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My Girlfriend's Sister

Hello all my friends, myself Harry (24 years) from Ludhiana.Today, I am writing this story for you people. . Here I am with an experience with my sexy sali (my girlfriend's sister) "Shilpa".
When I was introduced with her she was only 16th in age. She was cute and sexy. At that time when I first saw her she wasn't so big, quite little in age but sexy appearance she had. I didn't have any bad intention about her.when i make good relation with my girlfriend(Priyanka) I meet her in restaurant.One year was already passed of my relation she was in her 17 then when the incident happened.

One day I went to my girlfriend's house, I was staying there for some days because her parents were out of city due to attend marriage of his father's business partner's son.And she did not wanna to go.In evening i go to her home.She came with her younger sister.She was in a blue jeans n orange top.She was improved physically naturally from when I first meet her. Her physically improvement was her palm increase a lot but very sexy. She was very fair white in color; her lips were red without lipstick very nice in shape, sexy. Whenever I saw her I think if I could suck those sexy rose red lips. Her two boobs were shape like a round apple little big in shape then apples. Her waist were narrow, in total she was 28-24-32 I believe. She was studying in an English medium school; she talks in a very sexy style. I like her style of talking also.
Then i and my Priyanka make sex in her room.After that she go in kitchen for make dinner and went to Shilpa's room.When i entered i saw she was lying in the bed and watching TV. I can saw her plum shape clearly covered with her jeans. An intention grew in my mind when I saw her palm shape clearly and also her lying position. She was laying curvy style & I can saw her cute sexy buttocks at that position. Suddenly a thought came in my mind that, if I could fuck her in that position & how sexy she will look nude in that position. Thinking of so I feel erected. But at that time I control my self but nothing to do. I don't have intimacy with her. Just hi hello while meeting.

That day was as usually very hot, I was busy with some work. After a while electricity was gone. So I went to the roof for natural air and have a smoke. Being disturbed in hot she also came to the roof. We had chat about her studies and others subject. I think I should take some chances, so I asked her what about your friends. She said I have lot of friends. I asked her what about boyfriend she replied "Harry you are old fashioned, don't you know our generation didn't believe in love, they believe in short relationship, they can't think of being with one person with the whole life." I then asked her, "So what about you, how many boys did you made up?" She replied, "I won't tell you, you will tell Priyanka about it and she surely tell it to Mom" I replied, "No, Never" She said drop it let's talk about you, how is your life going on with my Priyanka, is she making you happy every night, saying she just smiled to me, I was getting horny again, my breath starts heavy and I was smelling her body smell that was very nice. She starts to tease me please tell me about your sex life, I replied than what will you give me in return, it's our private life if you wana hear it you have to pay.

By this time we were sitting in the roof stairs, I was easily getting her sweet smell. She replied in the dark what that mean, I was only seeing her white teeth in that dark and the sweet smell of her sexy body. I said ok I won't tell you but I'll show you okey. She was silent for a moment, I was afraid that she would go away, but then she replied ok. I put my one hand on her shoulder as she was seating besides me. I said in her ears that we start up like this give her a kiss in her earlobe, feeling her warm sexy body I became made, and then I starts to kiss her neck oh it was amazing to kiss her in there. She was now responding with a kiss in my check, I lose control and start to suck her naked neck, and she starts moaning and hugs me tightly. I can't believe my luck It gonna be true what I dreamt of, finally our lips met, I didn't touch her body just hugged her, but I feel her sexy boobs were pressing with my chest, her rose color soft lips were very much soft and testy to suck, we were getting wild and crazy, our saliva was exchanging and my hands were moving her back and I was pressing her towards me but at that moment electricity came.Read full story here

Wife Banged in Party

I m 29 yrs, i m 6 feet tall, i m fair and handsome, 32"waist, 72 kg...athletic shaped body stature and 6" tool and thick.... Possess decent personality traits. I believe in making good friends. And loves to explore new horizons of life... As far as my fantasies r concerned. I love to spend time with like minded people. How loves to get in to a sweet relationship which must me secure and discreet. I would welcome the opportunity to meet BM and like minded cpls and females for casual or one off scenes such as 3 some or 5 some I m always respectful mannered and considerate and Familiar with what is safe sane and on sensual m not too aggressive pushy Or over bearing. I assure u complete secrecy and expect the same.

