. I got furious and replied:

"What the hell are you saying? Is this a joke? Who are you?"

He replied back in a very calm fashion:

"Madam, mein ek agent hu. Mein shokeen ladkiyo ko shokeen ladko se milwata hu, lekin bilkul safe tareeke se. Isse aapke kuch paise bhi baan jayenge, aur mein ek chotti si commission leta hu. Saara intizaam mein karwata hu, aapko sirf location par pahoochna hota hai. Yeh koi joke nahi hai madam, hum sabki sex ki zaroortey hoti hai aur mein bas woh zaroorat ek safe tareekey se poori karwata hu. Kuch aisi house wives hoti hai jinko apko husband se satisfaction nahi mil pati aur mein unko apni service se help karta hu. Aap ek bar try karke dekhiye, aap bar bar karna chahengi."

I still was speechless and didn't know what to say.

He carried on by saying:

"Madam aap kuch time soch lijiye, mein apko kuch dinno mein phir phone karronga."

And he hung up!

My jaw was on the floor. I couldn't believe what all is happening in the world nowadays. I knew about prostitution but I never heard of something like this.

I completely discarded the idea as it was way too pathetic to take part in it. But after a while, at night, I started thinking about it again and got excited. Even if I wanted to do it, I was very scared to do something like this. Who knows what this was? It could be a scam, a joke, a way to blackmail me later or any of the other horrible possibilities.

But my cravings really made me think about it again. The concept of having sex with a complete stranger was very enticing. Anyway, after a lot of thinking over a few days I still couldn't decide what to do. Ultimately, I let the concept go.

After three days I got a call again from him. He said:

"Hello Madam, kuch aapne socha?"

I don't know what happened to me and I replied:

"Kya procedure hai? Karna kya hoga? Aur apka naam kya hai?"

He replied:

"Mera name Baake Lal hai. Aur madam karna kuch nahi hai, bas ek din aap mujhe bataye jan ab free hai, mein ek location aapko bataonga, aap waha pahuch jaye, aapko ladka wahi milega."

That brought me to my next obvious question:

"Ladka kaisa hoga? Agar woh mujhe pehchanta hua to? Mein isse secret hi rakhna chahoongi."

Since, I socialized in all the high society circles of Delhi, whether it was IAS officers or industrialists, I was very concerned about protecting my identity and this naughty endeavor. I assumed that people who would be paying for such things would be affluent people and hence it could cause a problem for me.

Baake lal replied:

"Madam mein high level ka khhiladi nahi hu. Meri fees bhi bahut kam hain aur apko bhi kum hi milega. Mein sirf Rs. 200 kamata hu ek meeting se aur aap Rs. 250. Aur location bhi mein aapke ghar se kafi dur rakhoonga takki koi problem na aaye. Agar apko location pasand na ho, to mein change kar doonga."

Hearing him I was kind of shocked but also relieved. Thinking that a girl like me would be getting Rs.250 for a night was kind of appauling. I used to spend more on lip gloss than that. But this was also a very good thing for me as a person who can only afford around Rs.500 wouldn't really be a problem for me as he would probably belong to the low class strata, maybe a laborer or something. This did creep me out a bit as to what kind of men would they be? But I was excited as I always had a fantasy to be with such a person. For them it would be like finding a hidden treasure. I just wanted to live the old fantasy of the rich girl with the servant etc.

So I asked him:

"Kab shuru kar saktey hai?"

He replied:

"Madam jab aap free hai mujhe bata deejiye, mein arrangements karke aapko phone karta hu."

For me getting out on weekends was a big problem due to my family and also nights were banned. So I had to plan it for the week and during day hours. So I told him:

"Thursday ko subah 11 bajey?"

He then asked me about the location:

"Theek hai madam, kya Sonipat theek rahega?"

Sonipat is a satellite town to Delhi. It's a highly industrialized area and the type of crowd that lived there was of either the low or middle class. It was very far from South Delhi, where I live. I knew nothing about traveling there but I thought it would be safest option as the farther the better. So after a few moments I said:

"Theek hai. Par waha kaha?"

He replied:

"Alka Hotel, Room Number 9."

I acknowledge that and we hung up.

I was very scared but also excited.

The day came and I made up a story at home and said I'll be late. I wore a full length black skirt, with a body hugging white top over it. Under the dress I wore all black lingerie. My nipples were still popping out but I didn't notice that till I was out of the house. I took my car and parked it at a market location and took a taxi from there as it's better than finding the place on my own, plus Sonipat isn't the place for a girl to be driving an expensive car.

