My Sexual Autobiography - Part XVIII - Sex In Shimla

My pleading peaks his arousal as he makes a nose dive between my legs. I squeal in delight as he slips his tongue between my swollen pussy lips. His tongue swirling around my love zone zigzags it round and round. I started to moan in pleasure while he laps at my dripping wet slit. I shudder and buck against his wonderful mouth, as tingles surge throughout me. He slips his tongue inside my hot and juicy pussy and wiggles it wildly. I tighten my muscles around his tongue while he probes me with it. He moves it slowly, going in and out with expertise.

"Oh Yes!” I say between breaths.

He moans and works his tongue faster as my juices increase. He works me up to the brink of orgasm, and then he pulls his mouth away. I try to push his face back to my throbbing slit but he moves out of my reach. He crawls up the bed and lies down next to me. He grins at me while I lay there breathing heavily.

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