It was ten at night and the Holy party of our friends Komilla and Danny was in full swing with everyone having a great time. My wife Nisha, never a great drinker at the best of times, was well gone after three hours of partying and I knew she would suffer for it the next day, but what the hell. Sipping my drink I looked around the room eyeing up the women and comparing them to my gorgeous wife, I may be biased, but there was no comparison, Nisha was the most attractive women in the room. Nisha caught my eye as my gaze passed her way and grinned, grinning back I walked over to the group she was with, Mohit, an old friend of our and our host's, Rasmi, Mohit's wife, our hostess Komilla and Arjun who I knew, but not well.

As I approached I took stock of my wife's beauty, she had shoulder length fine blonde hair that shone even in the low light in the room; my eyes moved down to her face, her ice blue eyes sparkled as she laughed at something that was said, her pert nose sat above lush, ripe lips that just begged to be kissed. Letting my eyes rove down over her shoulders, which were all but bare, the only covering being the thin
Straps of her black evening dress. My eyes paused at her bust, for those who like statistics Nisha is 5 foot 5 inches tall and a shapely 34C-26-36 and her breasts were more than a generous handful, even for my large hands. Sighing I let my eyes slide down over her body admiring the cling of her dress to her shapely figure and the swell of her hips, my only lament was that the dress hid most of Nisha's legs, But I had the memory of their slender shapeliness. Despite being married to her for over eight years I still felt a surge of arousal just looking at my wife and at 34 I thought she had never looked better.

"Ranjeet," my wife's soft lilting voice greeted me as I joined the group, "you just have to see what Arjun found on the Net."

Arjun grinned as he held out some sheets of paper, raising an eyebrow I took the pages and glanced at them, then read then more closely. I'm Not sure why Arjun had brought the printout, but it was a story he'd Picked up somewhere on the Internet called 'Nisha's Choice' by someone Calling themselves HILMS. The story was about a guy and his wife at a
Party who get involved in an adult party game, the wife ends up as the Subject of 'Dus minute mein Swarg', which basically meant a man tried To get her to so excited within ten minutes that she says '**** me'.Read full story here

Divya the Diva by Jack!

I was bored, since I came back into the country because my sexual urges increased, as there was no real outlet for it. I became frustrated and was itching for it. I wanted it badly and I really could not concentrate on anything else. That was when I laid my eyes on divya aunt. She was living in the same street and her house was on the other side of the road. I was in my vacation and all, so I had a lot of time to feast my eyes with her. With all the clothes on, you could still see that beneath those goddamn lucky clothes was a Monica belluci body. She had those awesome boobs; I bet she never wore a bra, because her boobs would make a natural shape on her nightie. Her hip to ass ratio was perfect, what was even sexier was her hair, that was clean, soft, and silky that touched her butt. She always had them in a knot, somehow I liked this.

With a whole month at hand, I planned my moves and waited for the kill. She was sure a tough nut to crack, the eying dint bothers her, the smile was not appreciated, and I was losing all my weaponry. I had to pull this one of my sleeve, I went for a do or die approach. Stalking her, made it excessively obvious I was interested. 15 days went by with no sufficient improvement. The one-day she went to the super market a little away and I did follow her. I bought a few things and lurked around. She was loaded and I was damn sure she could not carry them all to her place. When she billed, I asked her if she needed any help, she declined though with a smile this time around. I knew I had my first win, I persisted, I insisted and it was difficult for her all the rice and everything else. She finally agreed. I kick started my bike and my blood pumped faster than the engine. She sat behind, with her bags and with nothing to hold, she just sat there. I made the ride smooth, though I could have made it rough to feel her body. I played a little down. When dropping her, I made sure the ride was smooth she thanked and smiled.