After quite a drive I reached Alka Hotel at 11:10 AM. It was the most shaddy hotel I had ever seen. It was like a 30 year old building, which didn't look like a hotel from any facet. It was one of those dirty and creepy lodges which people name hotel.

When I entered the reception I saw a plastic foldable table on which a torn register was kept for signing in. Behind the table sat a short little guy who was wearing a dhoti and was having tea. His eyes lit up looking at me and I could see the lust in his eyes. He couldn't stop looking at my breasts. I asked the slimmy bastard:

"Room number 9 kaha hai?"

He pointed the finger to the left and I started walking there. I was able to find the room after some inspection. It had cobwebs over the windows and a turmide infested door. The entire place smelled of pee and I was nausea. I was extremely scared of finding someone I knew behind that door and I almost turned back. But then I pulled myself together and though that it was then or never. So I knocked on the door and after a few moments the door opened.

We both couldn't stop looking at each other. We both were absolutely shocked to find each other. The guy was wearing a dhoti, a sky blue kurta which had pan stains on it, and slippers. He was a Muslim and had a beard and wore one of those white caps on his head.

He smelled like he never had a bath in his life and was chewing something filthy. He was a huge guy, maybe 6 feet 2 inches and probably weighed more than 90 or 100 kgs. He wasn't muscular but huge. He had a ponch coming out, which is typical to orthodox Muslims. He gave me a top to down look and gave me lustful slimmy smile. It was like his dreams came true that he got the princess of the kingdom for his pleasure tonight. He said:

"Aaja, undar aaja."
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Lovely Shazia - by Moon!

My name is Moon. I am 26 and living in karachi.. We use to have a Pia pilot renting that upper portion with his family. It was a small family though. Just husband and wife and some times their cousin use to visit them. The wife's name was Shazia. She was born & brought up in mumbai, she was very different.. Her husband Shehzad was on the International Flights and mostly stayed out of the country for weeks at a time. As the time went by me and Shazia became close in the sense of friend ship. We use to watch movies together and I use to take her to market and stuff like that. At first, I though that she is just being sweet. After a while she started talking to me about love and asked if I have any girl friends. Whenever we were alone she intentionally brought up the subject of intimacy. She uses to tell me how his husband is neglecting him. I tried to explain that it's the nature of his job. But her intentions were other wise. Let me first describe Shazia to you. She was about 36. 5 ft 7 inches, rather tall wasn't she. I stayed inside her about 1 minute and then slowly pulled my dong out side. She was beautiful seeing her there naked with just a pair of high heels on, it was heaven. I lay down beside her, she held my hand and said "Now you are a man." I smiled back and said "And what does it makes you? " She thought for a while and said "A Bitch, right". She went into the bathroom for a while but kept the door open. I could hear the sound of her pee going down the flush. A wild and crazy though came to my mind to drink that piss but then I shook my head....

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Sexy rabiya - by Ali!

Hello to all readers of indian sexstories what a great site i think it is.well i m an old reader of indiansexstories and today i m going to share really a true experience of mine so cum in and see what happened with me. First of all i would like to introduce u myself i m 30 male karachi pakistan my name is ali i m well build 5"10 height and a fair complexion i m not saying this but my friends says to me that i m handsome.i belong to a rich family and thats all about me for now lets come to the point now. Dear reader it such happened that i was in my nano ghar it was allot by the government as my granfather(nana)was officer in police it was such a big bunglow there our neighboring girl named raabia with such a sexy figure and having beautiful breast ad a cute rounded shaped ass at the very early day i did not think any kind of wrong thoughts about her but day by day her breast start more blooming which attract me then i think that i must have to fuck her. It such happened that one day i went to their home for sake of some water as we were not having water supply for 2 or 3 dayz i think then i saw her and give her a signal that i like her u know (aankh mari) her reply was not too bad for me but it was also not too god at the same time at evening i again went to her home and asked her that i want to tell u something she smile a bit and then says yes u may ask then i said that i need answer of my question in five mins she says ask question pls then i said her "i love u " and ran away with fear.after about half an hour she went to my nano ghar i was really feared at that time but it was all normal i managed to talk to her and ask for her reply she says yes that she loves me too ,,