For the next 2 days, there was a whole lot of smile and the third day was the day when we humped. It all happened like this; I was listening to my music loud when I heard a knock, to my surprise she was there, with just dried of hair and just in a nightie. Boy did I have a hard on just by seeing her. She asked if she could use my phone because her line was down. I invited her in, asked her to make her call; I prepared her tea as she spoke. From what I heard I understood, her husband was not at town and was engaged in some business somewhere else and visited her once in a month. She made a few other calls and then she had the tea, all the while I made it clear I was interested. You do not need words for that kind. She started to leave, when I said why you do not stay for sometime as am bored. Asked her if she had any work. She said not until her kids came. Strangely she stayed. I made the kill; I told her she was gorgeous. She asked me if I meant it. I told her I was and I would die to have a wife like her. She blushed. I went near her. I kept praising her. She was very shy. I smelled her hair; she said... the door was ajar. Bingo, she was ready. I latched the door with a smile and I hugged her close. I pulled her up. We where smooching like mad dogs.

I whispered in her ears, divya I need you, I wanted you the day I saw you. She said she wanted me too, and was waiting for this. She only denied to check me out and was a little reluctant. This made me made. I cupped her breasts, boy for a 44 year old; she was so hard and firm. I could not wait. I needed that. I pulled of her nightie, boy what a site. Any man can cum looking at her body. Perfect just perfect. The boobs where slightly sagging die to weight...

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Anu enjoying brotherly love! - by Anu!

My name is Anu and my brother's name is Raju. We've been together roughly 15 years as we are in our late 20s/early 30s. This is how it all began between us. If incest offends you, I suggest you look elsewhere. My parents were both recovering alcoholics when I was born and fortunately never relapsed when I was growing up. I really had a simple childhood; I was quiet and people liked me because I didn't bother anyone. My world changed when my grandfather died in a bad accident - my father's father. My dad took it really hard and started to drink. My mother really came down on him for that and kept screaming at him to stop, to see someone, etc.

I guess she was scared for him, but more scared for herself, as any objective person would say she was coming across like a raving loon. After only a few weeks of arguing, my mother left. I've always been more close with my father than my mother, so it was easy to side with my dad. Besides, she left him. Those first few nights without my mother in the house, I slept with my father. I cuddled with him and to this day, it has always been non-sexual, non-perverted - a line was never crossed. He always had pajamas on and always made me feel safe. If he touched me occasionally, it was to rub the back of my head. I loved my dad. Unfortunately, after a couple of days I was afraid to go to sleep by myself.

At seemingly the same time, my father started to encourage me sleeping in my room again. He was never mean - never laid a finger on me - but ultimately through his drinking at night, I got scared enough for his health that I couldn't sleep with him anymore. One night I knocked on my Raju's door. My life was about to change forever. My brother opened up bare-chested, with a pair of shorts on. I told him I didn't want to sleep alone, and after I persisted, he let me sleep with him in his bed. He was appropriate. He put on a shirt and put a pillow and a few shirts in between us on the bed. I fell into a deep sleep that first night. When I awoke the next morning, my brother was tapping me on the shoulder, telling me I should leave.

I didn't want to; I was tired and also didn't want to be alone. He agreed to let me stay, but only if it was just this one time. I agreed, but deep down couldn't imagine that thought. The next evening, I came into his room - the door was open - and asked if I could please sleep in his bed again. He said no and he was really mean about it. I started to cry and he let me stay again. This happened for about eight days. Finally, just when I was getting comfortable with the arrangement, I went to open my brother's door to get into his bed and his door was locked. I couldn't understand where he got a lock on the door, but I couldn't get in. I knocked, crying. I should say all of this time, my father was officially drinking all of the time, and while he was nice to us, he couldn't tell if we were coming or going. It was really just me and my brother. Anyway, I started crying loud enough for him to hear me while I knocked on his door. He finally opened - barechested again with a pair of shorts - and let me in and sat me on the bed. It was then that we had 'the talk. He told me he couldn't continue this because I was a girl and it was bad enough that a girl was sleeping in his bed. I'm paraphrasing a little - I don't remember the exact words.

Mostly though he was saying he was used to sleeping in the nude, certainly not with any clothes on, and that he couldn't continue with this arrangement any longer. I told him were on opposite sides of the bed. If you don't want to wear a shirt, don't wear it. It won't bother me. I convinced him and for the next few days, he went to bed with just a pair of shorts while I was dressed as usual in my rose pajamas. Then one day the door was locked again. He apologized but said it could not happen again. I asked him what was the matter and what was his problem. Again he brought up how difficult it was to have a girl in his bed, especially at night. He said his first reaction when he was sleeping was to reach over and "grab some tittie." He TOLD ME he couldn't do that and before something bad happens, he's cutting this relationship off. I'll always remember this conversation because it was in my power to end this before it started - and I didn't. I replied with something like "if it happens, it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world if you touched me. I trust you." He mumbled something, threw a pillow at me, and went to sleep bare-chested. He was snoring about three minutes later. I fell asleep soon afterwards.

When I awoke, I felt a hand on my right tit...

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Chennai aunty seduced me by Karthik!

Hi, My name is Karthik. I'm a great fan of and I think the creators of this site are doing an excellent job. I am 28 years old and I live in Chennai.

This incident happened 17 years ago. I was in my school and I was living in my aunt's house. I lived in with her since my parents were transferred from place to place. From there I went to college. My mother's younger sister (I call her "aunty") was 38 years old when this incident happened. I was 18. An age difference of 20 years. My mother's sister's name is Vani, even though she was 38 year old she wasn't bad looking. Her husband died when she was 36. When I was about 18, a small innocent boy, my aunt started to molest me. She was 35 at that time. I was young and I didn't realize that she was molesting me. She was married at that time and had a daughter who was same age as me.

In those days my aunt will put her daughter to sleep and will come to my room to molest me. Her husband used to travel a lot, so most of the time he will not be at home. Once she put her daughter to sleep she comes to my room and spends the night with me pleasuring herself. I was young and I didn't know she was doing something that is bad. She comes to my room and she locks the door and puts the curtains on all the windows and then she takes of all her cloths and she starts to take off my shorts and my shirt. Sometimes my aunt takes me to her bedroom so she can have some more fun. She usually takes me to her room on Fridays because she can molest me longer and next day is Saturday, there is no school for me so she can keep me up at night late. She usually takes off all my clothes and starts to suck my little soft penis. I was afraid and I couldn't get hard. I didn't know my aunt sucking my cock is a bad thing because my mother used to suck it and give it kisses while I was younger. My mother used to suck and kiss my cock while she gives me a bath but it wasn't like molesting she just puts my penis in her moth and strokes it up and down like once or twice. But my aunt sucks it until the point where she gets bored. My aunt kisses me in the lip and makes me rub her clitoris with my hand. She once made me kiss and suck her pussy but she stopped it because she knew I didn't like it. She stopped molesting me after I reached puberty. I remember the last time she molested me. She came to my room and she took of my pants and started to stroke it and I cummed all over her hands. She never came back to my room again.

After her husband's death she became alone and lonely. From that point I tired to get her daughter to sleep with me but I was unsuccessful. When I was 15 one day, my aunt's daughter left on a school trip and I was left alone with my aunt...

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Train mein ritu by Raj manu!

Hello dosto..mera name raj hai aur mein koltaka mein rehta hai. Mein is site ka bahut bara fan hoin...i don't ever miss a single story of this site. Directly mein apne story pe aata hoin. Baat un samay(2 saal pehele) ki hai jab mein mein agri ki padhai kar raha tha. Hamara college banglore mein tha. From 1styear se h mujhe ek larki bahut aachi lagti thi college mein. During ragging days bahut baar hamare seniors ne meri jodi us larki ke sath banaya tha, aur pata nahi kyoun mera har baar jodi usi ke sath hi kyiun lag jata thaa. Any ways time passes on. Aur haan us larki ka naam tha ritu. Wo v kolkata ke kisi pass town se thi. Wo class me bahut jyada active nahi thi, isliye 1st sem to usse kuch baat v nahi ho payi aur mein v padhai aur ragging se bachne mein hi laga raha..but story begins with the 2nd sem..