Oh my that was my first proposal to a girl and she accepted that i was really happy and offered her for a cold drink or something else she want to eat she says no she does not want anything then i ask for her phone number and she gave me and tell the time that i may call her from 2:00 pm to 4:30 pm i agreed and on that night we went back to our phone i use to chat with her daily and on 6th day i start the topic of sex and agreed her to give me a French kiss then after a week we again went to our nano ghar and at night time about 8:30 pm she comes and we both went away in the garden as the bunglow was too big the garden was far away from our rooms so no one could come there specially in the night hours.then i said her to give me a kiss she asked no i knew that she is shying then i dare to hug her and start kissing on her cheeks and then on her lips first she did not reply but after 1 or 2 minutes she start replying my french kiss then i start pressing her right boob which was too big for my one hand and then i ask her to get off his shirt(kameez)she says no i beg her and then she get off it then i start sucking her boobs desperately then i....

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Fun with stranger - by Aslam!

Hi ird story at iss. in my previous stories i told how i fucked my mami and her lets come back to todays story for those who dont know me iam aslam from lahore,pa-kist-an.iam 25 years old.

This incident occured 2 months backthis is aslam again with my th i want to mamis house to get a quick fuck from her when i reached her i saw that her niece has comed to visit mami i was shocked to see the girl she was a 18 year old beauty with good assets she had 32 size i became mad on seeing her and wanted to fuck her but she was mamis niece and she would want me to hurt her but luck was with me mami got call from mamu and mamu informed her that they had to go outstation for a night my mamu and mami requested me to lokk after the kids and ilaiha(the niece) i accepted and they went to thier work and i started watching tv ilaiha was playing with the kids. after about an hour ilaiha asked me to take her to market .

i took my car and took ilaiha and kids with me. we spent a good night with eachother and had dinner.we came back at midnight the kids went to sleep ilaiha and i started to have a conservation soon she asked me about my girlfriend on which i told her that i have no girlfriend. so she asked wether i had sex i was suprised on this question but still told her about my experience with mami(as i knew she also wanted a fuck) first she didnt believe me but than when i explianed her every thing she enjoyed my story than i asked her about her sex life on which she told me she was a virgin and became quiet and ran out of the room i thought i would not get a fuck and i started watching tv at about 1am
she knocked on my door when i opened the door she was standing infront of me in a green shalwar kameez.

Before i could say a word she started to french kiss me i was firstly shocked but still responded to her and kissed her...

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Sex with my hot girl - by Faizan!

Hi friends i am Faizan from Pakistan i m writing this story when i was in collage i was 19 years old let me start when i was in collage the miss call come to my mobile when i call back to that number that was desi girl she reject my call two times but after that she miss call me again when i call her she asked me come to my place i want to see you when i go there i gave her my photo she really love those photo when i come back to home she call me to come again in the night around 11 o clock i was afraid than i thought that this is time to fuck her. When i went to her house she was alone in the house i was just shaking and i was not able to talk she brought me the cold water and change her cloths i was just shaking when i ask for the water that give me the glass she drink the water and take my mouth and put the water in to my mouth i got out of control she put my head in to her knee and smile sexy when i touch her boobs she did not say anything to me and she smile

Than i decided to kiss her we kiss each other and i was touching her boobs hard and she was just moaning .I just take her from the hair and put in the bed and take out my shirt and she also put her dress also i put my head in her boobs kiss harder and ....

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Bhabi big boobs - by Zarak khan!

I am a regular reader of the of this blog and ISS; I find lots of nice and hot stories on this site. I don't know whether those stories are true or just imaginations of those people but whatever I like it. So let me tell you about me. I am ZARRAK KHAN from ISLAMABAD PAKISTAN and am 27 years old. I am doing business here at PAIRS, FRANCE and most of the time I am in the process of traveling all over the world mainly for my business or sometimes for vacations, any way lets come to the story how I fucked my Bhabhi and am still involved in sex with her. To tell you on the spot I am fond of BIG BREASTS and whenever and where ever I find a girl with jumping Boobs I can't express my feelings at that time and it looks to me that I am about to die if I didn't suck those jumping boobs, so you must have got an idea that how much I love large boobs. Let me tell you about my Bhabhi, she has a perfect figure as ever wish by any girl to have, like she is 36DD-32-36,means her breasts are 36DD,waist 32 and Ass 36.When she married my brother she was 18 years old that time and I was 23 years. She is now 21 years old and we have an affair for the last four years. When she married my brother I had a rush on her from the very beginning whenever she came in front of me I was not able control when she bend to do something and I used to see her hanging boobs. On the very 7th day of her marriage I decide to have her under me by any means so I started on my mission. Whenever I feel the exact chance to touch her in her secret parts or let her to touch me, I called like I called her DARESHAH this is her name sorry I didn't mentioned it earlier, bring me a cup of tea or a glass of water when she bought it I touched her through my hand or I pressed he ass with my body whenever I got a chance. She didn't say anything or stopped me because I thought she was unaware of my feelings for her. Once it was really cold and I was sitting on the floor in my room in front of the heater and even she had got up early while other people of my family as well as my brother were still sleeping I called her Dareshah,