Jab hum sem break k bad college wapas aaye to hamara result aa chuka tha, aur ab koi ragging ka v darr nahi tha . Mein class mein top kiya tha. Jab mene pata kiya ritu ke result k bare me to mujhe pata chala ki wo 1 sub mein fail hai. Uske bad mene socha ki ab kuch friendship kiya jaye ritu ke sath. Hamari friensdship suru huyi ek dusre ke ph no exchange karne se. Pata nahi kyoun us samay mujhe laga ki us mujhe chahati hai, uski aanko se jhalak raha tha. Uske baad wo haar rat ko mujhe call karti aur hum 1-2 ghante baatein kartein. Mein clss me v uske sath hi baithne laga tha.... Sab log hume couple kahana start kar diye the lekin hamare bich bas dil hi dil mein tha. Mujhe aisa lag raha tha ki wo mujhe bepanah pyar karti hai, even i do love her, lekin himat dono ko nahi ho raha tha ki ek dusre se bole.

Fir hamara 2nd sem ka bhi exam ho gaya aur humne ghar gane ka plan banaya. Hum dono ne ek hi sath ticket liye as we both were from same place. Hamari train saam 5 baje ki thi. Hamari seat 2ac mein thi . Train pe baithehi hum pehele kuch snakes liye aur fir batien karne lage. Hamare samne wale seat par 1 old couple thein ,wo bhi kolktata ja rahe the. Seat par hum dono bilkul pass pass baithe the, aisa ki hum dono miya biwi hoin. Tabhi samne wali aunty ne ritu se bola: tum log kahan ja rahe ho. Ritu ne jawab diya kolkata. Fir aunty ne bola kitna din hua shadi hue, bache nahi hain,,, ritu ne meri taraf ishare se dhek kar boli: 6 mahine pehele hui hai hamari shadi, aur abhi bache nahi hain.. Ye baat sunte hi, mein sif ritu ki taraf dhekne laga aur smile karne laga...ritu mujhe dheki aur sharma kar palat gayi...

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Model became Whore

My friend Deepa is a model. Last night i asked her first day in her field. She broke out in tears and told me the story. Now i will narrate her story as mine. That is my last day of my course of modelling. The agency manager called me and told that i got a chance and told me to go to the studio on the beach road. I immediately went there. On entering the studio, i noticed that the short one is the director and the tall one is cameraman. i didn't noticed that they are having a feast on seeing me, as i am fair in color with nice and small body shapes. The only thing was i am little lean. I wished them and they immediately told me to go and get dressed up.

I went into the dressing room and a black pant and a blue top is arranged for me. i wore them. The top is short and is not covering my naval and the pant is little tight. Some how i managed and covered my body completely. I came to the set and the lights are on. The photographer took 4 photos and came to me saying that i have show my naval. I lifted my top little bit. But the cameraman disappointed and with his hands he lifted my top. While doing so he managed to touch my waist, naval and he touched my lower part of breasts. He lifted the top up to my nipples, when i pushed it down he said sorry and left it there. he even tried to pinch my nipples.

But on seeing my dream coming true i didn't complain. He took some more photos and it is over. The director said that he will call me later and he added to take the dress with me and to come wearing it when he called. I thanked him and came out. After some days I got a call from mahesh. On lifting the phone he wished,"earn money when ever you want by saving this number." I shouted to put the phone down. Some days later i got a call, this time it is the director. "Come and meet me now in the studio", said he. I immediately wore the dress he gave me and went to the same studio. While i entered the director came to me and tried to hug me. i avoided him and smiled. He got a look at me and went to his seat. The assistant director came to me and said that i have to be checked today to get the chance in the project. I smiled and asked what to do. He gave me an agreement paper and asked to sign in. As i was in an eagerness i signed in without reading the papers.

Then another assistant came to me and explained the scene. The scene was to please the hero to make talk with her after a quarrel. I understood and asked for a take. The shoot started and a song was done and then the director called hero and told something in his ear. The shoot started and suddenly the hero turned towards me and caught held my waist and hugged me tightly and gave a deep kiss on my lips in a glance of seconds. It was my first kiss and it was good feeling my body on another person. I realized and pushed him aside and went to complain the director. He said, "you are getting paid with 10000 and 10% is paid today. And if any reasons cause you to stop cooperating with the shooting your pay will be canceled and you with be punished judicially." On saying this he showed me the agreement copy.

I understood the scene and went back to the scene. Then again started where he left, he held my waist in his both hands and was hugging me tight and was kissing with his lips in my lips. he entered his tongue inside me and was exploring my mouth. I got very bad feeling on me and my position that i was kissed without my intension. He slowly dropped his hands onto my butt and he was massaging them. He didn't left my lips and he slowly let his hands inside my tight pant and was rubbing my butt and he left it and came back to my hip. He massaged it for a while and came up slowly to my boobs. I was feeling nasty but i can't do any thing as i signed the agreement. He slowly caressed my lower part of breasts with both his hands. I was broke in tears and was on another side enjoying the feeling.

He then slowly brought his hands on my breast and massaged. I got now temptation to fuck him right over there without making sense that so many are watching us. He then slowly kept his hands inside my top and touched my breasts. Then i got sense and pushed him. As his hands were inside my top, he fell down tearing my top. I was with my bra only on me that i stood half naked between so many. Then I closed my breasts and went into a room side by. There was lot of noise and whistles. Continue Reading..

Story of Bank Officer by Dissjhon!

Hi, I am John, I am writing here for first time, please reply comments. I am a young person of 20; I am narrating my experience with a bank officer. I was enjoying my holidays but was getting very bored. So I was helping my father in his business, I would do small job with him, as per necessity I would help him in banking also. Everyday my job was to collect all the cheques that our customer gave and deposit them in my father's account in a nationalized bank. Every day I went to the bank and met with a woman of near about 30 she was an officer there. Soon after going daily, she became friendly with me. She was a very attractive woman. She would wear saari in which she looked very sexy. She had very nice boobs, which were seen, from front of her table.

Now coming to the incident directly, as per daily shed I went to bank in evening, I reached to the woman officer to get her sign on the bank sleep. Today she was wearing a shiny blue colored saari, which was sticking to her body and showing her body curves. She was looking damn sexy that day. It was very rush in the bank, I went to she smiled seeing me. I too smiled. Because of the rush she was too much busy in work when I forwarded my cheques to her, but from the rush behind one man came to her and demanded some form, in the hurry she signed on my sleep and stood to get the form. I collected my cheques and started to go to the deposit counter. In the way, she was standing and finding the form. It was a very narrow pathway. She was standing with her back to me.

This was the first time I saw her from back. She was wearing a blouse, which was showing her most back. I then turned my to her ass this was the first time I got to see her sexy round asses.The asses were so much sexy that I got hard in my pants. I never had think about her in this manner but now I was eager to have sex with her and fuck her ass very badly.

I then decided to do a naughty thing; I just went near her from back in the narrow passage and desperately touched her pass from behind....

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Stuffed in Staff Room by Veekay

we slowly started talkin other things than studies in our extra classes and that was the point when she started telling me how much she misses her husband n how much it hurts her when she lost him and she even used to tell how he used to love her a lot. She said that she missed that love and she started crying and kept her head on my shoulder. I could feel her tears dripping on my chest, her heavy breathing near my neck and then i saw her cleavage and huge boobs moving up and down. I love working out so i have a strong body, i tried to cheer her up, and she calmed down and said that i have very hard shoulders and she started feeling my arms and shoulders. BUT HOLD ON GUYS!!!! This is not where it started, at that time i was just enjoying hor soft touch on my body.

We continued the classes but we rather had a nice long chat than studying. One day she was asking about my working out, and then she asked that are all my body parts this strong? She suddenly realised that she said sumthing with a double meaning and she started laughing naughtily.

She usually stays after classes for correction. In the evening i was called from my hostel room to the staff room.The weather was really hot and I usually wear a sando and i went like that in the staff room. I knew why she had called me. I went there with my head held own, on entering when i looked up i couldn't believe my eyes, due to the hot weather she had shifted her pallu to the side and her soft boobs were beautifully visible. She caught me staring at her boobs and scolded me that this must be the reason why you dint score well. I said sorry and i told her it was not like that. She scolded that only if ur brain was as strong as the fest of your body, you would have scored. She then calmed down and then held me by my shoulders and told me to settle down, I got current through my body as she touched my bare shoulders with her soft hands, she started rubbing my arms, held me close to her body and told in a soft tone thati must work hard and asked me the reason for me not scoring well and she again started rubbing my thighs, but this time it was really close to my dick. My dick instantly got hard and she saw it...