"Did you prepare the tea? She said yes Bhai Jaan, I told her please bring me a cup of tea and she came inside my room with a cup of tea. I take tea from her hand and I thought maybe she would have left the room but she sat just beside me in front of the heater to get warmer. I was happy to see her setting beside me and we start talking about her family and things, But my luck is always with me since I am the elder person in my family she had a lot of respect for me and I was sure too the if I do anything with her she will never let anybody to know about it because she was also afraid of me that I might get angry with her. I told her that you are so beautiful and I really like yours lips, I swear she was 17 years old that time she blushed with cute smile on her face and closed her eyes with shy. I was very bold and I kept my arm on her shoulder and hugged her tight against my body, but I didn't touch any of her secret part but yes I start kissing her lips in a very crazy manner and she too respond to my lips very well and I was in a heaven with her lips and tongue inside me mouth and she was moaning, I was scared coz the room next to me was of my brother and I can't bear if he know about what we are doing. So I asked her to go outside she left and my room. The day past as usual and I masturbated twice thinking of her beautiful BIG boobs. The next day I was in a hurry coz I had an appointment with someone and I was rushing towards my car in the morning when my Bhabi called me as asked me if I would like to have tea. I told her that if you have already prepared then bring it to garage she said ok and came with a tea to the garage I asked her to come and sit with me in the car she came inside the car and I started kissing her lips and at the same time I cupped her large and amazing boobs. She start moaning that made me crazy and I cum while pressing her body against mine, but I did not get enough time to fuck her. I left that day and days passed by and after 3 months my brother left to US. Before leaving he told me to take Bhabhi to her parents' home for some days. I became very happy to have got a chance. She was ready in the morning and on the way I called my friend to get his room keys. He told me that the keys are with the watchman. I took the keys and told the watchman to get tea.

Then when he left I jumped on my Bhabi and then removed her shirt and bra and started sucking her boobs like a baby. She said Bhai Jaan please suck them slowly I am feeling the pain in my nipples but I did not care and sucked her boobs very hard and at the same time took my 11" dick which had become like an iron rod and pressing her pussy as she was still in her trouser after sucking her boobs for a long time I asked her Dareshah let me fuck her but unfortunately...

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Desire in her eye - by Khan!

My name is usman khan and my age is 19.I want to describe my story/my true experience with u in urdu bcz i m from Pakistan. Dosto jaesa k main aap ku pehly bta chuka huin k mare age 19 years hay aur dhekny main kaafi handsome huin.woh larke jis ky bare main aap ku btany ja raha huin us ke age 22 sal hay aur woh ik normal family sy belong karte hay.woh bahut khubsurat aur sexy figure rakhte hay,aur har waqat muskrany wale. . .aur shararat bahre ke yahe ada mujh sy bardasht nahi hue.aur main dil he dil main us sy milny ku tarapta raha.aksar bazar main samna hu jata tha lakin himmat nahi parte the bat karny ke. Ik din marey cusion ke shahdi the aur mehndi wali rat main apny cusion k pass tha. . .k achanak woh mare nazar k samny aa gye aur woh mare sister k sath hans rahe the.main mauqa dehkh kar us ky pas chla gya aur sister sy kaha ky mujhy bhe apne dost sy milwae.mare sister ny us ka nam Ifra batea(ju ky main pehly he janta tha).ic mulaqat ky duran mare sister ksy kam se andar chale gye aur main us ky sath akela rah gya.Hum ny cell number # exchange keay.khuch dino ky baad hum main kafi achy dost ban gye.wase tu general topics par bat hute the lakin ik din bat sex par aa gye aur us ny apne desire mujhy bta de ky woh sex karvana cahte hay. . .