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Hot Blooded Bang

This is my first attempt to write something like this ever.
I'm 22 by the way, 5 feet and 8 inches tall, weighing 52 kgs and I am proud to have a very sexy body. My body stats are 34-24-26. I have a very fair complexion, with brown eyes and shoulder length brown hair. I have very delicate features. I've won many modeling competitions and have been a model for many products as a hobby. Overall I've been told I'm a gorgeous looking girl. I've always been the pretties of my girl friends. You would call me a rich spoilt snob if you ever saw me in public.

Being born in a very rich Punjabi family in Delhi, you're automatically chained for a list of things. For example not going out late nights, not interacting with boys, not drinking etc.. Although I never had a steady boy friend, I did lose my virginity to a friend in school. After which we had sex only a couple of more times and later I put a stop to it. Pertaining the circumstances of my family I never could get more opportunities for some easy unattached sex.

Although, I looked like a very innocent girl and gave an impression of someone who would never let a guy touch her before marriage, I was very wild inside and always wished I could explore more before I settled down finally. You may call me a slut or whatever, but I did want to experience a few things in my life. And one day I got such an opportunity.

One day I received a call on my cell phone, which seemed like a marketing call. A guy on the other end said that he was speaking from Hutch and wanted some information from me. Everyone is sick of such calls and hence I tried to do what was natural and said that I was busy and should call me later. To which he responded:

"Kya aap kissi aur ke saath ek raat guzarna chahengi?"

This guy had a very uneducated touch to him and seemed from very low class strata of the society. Hearing what he said I was really amazed shocked and frankly very insulted. I replied,

"Excuse Me?"

He repeated himself and added:

"Kya aap kissi aur ke saath ek raat guzarna chahengi? Extra pocket money ke liye?"

I still couldn't believe this guy on the phone and was speechless. I got furious and replied:

"What the hell are you saying? Is this a joke? Who are you?"

He replied back in a very calm fashion:

"Madam, mein ek agent hu. Mein shokeen ladkiyo ko shokeen ladko se milwata hu, lekin bilkul safe tareeke se. Isse aapke kuch paise bhi baan jayenge, aur mein ek chotti si commission leta hu. Saara intizaam mein karwata hu, aapko sirf location par pahoochna hota hai. Yeh koi joke nahi hai madam, hum sabki sex ki zaroortey hoti hai aur mein bas woh zaroorat ek safe tareekey se poori karwata hu. Kuch aisi house wives hoti hai jinko apko husband se satisfaction nahi mil pati aur mein unko apni service se help karta hu. Aap ek bar try karke dekhiye, aap bar bar karna chahengi."

I still was speechless and didn't know what to say.

He carried on by saying:

"Madam aap kuch time soch lijiye, mein apko kuch dinno mein phir phone karronga."

And he hung up!

My jaw was on the floor. I couldn't believe what all is happening in the world nowadays. I knew about prostitution but I never heard of something like this.

I completely discarded the idea as it was way too pathetic to take part in it. But after a while, at night, I started thinking about it again and got excited. Even if I wanted to do it, I was very scared to do something like this. Who knows what this was? It could be a scam, a joke, a way to blackmail me later or any of the other horrible possibilities.

But my cravings really made me think about it again. The concept of having sex with a complete stranger was very enticing. Anyway, after a lot of thinking over a few days I still couldn't decide what to do. Ultimately, I let the concept go.

After three days I got a call again from him. He said:

"Hello Madam, kuch aapne socha?"

I don't know what happened to me and I replied:

"Kya procedure hai? Karna kya hoga? Aur apka naam kya hai?"

He replied:

"Mera name Baake Lal hai. Aur madam karna kuch nahi hai, bas ek din aap mujhe bataye jan ab free hai, mein ek location aapko bataonga, aap waha pahuch jaye, aapko ladka wahi milega."