Phir kia tha k hum muqa ke talash main rahny lagay.Ik din abu bussiness trip par thy aur ammy ku behan ky sath aunty k ghar jana par gya,ic tarah main ghar main akela tha aur main ny ic mauqy sy faheda uta ty hua usy bula lea.woh mare bahen sy milny ka bahana kar ky 1 ghanty main aa gye.woh khob teyar hu kar aae the aur pehly sy bhe ziada khobsurat lag rahe the.main usy apny room main ly gya aur A.C on karny ky baad usy cold drink dia.drink ky baad main us ky pas chla gya aur aur usy apny sath betha ky jism ke khusboo sy main mehak gya. Main us ky galoon main hath pehrnay lga aur us ky sath he usy kiss karny lga.woh bhe khoob javab dy rahe the.khuch time k baad mane usy ghood main utha lya aur kiss karny ky sath sath us ky mooty mooty boobs ku masalny lga.woh halke halke awaz main moan kar rahe the. 5 min ky baad main ny us ke kamez utar de aur woh mare shirt utarne lge.blouse ke ander us ky boods kia he suder lag rahe thy. . .us ky nipples bahus tight aur sexy lag rahy thy.ic ky sath he us ny mare jeans ke zip khool de aur underwear utarny lge main ny utarny main us ke madad ke.mane bhe us ku bilkul naked kar dya. . .kia figure the us ke ju mera wait kar rahe thy aur main bhe un ka.nanga huty he us ne mare 7" lund ku munh main ly lya aur lolipop ke tarah chusny lage.

Kia maza aa raha tha.3 min ky baad hum 69 position main aa ke chut gele hu rahe the.aur main us ku chaat raha tha. Woh bay-tab hu rahe the aur mujh kehny lge ke ab mujh sy control nahi hu raha ab dal du apny lund ku mare chut main aur chud du icy.mane us ka hukam mana aur apny lund ku us ke chut ky munh par rakha aur dhaka dia woh virgin the aur us ke chut kafi tight the.main thora zor sy dhaka mara aur lund ka agla hissa andar chla gya...

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Sex With Clients - by Rana!

Hello everybody this is viky from a place called Alambagh in luknow, India . I am 27 yrs, 5ft 11 inches male with a good physique, hairy body & I have a 6 inches rock hard cock to please & satisfy any female craving for sex. I had never imagined that there were so many unsatisfied ladies & girls in my town.One day i went to a client home on appoinment,since i working in a MNC bank,so this is a professional cal. This story is about a 29 yrs old married lady with whom I have already spent many hours enjoying her beautiful body. Her name is nisha. She is a housewife. Her husband is neither impotent nor old, but is more interested in making money than enjoying his wife's beauty. Nisha called to me saying that she wants a good friend with whom she could share her feelings. I readily agreed & replied to her desperately. We kept on exchanging phone calls for a few days & one day I asked her to describe her figure . Her very next reply turned me on completely.

Her description had instantly brought my manhood to its fullest size & I was damn hot. I wanted to relish her beauty & expressed my desire of meeting her. She was hesitant initially but agreed after I convinced her that our meeting would be strictly confidential forever. She was shy & afraid as this was the first time she was meeting a guy after her marriage, who was not her husband. We decided to meet on a cool Monday morning, as many people would leave for their jobs and the people in her neighborhood would not notice a stranger in her house. I reached there before time & she welcomed me with a smile. Boy ! She was gorgeous, stunning , pretty, inviting & totally she was SEXY ! I went in & she closed the door behind me. She asked me to sit on a couch & I couldn't take my eyes off her. She laughed and asked me what the matter was. I praised her beauty with all the words I knew & she blushed. Good heavens ! If her husband could ignore such a beauty then I doubt his masculinity. We spoke for a few minutes & had tea. But I found it very hard to control myself for long. But I didn't want to hurry up & lose the opportunity of such a beauty's company. Just then the phone rang & her husband who was on a business trip & who was expected to arrive after three days was coming the very next day. This made her gloomy & she sat silent putting her head down. In her earlier mails she had told me about her husband who would quarrel with her everyday for no reasons at all. I slowly sat beside her & put my hand on her shoulder to console her. This was the beginning. She placed her head on my shoulder & the whole scene was romantic, slow music, faint perfume & above all a pretty woman beside me. I touched her cheeks & slowly moved my hands down to her neck. She was quicker than me, she pulled my face towards her & placed her lips over mine. We french kissed & sucked each other's lips for about 10 mins & she pulled her hair band. Her waist length hair spread like a waterfall. And she looked even more fairer.

I started unbuttoning her dress & she blushed, smiled & closed her eyes. I pulled her bra & saw the most wonderful pair of breasts i've ever seen. Her nipples were about...

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