That brought me to my next obvious question:

"Ladka kaisa hoga? Agar woh mujhe pehchanta hua to? Mein isse secret hi rakhna chahoongi."

Since, I socialized in all the high society circles of Delhi, whether it was IAS officers or industrialists, I was very concerned about protecting my identity and this naughty endeavor. I assumed that people who would be paying for such things would be affluent people and hence it could cause a problem for me.

Baake lal replied:

"Madam mein high level ka khhiladi nahi hu. Meri fees bhi bahut kam hain aur apko bhi kum hi milega. Mein sirf Rs. 200 kamata hu ek meeting se aur aap Rs. 250. Aur location bhi mein aapke ghar se kafi dur rakhoonga takki koi problem na aaye. Agar apko location pasand na ho, to mein change kar doonga."

Hearing him I was kind of shocked but also relieved. Thinking that a girl like me would be getting Rs.250 for a night was kind of appauling. I used to spend more on lip gloss than that. But this was also a very good thing for me as a person who can only afford around Rs.500 wouldn't really be a problem for me as he would probably belong to the low class strata, maybe a laborer or something. This did creep me out a bit as to what kind of men would they be? But I was excited as I always had a fantasy to be with such a person. For them it would be like finding a hidden treasure. I just wanted to live the old fantasy of the rich girl with the servant etc.

So I asked him:

"Kab shuru kar saktey hai?"

He replied:

"Madam jab aap free hai mujhe bata deejiye, mein arrangements karke aapko phone karta hu."

For me getting out on weekends was a big problem due to my family and also nights were banned. So I had to plan it for the week and during day hours. So I told him:

"Thursday ko subah 11 bajey?"

He then asked me about the location:

"Theek hai madam, kya Sonipat theek rahega?"

Sonipat is a satellite town to Delhi. It's a highly industrialized area and the type of crowd that lived there was of either the low or middle class. It was very far from South Delhi, where I live. I knew nothing about traveling there but I thought it would be safest option as the farther the better. So after a few moments I said:

"Theek hai. Par waha kaha?"

He replied:

"Alka Hotel, Room Number 9."

I acknowledge that and we hung up.

I was very scared but also excited.

The day came and I made up a story at home and said I'll be late. I wore a full length black skirt, with a body hugging white top over it. Under the dress I wore all black lingerie. My nipples were still popping out but I didn't notice that till I was out of the house. I took my car and parked it at a market location and took a taxi from there as it's better than finding the place on my own, plus Sonipat isn't the place for a girl to be driving an expensive car.

After quite a drive I reached Alka Hotel at 11:10 AM. It was the most shaddy hotel I had ever seen. It was like a 30 year old building, which didn't look like a hotel from any facet. It was one of those dirty and creepy lodges which people name hotel.

When I entered the reception I saw a plastic foldable table on which a torn register was kept for signing in. Behind the table sat a short little guy who was wearing a dhoti and was having tea. His eyes lit up looking at me and I could see the lust in his eyes. He couldn't stop looking at my breasts. I asked the slimmy bastard:

"Room number 9 kaha hai?"

He pointed the finger to the left and I started walking there. I was able to find the room after some inspection. It had cobwebs over the windows and a turmide infested door. The entire place smelled of pee and I was nausea. I was extremely scared of finding someone I knew behind that door and I almost turned back. But then I pulled myself together and though that it was then or never. So I knocked on the door and after a few moments the door opened.

We both couldn't stop looking at each other. We both were absolutely shocked to find each other. The guy was wearing a dhoti, a sky blue kurta which had pan stains on it, and slippers. He was a Muslim and had a beard and wore one of those white caps on his head.

He smelled like he never had a bath in his life and was chewing something filthy. He was a huge guy, maybe 6 feet 2 inches and probably weighed more than 90 or 100 kgs. He wasn't muscular but huge. He had a ponch coming out, which is typical to orthodox Muslims. He gave me a top to down look and gave me lustful slimmy smile. It was like his dreams came true that he got the princess of the kingdom for his pleasure tonight. He said:

"Aaja, undar aaja."
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